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  • Water Hyacinth Facts

  • What are they? Water Hyacinth are the only large aquaticherbs that can float on the water unattached tothe bottom.

  • Water Hyacinth has special adaptations that help it to survive and thrive in its habitat. Water Hyacinth can multiply very fast and cover reservoirs and rivers. Did you know?

  • Waxy Leaves Waxy leaves ensure that the water hyacinth plant is not weighed down by heavy downpours. See what happens when you drop some water on the leaves.

  • Thick Fibrous RootsThe thick fibrous roots trap air an enable the water hyacinth to float in the water.

  • Spongy Leaf Stalks Spongy leaf stalks contain air spaces that allow the plant to float. Air spaces in the leaf stalk

  • Fact Sheet Main features: Floating freshwater plant.Leaves: Inflated hollow leaf stalk with a round waxy green leaf.Flowers: Clusters, light purple, 6-lobed.Fruits: Capsule with seeds. Status in Singapore: Introduced. World distribution: Native to South America.Classification: Family Pontederiaceae.

  • Best Conditions for Water Hyacinth Growthwarm temperatures of 28C to 30 C neutral pH high light intensities What is pH? http://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/ks3/science/chemical_material_behaviour/acids_bases_metals/revision/4/


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