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This timely collection retells stories from world mythology and folklore to focus on the need to protect, conserve and value water. Launching on World Water Day, March 22. Available online at a special price till the end of April at http://www.tulikabooks.com/thinkabout2.htm


  • 1.

2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Ivory Coast China Greece Nigeria America Spain Botswana And places beyond names India Australia 8. PICTURES BYNirupama Sekhar 9.

  • And is that it?you will enquire.
  • To which I will reply,
  • No it isnt, dear one.
  • Not by a long shot.
  • Our story has just begun.

WHO OWNS THE WATER? Deepa Balsavar 10. This cant go on,the Hero Twins cried . We have to do something. We must at least try. The people watched while the woodlands withered and the land died. THE HERO TWINS AND THE SWALLOWER OF CLOUDS Suniti Namjoshi 11.

  • A day and a night
  • they travelled
  • they had unknowingly
  • reached the End of the World,
  • the Land of Darkness.

THE GREEN MAN Mariam Karim-Ahlawat 12. Now listen well, because the strangest thing of all happened about a week after this. SELEKANA AND THE RIVER GODDESS Zai Whitaker 13. Armed with maps and reports and a drill, They marched together up a low hill, Wearing safety helmets, bright and yellow A WELL IS BORN Radhika Chadha 14. Ayasha looked at the sun againand thought, there is more mercy in your golden flame than in the hearts of people. KOLUSCAP AND THE WATER MOSTER Sowmya Rajendran 15. His stomach and whole body seemed to be on fire. His insides were raging!THE DRAGONS PEARL Niveditha Subramaniam 16. What is it?he asked. 17. 18.

  • stories & myths about water
  • fromacross the world

Read 19. Explore

  • the world of water through
  • a timeline of its relationship with us

20. And discover

  • big and little facts that
  • tell us more about water

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