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<ul><li><p>WORLD PUMPS April 2011Business news4</p><p>www.worldpumps.com</p><p>The Pump Industry Awards was held in March. As a preview of next months review, we turn the spotlight on one of the companies short-listed for the prestigious Technical Innovation of the Year award. Thisaward, sponsored by World Pumps, aims to highlight some of theoutstanding developments in the pump industry during the past year.We also highlight the awards chosen charity WaterAid, which will be the recipient of funds raised during the traditional grand charity raffle.</p><p>Pump Industry Awards: short list prole </p><p>Edwards new nEXT turbomo -lecular vacuum pump has been shortlisted for the prestigious Technical Innovation of theYear award at the 2011 Pump Industry Awards. The accolade is given to the most innova-tive pump, pumping system or other pump related productintroduced onto the market within the last 12 months.</p><p>The turbomolecular vacuum pump is used in scientic instruments, including electronmicroscopy and mass spectrom-etry systems and is integrated into the equipment to create the rightenvironment for scientists toperform detailed material analyses.The compact design means the pumps t together neatly in highproduct density applications.</p><p>The nEXT pumps use technologydesigned to oer high perform-ance and reliability in a compactsize, as well as easy user service-ability. The pumps also feature agreen mode which helps usersreduce their carbon footprintand save energy costs. A key design feature of the product isa compact metal spring damperwhich supports the lower mechanical bearing. This aims to reduce vibration transmitted to thepump body and as a result thepumps do not need high-speedbalancing during manufacture or service. It also enables pumps to be serviced by the user in situ which minimises downtime andsignicantly reducing operating costs; ordinarily turbomolecularpumps are returned to a service centre for service. </p><p>Edwards nEXT pumps are also available in a variant suitable for sensitive electron micro-scope applications. For these applications, L variant pumps have an even lower vibrationsignature and reduced levelsof radiated magnetic field.</p><p>We are delighted to beshortlisted for this coveted award which recognises the greatest developments in the industry over the past year, says Ian Olsen, global marketsector manager - Scientic, Edwards. Edwards is committed to investing in new technolo-gies and since its launch, thenEXT has been extremely well </p><p>received by customers. Being shortlisted further demonstrates that our innovation is among the best of 2011 and we arehonoured to be recognised by our industry peers.</p><p>WaterAid celebrates its 30th anniversaryAn important part of the evening is the grand charity rae and auctionon behalf of the British Pump Manufacturers Associations chosen charity WaterAid. Since 2006, BPMA hasraised 9,153 for WaterAid through the raes at the Gala AwardDinners. This year WaterAid is celebrating its 30th anniversary andhas reached over 14 million peoplewith access to water and sanitation since it was established in 1981.Over 884 million people are without access to water and 2.6 billion people have no place togo to the toilet. WaterAid's mission is to transform lives by improving access to safe water, hygiene and sanitation in the worlds poorestcommunities. For further informa-tion about WaterAids work, visitwww.wateraid.org</p><p>Technical innovation finalists</p><p>Sponsored by World Pumps</p><p>Edwards new nEXT turbomolecular vacuum pump</p><p>Some of the benefits WaterAid brings to people can be gathered by the smile onthis womans face in Malawi. WaterAid/ Layton Thompson</p><p>The other nalists in the Technical Innovation category are: </p><p> ABB: variable speed drive with sludge pump control</p><p> Hardide coatings: tungsten carbide-based CVD coating</p><p> KSB: PumpMeter</p><p> Mouvex: SLP251 Pump</p><p> SPP Pump: FireEye</p><p> Sterling Fluid Systems: SIHI Detect</p><p> Warren Rupp, Inc: AirVantage, energy saving technology</p><p>For a full list of nalists and winners visit www.pumpindustryawards.com</p></li></ul>