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<ul><li><p>Warfield and Associates: Fraud Awareness Training </p><p>At Warfield &amp; Associates, we have developed a range of services that can assist your organisation reduce the likelihood of fraud and corruption occurring and when it does, identify it more readily. Fraud Awareness Training Fraud awareness training is one of the main tenets of a fraud strategy. Educating staff in respect of what to look for and how fraud happens, empowers them to take the necessary action to mitigate the risk of it occurring or, when it does occur, address it in the correct way. We have provided fraud awareness training regularly in Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney. We have also presented the training to all staff nationally in two Federal Government Agencies. We can present training to your staff anywhere in Australia! All staff benefit from fraud awareness training. The more staff that are educated, the more eyes and ears you have to protect the organisations assets. Experience has shown that one of the most common ways in which internal fraud or corruption is detected is by observation and reporting by workplace colleagues of the perpetrator(s). Similarly, the most likely way for externally instigated fraud or corruption to be detected is by an employee of the victim organisation. Not by the internal or external auditors as many expect. It is therefore important that every staff member (management and non-management) have a general awareness of fraud and corruption and how he or she should respond if this type of activity is detected or suspected. Organisations should regularly communicate to staff a clear definition of the types of behaviour that constitute fraud or corruption, the fraud detection measures that are in place and an unequivocal statement that fraud and corruption within the organisation will not be tolerated. The primary purpose of fraud training is to assist in the prevention and control of fraud by raising the general level of awareness amongst all employees. A significant proportion of fraud and corruption is not identified at an early stage because of the inability of the organisations staff to recognise the warning signs, because they are unsure how to report their suspicions or they have a lack of confidence in the integrity of the reporting system or the investigation process. We deliver the best and latest survey information from the region and around the world and present it in a simple and easy to understand way. </p></li><li><p> Warfield &amp; Associates passionately believe that fraud awareness training is one of the most cost effective ways of reducing fraud and also identifying fraud in your organisation ! </p></li></ul>