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WATER INTRODUCTIONWater supply is one of the key

Natural uresourcesw bases that are invitable for sustainbility of human and envionmental health

Their is a strong and direct link between people health and the devolpment of health situtation

This process is genrally used in localpeople of villages the main source of potable water supply in the study of area are windmill and bore hole. Windmill: windmill are used by easy flow of water fastly. bore hole: are used easly by getting water .The non potable sources are dam charco dams and Traditional wellIn addition seasonal streams Ponds are use to suplement the existing source during the rainy seasons Traditional water supplyTraditional water supply are wells ponds Bores Canals Mostly wells used by traditionally by getting water These wells are used in olden days of local people in villages

Classification of water Salt water solid waterwaste watersoft waterhard waterNatural Source of water GROUND WATER RAIN WATER



Types of fittings 15mm End Feed Coupler

15mm End Feed TeeIntegral Solder Ring (Yorkshire)15mm Integral Solder Ring Coupler

15mm x 15mm x 15mm Integral Solder Ring Tee

Compression Fittings (COMP)

15 millimetre Compression Tee15 millimetre Compression Service Valve

Male Iron (MI) Fittings1/2" MI bsp x15mm Elbow

3/4" MI bsp x 22mm coupler

Ordering Fittings 1 22mm x 15mm x 22mm Compression Tee

22mm x 22mm x15mm Hep2O Tee

Other Fittings - Reducers

Integral Solder Ring Copper Reducer15 mm x 22mm End Feed ReducerOther Fittings - Couplers15 mm Straight Coupler Compression And 15mm End Feed Coupler

15mm Integral Solder Ring Coupler15mm Speed Fit Coupler

Important InformationPlease Note

While every attempt has been made to ensure that the contents of this learning object are correct and follow the guidelines as laid down in the Water Regulations Guide second edition South Birmingham College cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage caused by reliance on these materials. All works should carried out by fully qualified persons.THANK YOU



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