warfield firefighters now recruiting! schofield .up an application at the warfield firehall on a

Download Warfield Firefighters Now Recruiting! Schofield .up an application at the Warfield Firehall on a

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  • 555 Schofield Highway

    Trail, B. C. V1R 2G7

    Phone: 250-368-8202

    Village of Warfield


    Village of Warfield

    Council and Staff


    Diane Langman

    Council Members:

    Shane Ferraro

    Brad Jansen

    Ray Masleck

    Arlene Parkinson


    Jackie Patridge

    Admin Clerks:

    Jody-Lynn Cox

    Carol LeRose

    Works Crew:

    Mike Barta

    Dana Boone

    Bruce Wescott

    We are hiring!!! Kootenay Boundary Regional Fire Rescue

    (KBRFR) Company #2 Warfield is looking for individuals who

    wish to become Paid-on-Call Firefighters. We are commit-

    ted to recruiting talented and motivated individuals, who pos-

    sess a high level of integrity, and have a desire to serve our

    community. As a Company #2-Warfield Firefighter, you will be

    a member of our team and play a key role in the delivery of

    Fire and Rescue services to the citizens of the Regional Dis-

    trict of Kootenay Boundary. KBRFR Firefighters respond to

    fires, rescues, medical aids, hazardous materials incidents,

    building alarms and a host of other calls to aid the public.

    Apart from direct support to emergency operations, our Fire-

    fighters also contribute many hours of volunteer time in sup-

    port of community activities and charitable functions.

    KBRFR Firefighters and Officers are trained to nationally rec-

    ognized standards (NFPA). The requirement to operate inde-

    pendently means that our Firefighters and Officers are well

    trained to perform their duties. Paid-on-Call Firefighters come

    from all walks of life such as school teachers, trades people,

    paramedics and bankers. Some of our Paid-on-Call Firefighters

    choose to take advantage of the skills and experience that they

    gain, by pursuing a full time career in the fire service.

    Being a Firefighter is an exciting, challenging and personally

    rewarding experience. Paid-on-Call Firefighters are paid an

    hourly wage for all training, practices and emergency calls that

    they attend. If you are a resident of the Village of Warfield and

    would like to make a difference in your community, please pick

    up an application at the Warfield Firehall on a Tuesday night

    between 7-9pm or at the Village of Warfield Office during nor-

    mal business hours.

    Closing date for applications: September 30, 2017.

    Warfield Firefighters Now Recruiting!

    KBRFR Company #2 Warfield

    Fruit Tree Picking and Disposal We would like to remind all residents to properly

    tend to any fruit trees on your property. Be sure

    to properly dispose of any unwanted fruit. Dump-

    ing is prohibited everywhere in the Village, includ-

    ing boulevards.

    I N S I D E

    T H I S I S S U E :

    Girl Guides and


    Scouts and



    WYAN Events

    and WaVES


    Warfield 2040










    Call for


    Warfield Special








    Fruit Picking



    V I L L A G E O F

    W A R F I E L D

    S E P T E M B E R 2 0 1 7

    Schofield Scoop Message from the Mayor We've had another successful, hot summer in the Village and I would like to take this opportunity

    to thank the seasonal staff of Warfield. Paige Gattafoni, Matthew McConnachie, and Kevin Nutini

    made up our parks crew and we also employed 14 lifeguards, slide attendants, and cashiers to keep

    our pool safe and running smoothly. Under the management of Theresa Bells, our pool continued

    to be a destination. Thank you all so much for your hard work maintaining our village amenities.

    We saw some welcomed additions to the pool with the new, permanent sun shades and a new sign,

    designed by Warfield resident and artist, Shelley Painter. A big thank you to everyone who made

    design submissions. We are grateful for the creativity and involvement of our residents.

    After closing for the season, the pool will continue to receive some much-anticipated upgrades in-

    cluding refinished floors in the change rooms and maintenance to the pool deck. These changes are

    the remaining upgrades funded through the Canada

    150 Grant and Columbia Basin Trust Grant. We

    are thankful for their support in helping upgrade and

    maintain our pool.

    Warfield also welcomed the installation of the

    French Street All-Sport Park, a multi-sport facility

    equipped for a variety of team sports. We are very

    proud of our community and look forward to the

    continuing improvements to the village infrastruc-

    ture this fall including a PRV (pressure reducing

    valve) station in Annable, crack sealing in the roads,

    and fire hydrant flushing and inspection. We are

    continuing to put effort into maintaining, upgrading,

    and developing our village and staff. Shelley Painter and Mayor Diane Langman

    In August, our two adminis-

    trative clerks attended an

    intensive, week-long training

    session held on the UBC-

    Okanagan campus in Ke-

    lowna hosted by the LGMA

    (Local Government Manage-

    ment Association of British

    Columbia). The course, MATI Foundations

    (Municipal Administration Training Institute),

    provided perspective on Local Government

    roles and responsibilities, and offered extensive

    overviews of nearly every facet of local govern-

    ment administration, including council-staff rela-

    tions, ethics, finance, community engagement,

    emergency management, municipal law, and

    more. Our staff spent the week meeting and

    networking with municipal employees from all

    over the province, including our neighbours in

    Rossland and Castlegar and others from com-

    munities, both large and small, like Hudsons

    Hope and Victoria. The staff are grateful for the

    opportunity to have connected with other mu-

    nicipal staff and took away valuable insights on

    local government administration that they are

    eager to implement here in Warfield.

    In September, the

    mayor, along with two

    councilors, will attend

    the 2017 UBCM

    (Union of BC Munici-

    palities) Conference, Roots to Results in Van-

    couver. They will have the opportunity to net-

    work with delegates from various levels of gov-

    ernment from all over the province, browse a

    tradeshow, and attend seminars with topics

    such as funding for local governments and bylaw


    Throughout the fall, our Works Crew will be

    updating their First Aid

    training through WorkSafe


    Council and Staff Professional Development

  • P A G E 2

    S C H O F I E L D S C O O P

    Warfield Youth Service


    In conjunction with Webster Elementary and

    Crowe High School, WYAN is looking to partner

    with community members who need some extra

    help to provide students with meaningful volun-

    teer opportunities. For example, do you need

    assistance with fruit picking or leaf raking due to

    mobility issues, or have a project that younger

    eyes could help with, etc? Please contact

    WarfieldYAN@gmail.com or please call 250-512-

    1351 to be added to our program list.

    Warfield Youth Action Network Weekly drop in sessions for

    youth aged 12-18 will begin on

    Wednesday September 13th

    and meet weekly on Wednes-

    days from 2:45 pm -4:30 pm in

    the lower level of the Village Hall, lower side


    Please contact WarfieldYAN@gmail.com for

    more information or check out our posts on

    Facebook and Instagram.

    WYAN Free Movie Nights will be:

    Friday September 29th - BOSS BABY - 6:30

    pm - 8:00 pm

    Friday October 27th - HOTEL TRANSYLVA-

    NIA - 6:30 - 8:00 pm

    Scouts & Beavers The 1st Warfield Scout group is

    gearing up for another year of fun

    and adventure. We are hosting an

    open house fun night on Tuesday

    September 12th from 5:00-6:30 in

    the Scout Hall for new members

    to come and check out our space

    and see what it's all about.

    This year, we are offering Beavers,

    aged 5-7, on Wednesdays from

    4:00-5:00pm; Cubs, aged 8-10, on

    Tuesday from 4:30-6:00pm and

    Scouts, aged 11-14, on Tuesday

    from 6:00-7:30pm. (Scouts Canada

    bases ages on the school year.)

    Our regular meeting space is the

    Warfield Scout Room, located in

    the lower level of the Warfield

    Community Hall, lower side en-

    trance. Cubs and Scouts will start

    regular meetings on September

    19th and Beavers will start on

    September 27th. After a year of

    transition, we are able to offer

    spaces in all of our sections this

    year, and are excited for the pos-

    sibilities. Please direct all inquiries

    to warfieldscouts@gmail.com.

    Girl Guides and Pathfinders We are very excited that our Warfield/Trail Guiding

    units are all set to begin by September

    20th! Currently we have a few spaces still in our

    Sparks, Brownie & Pathfinder

    units, registration is online at

    www.girlguides.ca, register

    soon to save your daughter a

    spot. Our