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  • Water ConservationAn Action Plan for Good Shepherd Lutheran College

  • Now GoalsWhat: Encourage use of water bottles instead of bubblers Who: Teaching team, administration. How: May wish to put small section in Shepherds Pie

  • Short Term GoalsBegin implementing the resource package with the year 5s. Induct a student awareness day this will heavily rely upon the year 5 culminating activity. Bubbler Monitors following awareness day, students are accountable to each other for responsible bubbler use (e.g. not squirting each other.

  • Short Term Goals cont.Maintenance on leaking taps, bubblers etc. on problematic areas identified by Year 5s within their audit. Disable the full flush on the toilets. Install water saver devices in the shower heads of the gym showers. (reduces water flow, available from most hardware stores)

  • Long Term GoalsInstall 2 minute cut-off timers in the gym showers Initiate regular and consistent maintenance checks on taps, toilets and bubblers (may need to speak with groundsmen about current maintenance program)

  • Long Term Goals cont.Enrol in the Green Vouchers for Schools Program (funding for solar hot water and rainwater harvesting in schools). Visit greenvouchers@nrm.gov.aun for more information.


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