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<ul><li> 1. Warsaw Ghettos<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. The Beginning<br />The ghettos were for the Jews<br />The first ghetto was formed in October 1940<br />The ghettos were in Warsaw, Poland<br />Warsaw was the capital of Poland<br />About 400,000 Jews were sent to live in the ghettos<br /> 3. The Ghettos<br />By November, the ghettos were closed off by a wall with barbed wire on the top<br />About 7.2 people lived in one room<br />After more Jews were sent to live there the rooms got even more crowded<br />The ghetto was divided into two sections, North and South<br />The ghetto took up about 2.4 of the citys land<br /> 4. Conditions<br />Life was tough in the ghettos, and later they got worse<br />People began stealing food to bring into the ghettos<br />The poor had nothing to eat so they began to starve<br />After starving for weeks the poor Jews died<br />The dead bodies would be all over the streets<br />This began to bring disease in the ghettos<br />Families had to strip their dead family members clothes so they could sell them for money and food<br /> 5. The daily food ration was about 181 calories<br />Smuggling the food into the ghetto was very risky and many people lost their lives<br />Many of the Jews were demanded to do things<br />Some were demanded to kill their families or lose their own lives<br /> 6. Disease Spreads<br />Disease spread because of the dead corpses laying all over the roads<br />It was estimated that 6,000 Jews died every month<br />Disease also spread because of very poor sanitation<br />The German troops didnt care to help the Jews with the sanitation problem so it just more to die<br /> 7. Rebellion<br />After living in the ghettos for years, Jews began to rebel<br />In 1942 the Jews began to rebel, this is none as the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising<br />Some of the Jews started the group called Z.O.B (Zydowska Organizacja Bojowa)<br />They wanted the Jews to resist going onto railroad cars<br />The ghetto fighters used guns causing the troops to retreat<br /> 8. Shots were fired everywhere at the Jews by the German troops<br />Doctors were put in prison for helping the hurt Jews<br />Many say the uprisings were started because Jews still living in the ghettos found out that the Jews sent to the death camps were killed<br />They found out that they were killed by gas chambers and burning the bodies<br />About seven thousand died fighting or hiding in the ghetto during the uprising<br />The uprising left a huge destruction on the ghetto, buildings torn and burnt down<br /> 9. Liquidation<br />By January, the Jews were training to defend the ghetto<br />The Jews caused the German troops to withdrawal on April 19, 1943<br />The remaining Jews were sent to labor camps<br />Although, many labor camps turned into death camps<br />Many Jews hid so they wouldnt be taken away<br />The Jews hid in abandoned buildings and they hid in the ruble from burnt down buildings <br /> 10. At the time of liquidation about 100,000 residents died of starvation and disease<br />The Jews were getting deported from the ghettos<br />Many ran and hid while others were sent away<br /> 11. Importance<br />The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising is still important today<br />Everyone remembers that event because it shows that Jews finally stood up for themselves<br />They took control and tried their hardest to fight off German force<br /> 12. Bibliography<br />History of the Warsaw Ghetto." Scrapbookpages.com a Web Site for Tourists and Armchair Travelers. 25 Mar. 2010. .<br />Holocaust Survivors. 25 Mar. 2010. .<br />United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. 25 Mar. 2010. .<br />The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, by Marek Edelman." CPCW: The Center for Programs in Contemporary Writing. 25 Mar. 2010..<br />Warsaw Ghetto | Warsaw Life." Warsaw Life | Warsaw Travel Guide | Restaurants Shops Pubs and Apartments Warsaw Hotels | Poland. 25 Mar. 2010. .<br />Warsaw Ghetto Uprising." Jewish Virtual Library - Homepage. 25 Mar. 2010. .<br />Warsaw Ghetto Uprising - Photos from the Stroop Report." Scrapbookpages.com - a Web Site for Tourists and Armchair Travelers. 25 Mar. 2010. .<br /></p>