watered gauze – traditional qipao cloth

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  • WateredWateredWateredWatered GauzeGauzeGauzeGauze TraditionalTraditionalTraditionalTraditional QipaoQipaoQipaoQipao ClothClothClothClothAuthor: Sense of China

    Watered Gauze, also called Gambiered Canton Gauze as one of Chinese traditional

    fiber for traditional Chinese Qipao, is an ancient Chinese handmade plants fabrics

    with more than 1000s history.

    Due to the processes of Watered Gauze is complicated and lasting, So handmade

    Watered Gauze is very rare and expensive. Water Gauze with another name called

    Soft Golden, only Rich person can afford it.

  • The features of Water Gauze are wearing smooth, cool, sterilization, deworming, with

    the health effects on the skin, its applying to the luxury qipao dress.

    Here we introduce the handmade processes of Watered Gauze, Take a look:

  • Source:http://www.senseofchina.com/traditional-qipao-cloth.html


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