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  • 1. Warsaw Ghettos
    By: Olivia Miller and Vanessa McElroy
    Warsaw Ghettos

2. Warsaw
Polands capitol
Europe's largest community of Jewish people
Second largest Jewish community in the world by 20th century
With a population of 1.3 million, 29% were Jewish
3. Germany Invades Poland
Germany attacks and surrounds Warsaw from all sides
Warsaw stands against German force for 3 weeks
Air attacks caused much damage and loss of life
4. New Jewish Laws in Warsaw
Men and women 10+ years old had to wear an armband with a blue star of David on it
No radios
Jewish shops had to be identified
Prohibited train transportation
Had to have special permit in order to buy or lease enterprise from Jews
Jews had to put money in a blocked back account
Couldnt receive more than 250 zloties ($83.20) per week from bank account
Most of their economic activity was controlled
5. Jews in Warsaw
Rise in gang violence against Jews
Jews were attacked and mugged
No interference from those who witnessed Jews being robbed on street
6. Warsaw Ghettos
On October 12, 1940, Jews were notified about the ghettos they were supposed to move into
138,000 Jews took the homes of 113,000 Poles
Jewish ghetto was cut off by a high constructed wall
Construction was done by the firm Schmidt & Mnstermann
Nazis did not call this area a ghetto, but instead JdischerWohnbezirk, which means Jewish Quarter
7. Living Situations
Started off not so bad but got increasingly worse
29% of Warsaw living in 3 mile area, which is 2.4% of the city area
Rationed 200 calories per day
Often bribed guards to smuggle in food
8. Deaths
Were not put into gas chambers like the concentration camps
From starvation, typhoid, poor sanitary conditions
Around 6,000 people/month
9. Daily Lives
2,454 students attended training schools in the ghetto
Had underground organizations
Smuggling was vital
Continued with daily prayers even though they were told not to.
10. After Deaths
Families stripped relatives clothing
Sold clothing for money
Bodies were left naked on streets
Funeral cartswould collect bodies between 4 and 5 AM
11. After the ghettos
Were not dying quick enough
Some were sent to labor camps
300,000 sent to Treblinka Extermination camp
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