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Washington State Career- and College-Ready Standards Implementation Transforming Professional Learning Systems for Reform: Common Core and More District Network Project (WA-TPL) A Gates Foundation funded opportunity for Washington School Districts District Orientation June 2, 2014 WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/2014 Slide 2 The dramatic shift in teaching prompted by the common core will require practical, intensive, and ongoing professional learning not one-of spray and pray training that exposes everyone to the same material and hope it sticks ~Stephanie Hirsh, Learning Forward (2011) Current teachers must receive extensive professional development on the Common Core standards, curricular materials, and strategies on teaching that now require students to delve deeper and develop critical thinking and analytical skills that previous standards did not adequately address ~ National Association of State Boards of Education (2011) WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/2014 2 Slide 3 today, however, there is little systemic attention to professional learning as a core strategy for educator reform ~Stephanie Hirsh & Joellen Killion, Learning Forward 3 WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/2014 Slide 4 Learning Targets for Today Participants will gain an overall perspective of statewide standards implementation approach and WA TPL project. Participants will learn about specific project objectives related to their role as lab or critical friend district. Participants will gain an understanding of the project evaluation and data collection process (Standards Assessment Inventory 2 (SAI2)) Participants will discuss next steps: June - October WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/20144 Slide 5 Agenda Welcome & Introductions -WA TPL Team (OSPI, LFWA, ESD partners) -WA TPL Districts State Context and Overview TPL Overview Lab and CF commitments Professional Learning Foundations & Support System Project Evaluation & Data Collection Planning & Next Steps WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/20145 Slide 6 WA-TPL Core Leadership OSPI Team: Jessica Vavrus, Assistant Superintendent, Teaching & Learning, OSPI Dan Bissonnette, Project Manager, WA-TPL, OSPI WA-TPL Design/Leadership Team Learning Forward Washington Ellen Hopkins AESD Network Assistant Superintendents for Teaching & Learning and representatives Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Edie Harding, Project Officer WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/20146 Slide 7 Regional Introductions ESD key representatives District core team members School leadership team members WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/20147 Slide 8 Who Is In Your Room? PENNY IN YOUR POCKET Find a penny from your pocket. Note the year it was minted. Take a few minutes to identify events in your life (personal or professional) that were important during that year. Go around the room introduce and share Back in 15 minutes WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/20148 Slide 9 Penny In Your Pocket BACK IN 15 MINUTES WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/20149 Slide 10 State Context TPL Project Implementing Career- and College-Ready (CCR) Learning Standards WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/201410 Slide 11 Washingtons Vision for Education Every Washington public school student will graduate from high school globally competitive for work and postsecondary education and prepared for life in the 21 st century. Class of 2011: Bridgeport High School WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/201411 Slide 12 Aligned System Common Language and Common Vision WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/201412 District-directed professional learning structures Assessment & Accountability Systems (SBAC) Student and School Success Professional Learning Aligned to Standards Educator Effectiveness Systems (TPEP) Aligned Federal and State Programs Regional Support Systems (ESDs) National Board Certification BEA Funding and Policy Recommendations Comprehensive Mentor & Induction Programs (BEST) Pre-Service Programs Basic Education Act: State Learning Goals McCleary Court Decision & Fully Funding Basic Education Career and College Ready State Learning Standards for ALL Students (CCSS/NGSS) Slide 13 Implementing Career- and College- Ready Standards in Washington State Our Vision: Every student will have access to CCR standards through high quality instruction aligned with the standards every day; and every educator is prepared and supported to implement the standards in their classrooms every day. Our Purpose: To develop a statewide system with resources that supports all school districts in their preparation of educators and students. WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/2014 13 Slide 14 Bringing the CCR System Together WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/2014 All students leave high school career and college ready https://wacore2col lege.wikispaces.co m/Project+Overvi ew https://wacore2col lege.wikispaces.co m/Project+Overvi ew http://www.washingtonesds.org/site/def ault.aspx?PageID=1 http://www.washingtonesds.org/site/def ault.aspx?PageID=1 http://www.k12.wa.us/CoreStandards/P rofDev.aspx http://www.k12.wa.us/CoreStandards/P rofDev.aspx 14 Slide 15 Moving toward Career and College Ready Standards WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/2014 15 These standards are not intended to be new names for old ways of doing business. CCSS-M, page 5 Slide 16 Career and College Readiness for EVERY Student What role do district leaders and structures have in supporting and sustaining professional learning to support every teacher and ultimately, every student? WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/2014 16 Slide 17 Our guiding beliefs and approach for CCR Standards Implementation in WA WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/2014 2-Prongs: 1. The What: Content Shifts (for students and educators) Belief that past standards implementation efforts have provided a strong foundation on which to build; HOWEVER there are shifts that need to be attended to in the content. 2. The How: System Remodeling Belief that successful implementation will not take place top down or bottom up it must be both, and Belief that districts across the state have the conditions and commitment present to engage wholly in this work. Professional learning systems are critical 17 Slide 18 The What: Key Content Shifts ELA, Math, Science Shifts in ELA 1. Building knowledge through content- rich nonfiction and informational texts in addition to literature 2. Reading and writing grounded in evidence from the text 3. Regular practice with complex text and its academic vocabulary These apply to content area (social studies, science, and technical subject) teachers as well as to English teachers. WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/201418 Shifts in Mathematics 1. Focus : fewer topics focused on deeply in each grade 2. Coherence : Concepts logically connected from one grade to the next and linked to other major topics within the grade 3. Rigor : Fluency with arithmetic, application of knowledge to real world situations, and deep understanding of mathematical concepts Shifts in Science 1.The NGSS Reflect the Interconnected Nature of Science through Focus, Understanding, and Application of Content 2.The Science Concepts in the NGSS Build Coherently from K12. 3. Science and Engineering are Integrated across K12 in the NGSS. RESOURCE HANDOUT Slide 19 The What - Power of the Shifts Know them both the what and the why Internalize them Apply them to decisions about Time Energy Resources Conversations with parents, students, colleagues, partners This effort is about much more than implementing the next version of the standards. It is about preparing all students for college and careers. WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/201419 Slide 20 WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/2014 1. What do all students need to know and be able to do as a result of the CCSS? 2. What do the adults in the system need to know and be able to do to support all students? 3. How do we design a professional learning system to support them? The How: System Remodeling 20 Slide 21 The How: Connecting Multiple Avenues, Providers, and Directions for Professional Learning WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/201421 Including: School Districts Higher Education Education and Educator Associations Private Partners Washington Slide 22 CCR Implementation through a district, building, and classroom lens WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/201422 Phase 1: CCR Standards Exploration Phase 2: Build Awareness & Begin Building Capacity Phase 3: Build State & District Capacity and Classroom Transitions Phase 4: Statewide Application and Assessment Ongoing: Coordination and Collaboration to Support Implementation Slide 23 Through the lens of district, building, & classroom educators WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/201423 Slide 24 WA TPL Overview Dates, Commitments, Systems of Support WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/201424 Slide 25 WA-TPL Vision The project will focus on enhancing critical state and regional-level infrastructures and capacity for sustained, results-driven, standards-based statewide and regional professional learning so School district and building leaders have the knowledge and skills to create the conditions necessary for every educator within their districts to increase their instructional capacity to make the instructional shifts that new Career- and College-Ready learning standards entail. WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/201425 Slide 26 Theory of Action (Professional Learning in the Learning Profession) WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/2014 26 1. Standards-based professional learning 2. Changes in educator knowledge, skills, an dispositions 4. Changes in student results 3. Changes in educator practice Effective professional learning enables educators to develop the knowledge, skills, practices, and dispositions needed to help students learn and achieve at higher levels. Slide 27 TPL Design/Leadership Team OSPI partners Teaching and Learning ELA, Math, Science, etc. Student and School Success Teacher and Principal Evaluation Information Technology Education Technology Digital Learning Federal & Special Programs Migrant Bilingual Title I/LAP Title II WA TPL Kick Off 6/2/2014 Statewide partners Association of Washington Principals Center for Strengthening the Teaching Profession Learning Forward Washington Nor


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