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Great British Weekend



    Saturday 16th July 2011 The Great British Summer Proms

    Sunday 17th July 2011 Soul Sunday

  • WELCOMEOn behalf of the producers, MA Concerts and Warwick Castle, we would like to welcome you to The Great British Weekend at this absolutely stunning venue.

    This years concerts offer two very different shows and we are thrilled to be presenting the UK premiere of Soul Sunday A Jackson Spectacular on Sunday July 17. We are delighted that Warwick Castle is the first UK venue to feature the show which features pop band and star performers from the musical THILLER.

    On Saturday, The Great British Summer Proms return with a fresh programme for 2011, celebrating the very Best of British. Thrilling his audience with dramatic choreographed precision is Flight Lieutenant Charles Brown, taking to the skies above Warwick; a most spectacular way to start any concert. Jae Alexander is our conductor for the evening and we are delighted to welcome star soprano Janet Mooney and the Three Welsh Tenors, who will join the English National Orchestra on a journey through the classical world as well as all your flag waving favourites of the Last Night of The Proms.

    Fireworks again this year play a dominant role in the Summer Proms concert and we are delighted that Fantastic Fireworks will once again be conjuring a series of breathtaking and magical displays.

    Thanks to everyone who has helped to make these concerts possible. A huge amount of planning and hard work goes into making them happen and there are countless people without whom they would not be possible. Thanks to you the audience for your support of the outdoor concerts at Warwick Castle. We hope you have a fantastic evening with us.

    Tim Harrison-Jones General Manager Warwick Castle





    THE PRESENTImagine a totally electrifying, full day out at Britains Ultimate Castle, where you can immerse yourself in a thousand years of jaw-dropping history come rain or shine.

    Where ancient myths and spell-binding tales will set your imagination alight and your hair on end. Where princesses are pampered and maidens are wooed. Experience the heat of battle at such close quarters youll almost smell the fear, as winners become true heroes and losers are confined to dark, dank dungeons to be forgotten for eternity. It could only be Warwick Castle.

    The origins of Warwick Castle can be traced back to the Saxon fortification which Ethelfleda, daughter of Alfred the Great, used to defend against the invading Danes.

    The first Castle to appear on the site was a wooden motte and bailey construction in 1068 at the command of William the Conqueror. Throughout the middle ages, under successive Earls of Warwick, the Castle was gradually rebuilt in stone. By the 14th Century, it was a towering mediaeval fortress and the stronghold of the mighty de Beauchamp family.

    Later, as the Castle declined in military importance, the main living

    quarters were converted into a residence of rich and sumptuous style that reflected the wealth and status of its owners. Attacked in 1264, besieged in 1642 and damaged by fire in 1871, the Castle has nevertheless gloriously survived the ever-changing fortunes of history, and stands today as the most impressive of Englands ancient fortresses.

    The Castle was home to the Earls of Warwick until 1978. Since then exten-sive restoration work has been carried out and substantial areas of the Castle, which were previously closed to the public, have been opened.


    GROUNDS AND GARDENSThe Castles 60 acres of grounds and gardens

    are, for many, as much of an attraction as the

    house itself. They include the informal Pageant

    Field, landscaped by the famous Capability

    Brown; the Peacock Garden, home to the

    Castles flock of peacocks, and the beautiful

    Victorian Rose Garden, restored to its former

    glory in 1986. For those with plenty of energy

    a climb up the Castles imposing towers

    and a stroll along the battlements provides

    the perfect view of the grounds and the

    surrounding countryside.

    ENTERTAINMENTThroughout the year, an exciting programme

    of entertainment brings the Castles past

    to life. Entertainments provided include

    spectacular birds of prey shows to dramatic

    jousting tournaments and the worlds

    largest siege machine the Trebuchet. Also,

    experience the drama and terror of a

    household preparing for battle at Kingmaker,

    take a trip to the most blood curdling parts

    of Warwick Castles history in The Castle

    Dungeon, visit the Secrets and Scandals of

    the Royal Weekend Party and State Rooms to

    discover exactly how the elite used to live,

    and encounter the last dragon at Merlin:

    The Dragon Tower. A day spent at Warwick

    Castle is a day that will go down in history

    whatever the weather.

    EVENING EVENTSWarwick Castles splendid location makes it

    as popular with evening guests as daytime

    visitors. Facilities such as the Great Hall,

    the State Dining Room and the Conservatory

    can be booked to create memorable private

    events. Alternatively, guests can opt for a

    Highwaymans Supper, an evening of good

    food, wine and merry-making interrupted

    by a mysterious visitor or a Kingmakers

    feast which takes guests back to the Castle

    of 1471. New to the portfolio of evening

    events is the Dungeons after Dark. Do you

    dare enter The Castle Dungeon where the

    plague is taking no prisoners? Prepare to

    experience the darkest, bloodiest and most

    frightening times in Warwick Castles history.




  • DATES FOR YOUR DIARY23rd July 4th September Jousting Returns with The Barbarian Boat of WarBack in the saddle this summer are the famous Jousting Knights, returning to the Castle grounds, and this time, theyre not alone. The rebel Barbarians are planning to invade the Castle and it is the valiant Warwick Warriors who must defend their honour and the sacred Castle grounds.

    The bravery, skill and agility of the jousters will be tested to the limits as crowds bear witness to their dazzling show packed with incredible equestrian prowess and pageantry.

    22nd 31st October The Haunted CastleAs Hallows Eve approaches, the Castle clock has stopped at the witching hour and the ghosts and spirits from 1000 years of history have descended on Warwick Castle taking over the Towers, State Rooms, the Princess Tower and created terror in the Castle Dungeon.

    Are you brave enough to enter The Haunted Castle and roam the rooms, Encounter the Owls, meet the Princess Witches and learn the art of spellmaking with the Apprentices from Merlin: The Dragon Tower.

    From 22nd 31st October, visit The Haunted Castle after dark where Warwicks sinister and brutal history is brought to life.

    17th December 2nd January Christmas at the CastleWarwick Castle is the perfect backdrop for festive celebrations. From the wonderful Carols at the Castle concert, the atmospheric Christmas Candlelit Tours around the Castle, the opportunity to meet Santa and his Elf in the State Rooms to the Mediaeval Banquets being served in the Great Hall. Warwick Castle is a truly great place to spend a day with friends and family this festive period. Get ready for our Christmas with a twist!

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  • New for 2011, a stunning World War II Spitfire will perform a dramatic aerial ballet

    to get you on your feet and warm the heart as it kicks off this celebration of the very Best of British and a magical evening of

    pure family entertainment.

    Rousing popular classics, wonderful movie

    themes and amazing fireworks, culminating

    in a finale of Proms favourites will make

    this an unforgettable experience and a

    magical night of entertainment. Closing with

    a spectacular fireworks display, this will be a

    night to remember.

    The English National Orchestra will perform

    wonderful classics such as the Nutcracker

    Suite the Waltons Crown Imperial,

    Dambusters Theme, the theme from

    Schindlers List and many more. Conducting

    this years performance is Jae Alexander, who

    will be joined by soprano Janet Mooney and

    Three Welsh Tenors. We would like to extend

    a very warm welcome to them.

    As darkness falls, flags and singing voices

    will need to be at the ready as the orchestra

    launches into a huge finale section of

    traditional proms favourites, including

    Rule Britannia, Jerusalem, the 1812

    Overture and Elgars Pomp and

    Circumstance March No1.

    So sit back, enjoy the show and

    celebrate the very best that

    Britain has to offer!


  • To describe Jae Alexander as merely a conductor would be an injustice to an artist whose diverse talents have allowed him to find his niche on the

    outdoor concer


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