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  • Walt Disney World VacationKirstie EnglerONE MANS DREAM

  • Table of ContentsSlide 1.........Title PageSlide 2 ........Table of ContentsSlide 3..........Walter Elias DisneySlide 4..........Walt Disney WorldSlide 5..........Mickey MouseSlide 6..........Our Favorite CharactersSlide 7..........Nifty FactsSlide 8..........Top Thrill RidesSlide 9..........Monorail SystemSlide 10........Magic KingdomSlide 11........ EpcotSlide 12.........Hollywood StudiosSlide 13.........Animal KingdomSlide 14.........Fun in the SunSlide 15.........Downtown DisneySlide 16.........Best Places to Eat!Slide 17.........On the Road AgainSlide 18.........ReservationsSlide 19.Work CitedSlide 20.The End

  • Walter Elias Disney Born: December 5, 1901 in Chicago, Illinois

    1 of 5 children (4 boys & 1 girl)

    Father: Elias Disney Irish-Canadian

    Mother: Flora Call Disney German-American

    Raised on a farm near Marceline, Missouri

    Married: July 13, 1925, to one of his first employees, Lillian Bounds

    They had 2 daughters Diane and Sharon

    Died: December 15, 1966 (lung cancer)

  • Walt Disney purchased 43sq miles in Florida. Where he planned Walt Disney World 10,000 visitors arrived opening day

    After more than 7 years of planning, plus 52 months of construction, Walt Disney World opened October 1, 1971. Disney had over 400,000 visitors by the end of October

  • Mickey Mouse: 1928

    first seen in a silent cartoon called Plane Crazy

    November 18,1928 Mickey made his screen debut in Steamboat Willie, the world's first fully synchronized sound cartoon

    Mortimer Mouse

  • Our Favorite Characters

  • Disney use to have a cow named Minnie Moo she died 01 (age 15)

    There are tunnels (utilidors) under the MagicKingdom connecting all of the various lands, attractions, shops and restaurants.

    The tunnels where built at ground level

    There are Hidden Mickey images of Mickey Mouse concealed in designs of many Disney attraction.Nifty Facts!Largest Sundial in North & South America Not open to public

  • Top Thrill Rides1. Rock N Roller Coaster2. The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror3. Mission Space4. Expedition Everest5. Space Mountain (personal favorite) 6. Test Track7. SorinMY Disney Vacation!

  • Monorail System "highway in the sky"The monorail system has never had a fatal accident in over 37 years of operationsMany people don't know this, but its possible to ride in the very front (cab) of the monorail

  • 1st park, opened October 1, 1971

    An estimated 17 million visitors in 2008, made it the most visited park in the world.

    The park is built on the second story, above the utilidors.

    Its designed like a wheel with the hub in front of Cinderella Castle

    Magic Kingdom

  • 2nd park, October 1, 1982

    Original name: EPCOT Center until 1994

    2008, approximately 10.93 million guest, ranking it 6th most visited park in the world

    dedicated to international culture and technological innovation

    Acronym: (Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow), a utopian city of future planned city


  • 3rd park, May 1, 1989

    Original name: Disney-MGM Studios until 2008

    Theme: show business

    2008, approximately 9.61 million guest, ranking it 7th most visited park in the world

    Hollywood Studios

  • 4th park, April 22, 1998

    Largest Disney park in world 500acres

    advertised the park using fictional word: "nahtazu meaning not a zoo

    2008, approximately 9.54 million guests, ranking it 8th most visited park in the world Animal Kingdom

  • Fun in the SunTheme: of a freak snowstorm in the area, leading to the construction of Florida's first ski resort. The snow didn't last long, leaving behind a collection of waterlogged but snow-less ski jumps and chair lifts. Theme: that a typhoon that wreaked havoc upon a formerly pristine tropical paradise. Ships, fishing gear, and surfboards are strewn about where the storm flung them.

  • Opened: 1975

    an outdoor shopping, dining, and entertainment complex

    Best places to go:Cirque du SoleilsDisney Quest Virgin Magastore (closing this may )Lego landAMC TheatherRainforest Cafe

  • Best Places to Eat!Rainforest Caf- Downtown Disney

    Boma - Animal Kingdom Lodge (personal favorite)

    Cinderellas Castle - Magic Kingdom

    Hard Rock Caf - Downtown Disney

    Bongos - Downtown Disney

    California Grill - Contemporary Resort

    Wolfgang Puck- Downtown Disney

    Food and Wine Festival (best time of year to visit)

  • Travel Dates:Check in: September 11, 2009Check out: September 17, 2009

    Travel Party: 1 adult & 1 child (age 9)

    Resort:Grand Floridian Resort & Spa

    Tickets:5 day

    Reservations $409$2693

  • Start at: Sunrise Rd Petal, MS 39465Arrive at: 1494 N Buena Vista Dr Orlando, FL 32830 594mi- about 9hours & 4mins

    2004 Ford EscapeCity:19mph Highway: 25mpg


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