WaterAid celebrates 25 years

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<ul><li><p>The BPMA will be celebrating WaterAid's 25birthday with a Grand Charity Raffle at this year'sPump Industry Awards Gala Dinner, being held onTuesday 17 October 2006 at the Britannia RoyalCourt Hotel in Coventry, UK. The association hopesto meet the magnificent figure of 3,405.00 whichwas raised at last year's event, through thegenerosity of the pump industry professionals.</p><p>All members and non-members alike are invited todonate a birthday gift to WaterAid, to help raisemoney for this very worthy cause. A gift will helpWaterAid provide water to some of the poorestcommunities in the developing world. There arethree easy ways to donate a birthday gift: donate araffle prize for the 'Grand Charity Raffle'; Donatean auction prize; and/or make a monetarydonation to WaterAid.</p><p>From humble beginnings, WaterAid has become aformidable force in the struggle to ensure that, inthis new millennium of development andtechnology, the world's poorest are not leftwithout the most basic of requirements waterand sanitation. The charity has already helped morethan nine million people take their first step out ofpoverty bringing health, dignity and the time to goto work or school, and with continued support,WaterAid soon hopes to be providing one millionpeople with these life saving essentials every year.</p><p>There are three easy ways to donate a birthday gift:</p><p>Raffle prizesSat nav systems, digital cameras, food hampers, DVDplayers, iPODs, bottles of spirits/champagne, cases ofwine, red letter day experiences, digital radios, healthspa weekends, theatre tickets and vouchers.</p><p>Auction prizesSpa days/weekend breaks, hot air balloon flights,tickets on the Orient Express, corporate hospitalityboxes at sporting events, helicopter flights, golf atgleneagles and driving days.</p><p>Cash donations90 could buy a hand pump and boring to serve 10households in Nepal162 could buy the training of five city pump repairerin Ghana223 could buy one rope pump plus its installationcosts to serve 100 households in Madagascar550 could buy a hand pump with a depth range to45 m serving up to 300 people in Tanzania</p><p>To donate a prize, please contact Tanya Frankel byemail: tfrankel@datateam.co.uk or on 01622-699121.</p><p>Your support and participation will be profiled on thenight itself and further media coverage will beprovided through the pages of World Pumps, BSEEand Process &amp; Control magazines, through the BPMA,World Pumps and the WaterAid newsletters and on: www.pumpindustryawards.com www.bpma.org.uk www.wateraid.org www.connectingindustry.com</p><p>WaterAid is grateful for the support it receives fromacross the pump industry, allowing it to help some ofthe world's poorest communities gain access to safewater, adequate sanitation and hygiene education.</p><p>WORLD PUMPS October 2006 www.worldpumps.com 19</p><p>P u m p I n d u s t r y A w a r d s 2 0 0 6</p><p>WaterAid celebrates 25 years </p></li></ul>