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Warwick Castle. A quick tour of the castle and grounds by Nathan Wichman Compiled 2006 for HS World History. 914-earthen rampart constructed 1068-William the conqueror builds motte and bailey fort 1260-stone replaces wood 1264-the castle is conquered - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Warwick CastleA quick tour of the castle and grounds by Nathan Wichman

    Compiled 2006 for HS World History

  • Timeline 914-earthen rampart constructed1068-William the conqueror builds motte and bailey fort1260-stone replaces wood1264-the castle is conquered1350-Caesars tower an dungeons completed 1395-guys tower completed

    1450-gatehouse and barbican completed1540-further developments at castle1642-castle withstands siege 1700-continuing development at castle1763-state dining room completed1786-conservatory built1871-fire damages castle

  • some factsbuilt in 1068 by William the conquerorpositioned by the River Avonbecame an important seat of powerthe conservatory housed the Warwick vase

  • Executions at Warwick1312-Piers Gaveston1397-Thomas de Beauchamp1431-earl goes to France to supervise the trial of Joan of Ark1478-Clarence1499-Edward1628-Greville

  • Parts of the Castle

  • Guys Towercompleted 1300-1400has five stories and is about 39 meters tallhas twelve sidesthe tower houses 4 stories of bedrooms and the top is a guardroom

  • Curtain Wallsthe curtain walls helped in the defense of the castle by having a rampart so troops could move from one part to another very fast. they also proved very hard to break. the floor had murder holes through which the defenders could drop anything that comes to hand.

  • Bear and Clearance Towersthey were to be of equal height as Guys Towerwere started to house a keep to defend the earl from inside attackswere never finished because Richard III died before they were completeda kitchen was made on ground level for the earls domestic needs

  • Ghost Towerformerly known as Watergate towerbuilt in the late 14th century to guard from river attacksthe towers decorations reflect the Jacobean stylethe ghost of Sir Fulke Greville

  • The State Roomsincludes:the Chapelthe State Dining Roomthe Great Hallthe Red Drawing Roomthe Cedar Drawing Roomthe Green Drawing Roomthe Blue Boudoirthe Queen Anne Bedroom

  • Pictures

  • The Royal Weekend Partyincludes:the Librarythe Music Roomthe Smoking Roomthe Ladies BoudoirDaisys Bedroomthe Carnation Bedroomthe Dowagers Bedroomthe Earls Dressing roomthe Kenilworth Bedroomthe Chinese Bedroom

  • Pictures

  • Caesars Towerbuilt in the14th century by orders of Thomas de Beauchampis three stories tall plus a dungeon, and a guardhouserises above the river 44.8 metersis built in the shape of a clover

  • Death or Glory (the Armory)was added in 1669 to the southeast wall of the castlewas first used as a library, brew-house, and wash-housedivided into historical periods: 1000-1500, 17th century, 1700-18001000-1500: body armor and weapons17th century: mainly during the English civil war1700-1800: flintlock muskets and triangular socket bayonets

  • The Gatehouse and Barbicanincludesdrawbridgeportcullisarrows/bolts loopsmurder holesbig heavy wooden doorsportcullismurder holesbig heavy doors

  • pictures

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