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Presentation on using Echo360 lecture capture in Learning and Teaching. Presented at TELfest September 2014


<ul><li> 1. Watch, watch and watch again?Using Echo 360.Ros Walker, Faculty Learning Technologist for Social Sciences</li></ul> <p> 2. In todays session, we willConsider the concept of lecture captureLook at what The University can provideLook at and consider furtherpossibilities linked to Lecture Capture 3. The Universitys chosen software forLecture Capture is: Echo 360 4. The three aspects of Echo 360PersonalCaptureLectureCaptureEcho360LectureTools 5. Lecture CaptureAt Sheffield University, you can now request arecording from Echo360 in many teachingspaces.The recording will record:- The computer screen- Your voice (provided you have suitableamplification)- Optionally, video 6. Lecture CaptureBook the recordingDeliver the lectureShare the recording 7. Lecture Capture Book the recording 8. Lecture Capture Book the recording 9. Lecture Capture Deliver the lecture Be familiar with the set-up of theroom, so that you can get up andrunning quickly when the lecturestarts recording You will not know that it is recording Think about how much your studentsneed the video of you or can theymanage with the screen-cast. 10. Lecture Capture Share the recording 11. Lecture Capture Share the recordingYou may want to tidy up / edit / change name of your recording.This can be done through the ESS: receive a link to share your recording: can be embedded directly into a MOLE course for you. 12. Personal Capture- Look at how Echo360 Personal Capture works- Discuss the difference between the lecture capture boxes and personal capture (Luke)- Heard from Sam Marsh (Maths and Statistics) and Anthony Rossiter (Engineering) about their use of PersonalCapture 13. So, how could this be better? 14. Curtin University - Australia 200- 300 recordings per day 150 venues with recording boxes 2 million viewings in the last year Lecture Capture fully automated with timetable and uploaded into Blackboard courses Tracking video, pressure pads, dual video, student video Rechargeable microphones Recording light Students making recordings using personal capture Specialist real world recording spaces (e.g. pharmacy) 15. The Problem of the LectureJust because we can record it,this doesnt solve the problemof the lecture 16. 1.Babylonian Hour2.Passive observers3.Attention fall off (10-20mins)4.Poor note-taking5.Does not support special needs6.One bite of the cherry7.Cognitive Overload8.Tyranny of location9.Tyranny of time10.Poor presentation skills 17. How about this? All students bring technology to class A postgraduate student in your class to answer questions Instant data on when students were asking questions, when they wereconfused and how they answered questions 18. Lets have a go(eek!) 19. Some things to think about Does it matter how students attend your lecture? In person, through asimultaneous live stream, at a later time? Do students think their devices in class create a distraction? Does a student who actively participates in a lecture do better? 20. What does the student see? features:Student sees tutors slideStudent can flag something as confusing, take notes, ask aquestion, annotate a slide 21. The three aspects of Echo 360PersonalCaptureLectureCaptureEcho360LectureTools 22. The three aspects of Echo 360PersonalCaptureLectureCaptureEcho360LectureTools 23. Technology can be trickyThis is a lecture that was captured: 24. Session FeedbackWe would welcome your feedback on this session, via this URL you </p>