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2. Table of ContentsOur BrandExample of CountryFood 8.11 Type Treatments2.21Incorrect Food Imagery 8.14Who is Our Customer1.0 Example of Country Type Tone and VoicePrice-Value Shoppers 1.1 Treatment Applications2.22Brand-Aspirational Shoppers1.2Using the Logo Country NamesOur Tone and Voice 9.0Price-Sensitive Affluent Shoppers 1.3 & Multi-line Department Names 2.23 Communicating in the Walmart Discontinued Logo/ Voice: the Role of Our BrandWhat is Our Brand Identity 1.4 Tagline Treatments 2.24 Personality Traits 9.1Our Companys Purpose1.5 Incorrect use of the Logo2.25Trait #1: Caring 9.2Our Positioning, Brand Trait #2: Real 9.3 Character, and Commitment1.6Our Primary Color Pallete Trait #3: Innovative 9.4Our Brand Personality Traits 1.7Our Core Colors3.0 Trait #4: Straightforward9.5 Color Ratio3.1Our Look and Feel Trait #5: Positive 9.6Our Look and Feel2.0Our TypefaceThe 16 Ingredients for Cooking Myriad Pro 4.0 up Copy Walmart Style9.7Logo Specifications2.2Logo with Retail TaglineTypographic Style4.1 Specifications 2.4 Internal Communication Using Type Effectively 4.2 ResourcesUsing the Purpose Statement2.6 Applying the Full Spark Graphic PowerPoint TemplatesIncorrect Use of the with Logo10.0 Purpose Statement2.7Spark in Color 5.0 PowerPoint TemplatesUsing the Retail Tagline The Full Spark in Action 5.1 Logo and Retail Tagline10.1 without the Logo 2.8 Applying the Half-Spark Graphic PowerPoint Templates LogoUsing the Retail Tagline and Country Lockup 10.2 with the Half-Spark2.10 Half-Spark in Color/ Stationery with Logo 10.3Incorrect Use of the Applying the Half-Spark Retail Tagline 2.11 Graphic: Products6.0 Stationery with Logo and Retail Tagline 10.4Using the Logo withApplying the Half-Spark Graphic: Internal Department Names2.12 Inspiring Ideas 6.1Stationery with Logo and Country Lockup 10.5Examples of Department Applying the Half-Spark Graphic: Type Treatments2.13 Inspired People 6.2E-mail Signature with Purpose Statement 10.6Using the Logo with Multi-line Applying TalkboxesE-mail Signature Department Names 2.14 Talkbox Attributes 7.0 with Retail Tagline10.7Examples of Multi-line Department Names 2.15 Applying Talkboxes 7.1Examples of Department Examples of Talkbox Usage7.3 For general questions about Type Treatment Applications2.16 our guidelines, please contact:Using the Logo withPhotographic Creative Brand Center Help Retail Service Names 2.17 Direction vm: (479) 277-7859Examples of Walmart Retail Photographic Creative Direction 8.0 [email protected] Service Type Treatments2.18 Lifestyle8.1Examples of Walmart Service Type Incorrect Lifestyle Imagery8.6 Treatments in Applications2.19 Product8.7Using the Logo with Country Names2.20 Incorrect Product Imagery8.10Copyright 2009 Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of all applicable laws. 3. Our BrandThe Walmart Brand Positioning 4. Who is Our Customer Effective communications? Theyre just not possible unless you know who youre talking to.Our customers.Our boss. Sam Walton once said: "There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else." Like every great business story, ours starts with the customer. What they want is the most important. And though each person is different from the next, they all appreciate how we help them reduce the stress caused by high prices on a limited budget. They are price-sensitive shoppers. For them, spending less on some things, means being able to enjoy the moments that make life special. Our Brand 1.0 5. Price-Value ShoppersSay hi to Our Price-Value Shoppers Theyll smile at you because they knowareas, enjoying the simple things in life that youre working to save themwhile providing for their families with money on their everyday needs. They essentials at prices they can afford. appreciate that and are loyal to us Were as much a part of their lives as because we help them live better with any town gathering spot, where friends what they can save by shopping at run into friends and families go to find Walmart. Youll find them mostly in rural great values. I want ... Walmart Everyday needs helps my paycheck At ... go furtherUnbeatable prices because In a store with ... I can get Easy, convenient everything Ishopping need at the best prices.Our Brand1.1 6. Brand-Aspirational ShoppersSay hi to Our Brand-Aspirational Shoppers Like the price-value shoppers, theyre the TVs they watch. For them, brands on a budget so they have to be smart are so much a measure of their success about how they spend their money.that theyll spend less on some things But unlike the price-value shoppers, to be able to enjoy the status and pride they live mostly in urban and suburban of owning the right brands. They look areas. They love brands and have their to Walmart for the brands they trust at favorites, from the jeans they wear to prices they can afford.I want ...Walmart helps me save Brands I trustmoney on the basics so I have At spend on the brandsUnbeatable pricesthat are important to me.In a store with ...Easy, convenientshoppingOur Brand1.2 7. Price-Sensitive Affluent ShoppersSay hi to Our Price-Sensitive Affluent ShoppersWaste money? Not these shoppers,research purchases to make sure theyreeven though money isnt as tightgetting the best value possible. Likefor them as it is for the price-value all our customers, theyre smart. Theyor brand-aspirational shoppers. Toknow they can shop anywhere, but theythe price-sensitive affluent shopper, shop at Walmart for quality productsspending more than they have to at unbeatable prices. They enjoy theirdoesnt demonstrate affluence, it affluence and plan on keeping it.demonstrates foolhardiness. TheyWalmart helps them do just that.I want ...Im not into wasting money. Why Quality productswould I shop anywhere else when At ...I can get great brands and greatquality for less at Walmart?Unbeatable pricesIn a store with ...Easy, convenientshoppingOur Brand 1.3 8. What is Our Brand Identity?The Walmart brand identity is like a greatexperience. Through the productsfrom the cleanliness and design of ourpair of jeans: a perfect fit, comfortable for we sell, how we look, how we act, stores, to the smiles and helpfulnessour customers, associates and suppliers. It and what we say. Everything we do of our associates.projects a relaxed and friendly image. We has a direct impact on how the worldlove wearing it every day. And its very, perceives us. Its crucial that the Brands are built over time. And oververy strong.experience our customers have withtime, well measure our brandsour brand be the best possible, fromsuccess by the alignment of theWe convey our brand identity throughour promise to deliver on low prices, communications and experiencesevery form of communication and to the quality of the products we sell, people have with our brand.Brands exist in the mindQualityproductsCommunity Unbeatablerelations pricesEasySafetyshoppingpolicies The Walmart brand identity is the complete Financial alignment of whatCustomer performance customers see, hear, service read, experience, and think about Walmart products and services.PublicCommunicationsrelations practices CultureDistributionchannelsKnowledgeableassociates Our Brand 1.4 9. Our Companys Purpose Our companys purpose is our reason for being:Saving people moneyso they can live better It drives all our business decisions and actions. Its the guiding philosophy we communicate with pride, both internally and externally. Our Brand1.5 10. Our Positioning, Brand Character,and CommitmentOur positioningWalmarts brand positioning For price-sensitive shoppers,expresses the benefit we deliverto the marketplace. All of our Walmart is the retailer that helpscommunications and actions mustthem feel smart and live bettersupport our brand positioning. because only Walmart delivers unbeatable prices on the brands they trust, in an easy, fast, one-stop shopping experience.Our brand characterServant leadership has long beenthe core character of Walmart. Servant LeaderSam Walton built Walmarts successon committing the companyscommitted to saving people money sostrength to helping lower the costof living for our customers. they can live better.Our commitmentWhy we exist How we grow Clean, fast,Saving people money so they can friendlylive better has made us the mostsuccessful retailer in the world. UnbeatableQuality EasyContinuing this success means weall have to deliver: pricesproductsshoppingOur Brand 1.6 11. Our Brand Personality TraitsIts our job all of us as keepers of the to ensure that our communications do his or her personality. Those are thebrand to make sure that all of our not conflict with the traits.personality traits youve assignedcommunications are consistent withthat person. Our brand personalitythe following brand personality traits.Think of a friend or family member.traits describe how we want ourAt the very least, its up to each of us Now pick five words that best sum up customers to perceive our company.Caring Were caring not cold. We welcome families with our hometown warmth and exclude no one we welcome everyone through our doors. We care about our local communities and are compassionate toward the people in them. Were helpful and very engaged. Our customers trust us; we work hard at never letting them down.Real Were real not phony. Down-to-earth and approachable? Its the spirit of the 10-foot Rule. Friendly? You bet. Because were everyday people like our customers; we strive to be unpretentious and authentic. Genuine. Human. Sure, we kid around and have fun, but we take customer satisfaction seriously. Always.Innovative Were innovative not complacent. Forward-thinking but never trendy. Inventive? Its a big part of Sams legacy: supercenters. EDLP. $4 prescriptions. RFID. We innovate in smart ways to make our customers lives better by improving their shopping experience. High style? No, thanks. Smart? Of course.StraightforwardWere straightforward not complicated. Simple. Upfront with our customers, suppliers, and fellow associates. No hidden agendas, no ulterior motives. What they see is what they get, and what they get are products, services, and brands they need at prices they can feel good about.Positive Were positive... not pessimistic. We look at problems as opportunities and see setbacks as learning experiences. Our optimism is contagious, motivating suppliers and building customer confidence. Because were positive, we believe in and help our customers achieve their dreams of a better life. Our Brand 1.7 12. Our Look and FeelA Guide to a Comprehensive Visual SystemInternal Corporate Communications2.0 13. Our Look and FeelA comprehensive visual system customer. Its subtle, yet so tangible the strong, positive perceptions created willIn keeping with our updated brand when executed customers to our stores.approach, weve created a complete setof design guidelines. These guidelinesThats why its our duty as keepers of The core design elements are the essentialare intended to ensure consistency over the brand (raising your right hand yet?) visual elements of our brand the Walmartjust about every instance of customer to protect, support, and communicate logo, typefaces, color palettes, imagery, andcontact. How? By building a deeperour brand clearly and consistently ingraphics and are the starting point forand more emotional connection to oureverything we say and do. Do this andany Walmart communication. Our logo TypographyOur core Coloridentity StationeryPowerPointpresentationInternalVisualscommunications E-mail signatureOur Look and Feel 2.0 14. Walmart or Wal-Mart?Consistency. Its a powerful idea and one that cant be overstated.Especially when it comes to our logo and the way we express our namein written copy. So please take a few moments to review the followingbrief yet very important style direction:Previous identity and logo New identity and logo Corporate or International U.S. Retail StoresWe hear it all the time: How am I supposed to write our companysname? The answer is simple: unless youre in the legal departmentor investor relations, you write our company name just as its writtenin our logo: Walmart.The right way: When writing, just keep it simple: WalmartOur Look Identity CommunicationsOur Core and FeelInternal Corporate2.12.0 15. Logo Specifications Never redraw or alter the logo, including the placement and sizerelationship of its letter or spark symbol. Doing so weakens our identity Use authorized artwork from spaceAlways maintain clear space around theWalmart signature to protect thelogo from distracting graphicsor typography.For the signature, measure clear spaceby the height of the r in Walmart forvertical space, and the width of the rfor horizontal.For the symbol, measure clear space byhalf of the height of one spoke.Never allow typography or other elements to invade the signature orthe symbol.Minimum sizeThe Walmart signature reproduceswell at almost any size. Going toosmall, however, can damage thelogos integrity and effectiveness.So please never reproduce the3/4"1/8"signature: ...smaller than 3/4" wide, ...smaller than 1/8" wide, measured from the Wmeasured from one edge to the right side edge ofof the spark to the other. the spark. Our Look and Feel 2.2 16. Logo Specifications (cont.)Logo colorWhen the logo appears on awhite background, use our Walmart medium blueprimary, authorized Walmart (or PANTONE 285 C)C:89 M:43 Y:0 K:0medium blue (PANTONE 285 C). R:26 G:117 B:207Walmart yellow(or PANTONE 1235 C)C:0 M:29 Y:91 K:0R:253 G:187 B:48Alternative color backgrounds Our primary, authorized WalmartWalmart medium bluemedium blue (PANTONE 285 C) is (or PANTONE 285 C)C:89 M:43 Y:0 K:0preferred when you need a blueR:26 G:117 B:207background. When using blue as abackground, reverse out the logo.When the Walmart logo is used ona color background that is in equalvalue or brighter than PANTONEWalmart dark blue285C, reverse the logo out to white (or PANTONE 287 C)Our two other blues (PANTONE C:100 M:68 Y:0 K:12R:0 G:56 B:150287 C and PANTONE 284 C) areacceptable if necessary, thoughNOT preferred. They may be usedin restricted instances, such as inmaterials for services, for example.Walmart light blue(or PANTONE 284 C)C:55 M:19 Y:0 K:0R:108 G:171 B:231The colors shown here and throughout this manual have not been evaluated by PANTONE, Inc. for accuracy and may not match the PANTONE Color Standards.Consult current PANTONE Publications for accurate color. PANTONE is the property of Pantone, Inc. Our Look and Feel2.3 17. Logo with Retail Tagline SpecificationsTaglines are an integral part of conveying logo and tagline art; use only authorized, authorized tagline in any advertisinga brand image. To maximize its impactoriginal art.or marketing materials.and to preserve its unique status, please:Never use it alone or linked to a productThe different rules on how our tagline For authorized, original artwork for theor service. Dont change the lockupshould be used appear below. Please, approved logo and tagline lockup, go to:(how its positioned with our logo). never ever create taglines and, of course,, maybe less obvious but just asdont use any tagline other than ourimportant: never recreate the combinedTagline clear spaceAlways maintain clear space aroundthe Walmart signature to protect thelogo from distracting graphicsor typography.For the signature, measure clearspace by the height of the r inWalmart for vertical space, and thewidth of the r for horizontal.For the symbol, measure clear spaceby half of the height of one spoke.Never allow typography or other elements to invade the signature orthe symbol.Minimum Logo SizePlease never reproduce the logo/tagline lockup smaller than 1-1/4"wide, measured from the W tothe right side edge of the sparkin Walmart. 1-1/4"Small-size lockup useWhen reproducing the lockupin cases where its needed to be1-7/8" or smaller (measured fromW to the right side edge of thespark in Walmart), please use thespecial small size artwork weve1-7/8"created. Youll find it easier toread and reproduce.Our Look and Feel CommunicationsInternal Corporate 2.4 2.0 18. Logo with Retail Tagline Specifications(cont.)Color use for the logo with taglinelockup follow the same ones as those forthe signature used without the tagline.Refer to page 2.2.Logo with tagline colorUsing the logo and tagline ona color backgroundOur Look and Feel CommunicationsInternal Corporate 2.5 2.0 19. Using the Purpose StatementHorizontal format clearspacerAlways maintain clear space aroundthe "Saving people money so theyrSaving people money so they can live better.rcan live better" purpose statement, rto protect it from distractinggraphics or typography.Measure clear space by the height ofthe r in "better" for vertical space,and its width for horizontal.Never allow typography or other elements to invade the signature orthe symbol.Minimum sizeNever reproduce the tagline smaller Saving people moneyso they can live better.than 1" wide, measured from the "S" tothe right side of the "r".1"Small-size lockup useSpecial "small size" artwork shouldbe used when reproducing theSaving people moneyhorizontal tagline in cases where so they can live better.its needed to be 1-7/8" or smaller(measured from S to the right side1-7/8"edge of the "r" in "better").Using the tagline with half-spark on a color backgroundSaving people moneySaving people money so they can live better. so they can live better.The preferred is in Walmartmiddle blue with a Walmart yellowpurpose statement. The purpose Saving people moneySaving people moneystatement can also be used in whiteso they can live better. so they can live better.on Walmart middle blue.Walmart medium blue Walmart yellow(or PANTONE 285 C) (or PANTONE 1235 C)C:89 M:43 Y:0 K:0 C:0 M:29 Y:91 K:0R:26 G:117 B:207R:253 G:187 B:48 Our Look and Feel Communications Internal Corporate2.6 2.0 20. Incorrect uses of the Purpose StatementSaving people moneyso they can live better.Do not use yellow on white.Saving people moneySaving people moneyso they can live better. so they can live better.Do not use two colors to split thepurpose statement.Saving people moneySaving people moneyso they can live better. so they can live better.The tagline should not bereversed out of seasonal colors.Saving people moneySaving people moneyso they can live better. so they can live better.The tagline should not bereversed out of any other colors.Our Look and Feel CommunicationsInternal Corporate2.02.7 21. Using the Retail Tagline without the LogoTagline Clear SpaceAlways maintain clear space aroundthe "Save money. Live better."tagline to protect it from distractinggraphics or typography.For the horizontal tagline, measureclear space by the height of the "r" in"better" all the way around.For the stacked tagline, measureclear space by the height of the rin "better" for vertical space, and thewidth of the r for horizontal.Never allow typography or other elements to invade the signatureor the symbol.Minimum sizeThe Walmart tagline reproduces wellat almost any size. Going too small,however, can damage the taglinesintegrity and effectiveness. So 3/4"3/8"please: Never reproduce the taglinesmaller than 3/4" wide, measured fromthe "S" to the right side of the "r".Small-size lockup useSpecial "small size" artwork shouldbe used when reproducing thehorizontal tagline in cases whereits needed to be 1-7/8" or smaller1-7/8"11/16"(measured from S to the right sideedge of the "r" in "better"). For thestacked tagline, it should be usedwhen smaller than 11/16" (measuredfrom "S" to the right edge of "y" in"money".) Youll find it easier to readand reproduce. Our Look and Feel2.8 22. Using the Retail Tagline without the Logo(continued)Using the tagline on colorbackgroundThe preferred version of our taglineused solo is in Walmart yellow, on aWalmart medium blue background. Walmart medium blue Walmart yellow (or PANTONE 285 C) (or PANTONE 1235 C) C:89 M:43 Y:0 K:0 C:0 M:29 Y:91 K:0 R:26 G:117 B:207R:253 G:187 B:48Using the tagline in one colorWhen our solo tagline is used on awhite background and/or in a one-color application, it should onlyappear in Walmart medium blue. Itcan also be reversed out in white. Walmart medium blue (or PANTONE 285 C) C:89 M:43 Y:0 K:0 R:26 G:117 B:207Using the tagline in blackand whiteWhen use of color is not available:Produce our tagline in blackWhen the background is black,please reverse outOur Look and Feel 2.9 23. Using the Retail Tagline with the Half-sparkHorizontal format clearspaceAlways maintain clear space aroundthe "Save money. Live better." taglinewith the half-spark, to protect it fromdistracting graphics or typography.Measure clear space by the height ofthe L in "Live" for vertical space, andits width for horizontal.Never allow typography or other elements to invade the signature orthe symbol.Minimum sizeNever reproduce the tagline smallerthan 3/4" wide, measured from the "S"to the right side of the "r".3/4"3/8"Small-size lockup useSpecial "small size" artwork shouldbe used when reproducing thehorizontal tagline in cases whereits needed to be 1-7/8" or smaller(measured from S to the right side 1-7/8" 11/16"edge of the "r" in "better"). For thestacked tagline, it should be usedwhen smaller than 11/16" (measuredfrom "S" to the right edge of "y" in"money".) Youll find it easier to readand reproduce.Using the tagline with half-spark on a color backgroundThe preferred is in Walmart middleblue with a Walmart yellow half-spark. When reversed out of acolor, the tagline portion should bereversed out in white. Walmart medium blue Walmart yellow (or PANTONE 285 C) (or PANTONE 1235 C) C:89 M:43 Y:0 K:0 C:0 M:29 Y:91 K:0 R:26 G:117 B:207R:253 G:187 B:48 Our Look and Feel2.10 24. Incorrect Uses of the Retail TaglineDo not use yellow on white. The 2-color version should always show the tagline in white and the half-spark in yellow never both.Do not use two colors tosplit the tagline.The tagline should only bereversed out of holiday colors. The half-spark should not be used with holiday colors.The half-spark should only appearin blue, yellow, or white knockedout of blue.Our Look and Feel2.11 25. Using the Logo withInternal Department NamesLocked-up type treatments letdepartments identify themselves inNeed a department type treatment lockup?ways that are consistent with theWalmart brand. Below are acceptableE-mail the Brand Center atexamples of how to lock up department [email protected] to our Walmart logo, as well ashow to separate the artwork.Standard stackedxWalmart medium blue(or PANTONE 285 C) 1/3 xDepartmentSmart NetworkC:89 M:43 Y:0 K:0R:26 G:117 B:2072/3 xWalmart yellow(or PANTONE 1235 C)TitleC:0 M:29 Y:91 K:0R:253 G:187 B:481/3 XService1/2 XHorizontalx Department2/3 xOur Look and Feel CommunicationsInternal Corporate2.122.0 26. Examples of Department Type TreatmentsThe lockups below are examplesof existing approved artwork.To find authorized, original artwork for yourdepartment, please e-mail the Brand Centerat [email protected] MarketingLogistics Financial ServicesHuman Resources MerchandisingOur Look and Feel CommunicationsInternal Corporate 2.13 2.0 27. Examples of Multi-line Department NamesThe lockups below are examplesof existing, approved artwork.To find authorized, original artwork for yourdepartment, please e-mail the Brand Centerat [email protected] Global Continuous Improvement Supply Chain Center of ExcellenceOur Look and Feel CommunicationsInternal Corporate 2.14 2.0 28. Using the Logo with Multi-lineDepartment NamesSome departments have long namesthat require more than one line. HereNeed a department type treatment lockup?are guidelines about when to create amulti-line department name.E-mail the Brand Center [email protected] line length xDepartment names should not exceed8 times the height (x) of the Walmartlogo it is being locked up to. 8 7 6 5 4 3 21In instances where the names "miss thecut," the character count should not bemore than 20, give or take.Lorem Ipsum DolorSit AmetTetuer AdipiscingLorem Set Ipsum DolorSit Amet Tetuer AdipiscingStackedx2- and 3-line stack1/3 XLorem Ipsum Dolor 2/3 X1/3 XSit Amet2/3 X1/3 XTetuer Adipiscing 2/3 X 1/3 X 1/2 XHorizontalxLorem Set Ipsum 1/2 X1/3 X2-line stackDolor Sit AmetLorem Set Ipsum 1/2 XDolor Sit AmetLorem Set IpsumDolor Sit AmetLorem Set Ipsum 1/2 Xx 1/3 XHorizontalTenet Dolor FroDolor Sit Amet1/2 X3-line stack1/3 XTenet Dolor Fro 1/2 XOur Look and Feel CommunicationsInternal Corporate 2.15 2.0 29. Examples of DepartmentType Treatment ApplicationsBelow are acceptable examples ofhow to use type treatment lockupsto identify individual departments.T-shirtsFront and back of hatsDepartmentDepartmentDepartmentTitle Title TitleDepartment DepartmentDepartmentOffice signs First Last NameFirst Last NameOne Team. One Dream.One Team. One Dream. Department Department Department Department First Last NameOne Team. One Dream.Department DepartmentOur Look and Feel CommunicationsInternal Corporate2.162.0 30. Using the Logo with Retail Service NamesLocked-up type treatments let servicesidentify themselves in ways that are Need a service type treatment lockup?consistent with the Walmart brand.Below are the three types of service E-mail the Brand Center attype treatment [email protected] stackedx Walmart medium blue (or PANTONE 285 C) 1/3 x Service Smart Netw C:89 M:43 Y:0 K:0 R:26 G:117 B:2072/3 x Walmart yellow (or PANTONE 1235 C)Title C:0 M:29 Y:91 K:0 R:253 G:187 B:48Standard stacked withxa service title 1/3 x 2/3 x Service Smart Netwx 2/3 xTitle 1/3 X 1/2 XHorizontalxService 2/3 xDepartmentOur Look and Feel2.17 31. Examples of Walmart RetailService Type TreatmentsBe sure the relationship of theservice to the Walmart logo isTo find authorized, original artwork for Walmartconsistent, whether on labcoats,uniforms, or patches. The lockupsservice type treatments, go to:below are examples of Walmart type treatments.Service typetreatments PharmacyPharmacy Tire & Tire & ExpressLube Lube Express Tire & Lube ExpressPharmacyTi Tire & Lube ExpressPharmacyTiPhotoPhoto VisionVision CenterCenter Vision CenterPhoto Vision CenterPhotoService typetreatments with titles VisionVision Center Tire & Tire & ExpressCenterLube Lube Express Tire & Lube ExpressVision CenterTi Tire & Lube ExpressConsultant Consultant Vision CenterTechnician Ti Technician TechnicianConsultant TechnicianConsultantOur Look and Feel 2.18 32. Examples of Walmart ServiceType Treatments in ApplicationsThese are acceptable examples ofhow to lock up service names andtitles to the Walmart logo.Lab coatPharmacy PharmacyPharmacistPharmacistPatch Tire & Lube Express Tire & Lube Express Mechanic Tire & Lube Express Tire & Lube ExpressMechanicOur Look and Feel2.19 33. Using the Logo with Country NamesLocked-up type treatments let countriesidentify themselves in ways that areNeed a country type treatment lockup?consistent with the Walmart brand.Below are acceptable examples ofE-mail the Brand Center athow to lock up country names to our [email protected] logo, as well as how toseparate the artwork.Standard stackedx Walmart medium blue (or PANTONE 285 C)1/3 xCountry C:89 M:43 Y:0 K:0 R:26 G:117 B:207 2/3 x Walmart yellow (or PANTONE 1235 C) C:0 M:29 Y:91 K:0 R:253 G:187 B:481/3 X 1/2 XHorizontalx Country2/3 xOur Look and Feel CommunicationsInternal Corporate2.20 2.0 34. Examples of Country Type TreatmentsThe lockups below are examplesof existing approved artwork.To find authorized, original artwork for yourcountry, please e-mail the Brand Centerat [email protected] ArgentinaAsia CentroamricaMxicoPOCCOur Look and Feel CommunicationsInternal Corporate2.212.0 35. Examples of CountryType Treatment ApplicationsBelow are acceptable examples ofhow to use type treatment lockupsto identify individual departments.T-shirts Front and back of hats CountryCountryCountryCountry CountryCountryTitleTitle DepartmentDepartmentDepartmentOffice signs First Last NameFirst Last Name One Team. One Dream. One Team. One Dream.CountryCountryCountryCountry First Last Name One Team. One Dream.Country CountryOur Look and Feel2.22 36. Using the Logo Country Namesand Multi-line Department NamesThe lockups below are examplesof existing, approved artwork.Need a Country type treatment lockup?E-mail the Brand Center [email protected] Argentina Country Global Continuous Department Name ImprovementCentroamricaCountrySupply Chain Department Name Center of ExcellenceOur Look and Feel2.23 37. Discontinued Logo/Tagline TreatmentsWe realize its like saying goodbye to Discontinue using the Walmart logo/tagline treatments belowan old friend, but were not. WereDiscontinue using any other Walmart logo/tagline treatmentssaying Hi! to a friend whos enjoying anot approved or shown on page 2.1professional makeover.By discontinuing the use of non-approved logo/tagline treatments,we simplify our current identitysystem. What does this mean for us?A smoother, faster, easier transitionto our new brand.Continuous 25%ement X Do not use the Walmart Always Low Prices, Always logo.Do not use the Walmart star lockup.10Xy Relations Save money. Live better. SMLorem Ipsum Dolor Sit 21 Characters Do not use the Walmart Supercenter logo. Save money. Live better. Do not use multiple colors in a subhead.SMSave money.Lorem Ipsum Dolor Sit 21 CharactersSave money. Live better.SMSave money. Do not create variations for the Walmart logo.Ut Rutrum Nunc Vitaen Do not use any retired Walmart logo artwork. 21 CharactersSave money. Live better. InternationalSMSave money. Do not lockup the Walmart logo with International.Do not use Walmart with spark logo artwork where the spark is raised above the baseline of "Walmart."Our Look and Feel2.24X 1/2 X 38. Incorrect use of the LogoThe logo is the primary visual representation of the brand, andneeds to be treated respectfully. Changing any part of the logo willjeopardize consistency and weaken its impact. Please avoid doingthe following:Do not apply any one color (even if part of the WalmartDo not place the logo in holding shapes.palette) to the logo.Do not assign arbitrary colors to any part of the logo.Do not use the logo in a repeat pattern.WalmartSave money. Live better.Do not change the spark and logotype size relationship.Do not replace or reset the typography of the logo, even in Myriad Pro.Do not place the logo on unauthorized color backgrounds. Do not use the logo without the spark.Do not place the logo on imagery.Do not warp the logo.Do not rearrange any elements of the logo.Do not apply arbitrary colors to any part of the spark.Do not raise the spark.Our Look and FeelInternal Corporate Communications2.25 39. Our Primary Color Palette Consistent use of color is oneBlue also communicatesBlue can also signal "fresh of the easiest and most image attributes like friendly, and it combines well with effective ways to break approachable, reliable, and other colors (green, orange, through marketing clutter. To trustworthy. Makes a lot of yellow). Combining these rise above the noise. To be a sense, doesnt it? All very colors communicate other visible needle in a haystack of Walmart.Walmart traits such as low competing communications. cost, natural, organic, and others. Why blue? Certain shades of blue Blue is an integral part of the can suggest different Because blue speaks to Walmart visual identity. Its but complementary and so many things Walmart, also the most popular color appealing traits. Darkerits important that we of the spectrum and suggestsblues? Tradition and quality. leverage it in all our brand authority, dignity, security, Brighter blues? Innovation or communications. Think blue. stability, heritage, and trust. technology. 40. Our Core ColorsOur primary colorsThe blues to the right should dominateevery piece you create. Our mediumand light blues are brighter, friendlierblues than what weve used in thepast and convey a welcoming andfresher Walmart. Walmart medium blue Walmart dark blueWalmart light blueWalmart whiteWith rare exception, use only(or PANTONE 285 C) (or PANTONE 287 C)(or PANTONE 284 C) C:0 M:0 Y:0 K:0 C:89 M:43 Y:0 K:0 C:100 M:68 Y:0 K:12C:55 M:19 Y:0 K:0 R:255 G:255 B:255authorized Walmart medium blue R:26 G:117 B:207R:0 G:56 B:150 R:108 G:171 B:231(PANTONE 285 C) for the logoPlease emphasize the use of Walmartmedium blue (PANTONE 285 C) andWalmart light blue (PANTONE 284 C)for full fields of color in marketingcommunicationsOur highlight colorsUse highlight colors in combinationwith our core colors to convey othermessages such as low cost, organic,natural, or innovation. These colorsadd depth, for sure, but use themsparingly, please. Walmart orangeWalmart yellow Walmart dark greenWalmart light green (or PANTONE 166 CVC) (or PANTONE 1235 C) (or PANTONE 364 C) (or PANTONE 368 C) C:0 M:64 Y100 K:0 C:0 M:29 Y:91 K:0C:65 M:0 Y:100 K:42 C:57 M:0 Y:100 K:0 R:244 G:123 B:32R:253 G:187 B:48 R:51 G:115 B:33 R:97 G:191 B:26One word on colorThe appearance of our brand colorsAsk the printer to adjust thematching: PANTONE will differ from spot-color to a four-four-color process formula to the paperColor matching is crucial to the color process (and other printing conditions)success of any print project. WhileThere will be slight color variances visual differences in printing cant bewhen printing on different paper stockseliminated completely, they canAlways minimize visual differencesbe minimized. Remember:by matching to PANTONE color swatchesOur Look and Feel3.0 41. Color RatioUse the pie chart below to guide you in balancing core andhighlight colors in Walmartbranded materials.Color balanceUse our core colors for aconsistent platform that allowsother design elementsCase by case, color ratio dependson the individual applicationUse the ratio pie chart to the rightto make sure youre balancing ourcolors correctlyAdditional color palettesAdditional colors not shown herehave been chosen for a selectvariety of in-store usage, seasonalcommunications, and specialinitiatives. Watch for details atthe Walmart Brand Center as weadd information and address newways to use our guidelines. Our Look and Feel 3.1 42. Our Typeface abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz BCDEFGHIJKLMOPQRSTUVWXYZ 1234567890When used correctly,typography can convey straightforward and is easy to read. (Youre reading it now.image and feeling every bitNice, isnt it?)as much and sometimesmore than simple graphics. A humanistic sans-serifWeve selected a type family typeface, Myriad Prosthat gives Walmart a friendly, great for retailing andwarm, and real voice:communicating low prices.Myriad Pro.Compared to similar typefaces, Myriad Pro is anQualities of Myriad Proeasier read, conveys warmth,Myriad Pro saysand aligns nicely with theapproachable and Walmart brand. 43. Myriad ProMyriad Pro is our primary typeface For desktopMyriad Pro should be used in all Use Arial for desktop applications in acommunication materialsnongraphic artwork environment suchUse type size and weight to establishas Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. Usea clear hierarchy of information Myriad Pro for graphics, buttons andDo not substitute any other typeface banners in Web portals, microsites, andfor Myriad Pro other desktop-based environments.Myriad ProabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ1234567890To purchase our authorized fonts, go Look and Feel4.0 44. Typographic StyleAn easy way to add personality to all The chart below demonstrates a rangeRelevant to the particular moodcommunications is through the use ofof weights of Myriad Pro that may beor emotion desiredtypography. Use typeface, type size,applied to Walmartbranded materials. Supportive of selected brandand type weight wisely to establish a Type selections should always be: or product imageryclear hierarchy of information. Youll beamazed at the results you can get.123 Myriad Pro LightIt also works really well on largeMyriad Pro Light is approachable andheaders in print applications andabchuman. Use of this lighter weight iscan often add an air of formality toalso appropriate when a more fashion- copy in, for example, tribute ads.forward or feminine voice is needed.ABC123 Myriad Pro RegularIts effective when used with largeamounts of text reversed out toMyriad Pro Regular is a friendly,abcfunctional sans serif typefacewhite or with solids and imagery.that works well across all mediaand applications.ABC123Myriad Pro Bold Myriad Pro Bold also works wellabcMyriad Pro Bold is ideal for headlineswhen a more basic and practicaland subheads. It also adds oomphvoice is needed, such as inwhen you need to place specialsignage for departments likeemphasis on a particular word.TLE, Tire and Lube Express.ABC123Myriad Pro Italic use. Its a workable alternativeMyriad Pro Italic is used much less for instances where a script fontabcoften than its siblings Myriad Pro Light, might be desired. It also canRegular, and Bold. Use Myriad Pro Italicimpart a more feminine feelwhen referring to book, movie, or music than Bold or Regular, similar totitles, to add a more subtle emphasis Myriad Pro Light.ABCthan would be achieved with Myriad ProBold, and with great care for any other Our Look and Feel 4.1 45. Using Type EffectivelyThink of the most powerful brands youSticking to the approved familiesis the hallmark of a true brandknow. Now think of how identifiableof Myriad Pro exclusively gives us,champion. Download the approvedtheir typography and branding elements over time, ownership of the look and Walmart core typeface at:are. On a billboard? Glimpsed throughfeel the typeface contributes to our corner of your eye on someonesbranding efforts.browser/P/P_1706.htmldesk? Seen on a sign as you walk pasta display at your local Walmart? WeDeveloping creative for Walmart? Not working on a graphic (e.g., buttonssee the brands even before we read Whether youre a graphic designer or and banners)? Please use Arial for non-the message. working with one, using Myriad Pro graphic desktop applications.Dos and Donts of typeface usage:Do always set type in a combination Dont use special effects, such as drop of uppercase and lowercase shadow, that compromise legibilityDo use only approved colors, or Dont change kerning (space colors that are easily read in type between letters) when setting headlinesDo use only the approved or body copy Walmart typefaces Dont distort the typefaces (e.g., expand,Do avoid using all uppercase; condense, or modify the letterforms) we dont want to shoutDont substitute other typefacesPlease adhere closely to these guidelines when using the Myriad Pro typeface.Note: Some natural distortion of type is inevitable when used in a photo or illustration. All the same, please maintain the overall integrity of the typeface always.Preferred casing Always be consistent in theUppercase and lowercase styling in typographic style you use for aheadlines and call outs support ourparticular Walmart service or businessbrand warmth and friendliness. unit. Its the best way to create, overPlease do not use Myriad in alltime, a distinctive and recognizableuppercase. Its a form of shouting onvoice for Walmart.both paper and screen.Headline Goes HereHeadline goes here.SAVING PEOPLE MONEY SO Our Core IdentityTHEY CAN LIVE BETTERSaving people money sothey can live betterOur Look and Feel 4.2 46. Applying the FullSpark Graphic Applying the Fullsomething pretty smart. Spark GraphicThink about it. Want to draw attention to a really bright idea? Place a spark in front of it. A little It should always be shown in oomph at the end of aWalmart yellow, Pantone 1235. smart statement? Spark.Be sure to size it appropriatelyfor your layout and medium, The spark is our graphical and center it on the copy shorthand for Hey, heres baseline. 47. Spark in ColorWhat color should thespark be?Our primary, authorized Walmartyellow (PANTONE 1235 C) sparkis preferred. Walmart yellow(or PANTONE 1235 C)C:0 M:29 Y:91 K:0Brand approval is required if you R:253 G:187 B:48need to use a different spark colorother than PANTONE 1235 C.Do not crop the sparkThe colors shown here and throughout this manual have not been evaluated by PANTONE, Inc. for accuracy and may not match the PANTONE Color Standards.Consult current PANTONE Publications for accurate color. PANTONE is the property of Pantone, Inc. Our Look and Feel5.0 48. The Full Spark in Action Here are just a few of the ways you might use the full spark to emphasize something smart. TV screen Fresh Smart Electronics deptIn theProduce dept Corporate signage& Lube Celebrate!n CenterYourself Store signage Meals Outdoor Livingt Meats Dairy Our Look and Feel Communications Internal Corporate 2.05.1 49. Applying theHalf-Spark Graphic The half-spark denotes bright ideas. It appears just above a line of copy, a product, or a person to convey inspiration. Be careful not to overuse the half-spark graphic (its easy to do this. Weve been there.) Like anything, overuse it and it loses its uniqueness.Internal Corporate Communications 50. Half-Spark in Color What color should the spark be? Our primary, authorized Walmart yellow (PANTONE 1235 C) spark is preferred.Walmart yellow(or PANTONE 1235 C) Brand approval is required if youC:0 M:29 Y:91 K:0 need to use a different spark colorR:253 G:187 B:48 other than PANTONE 1235 C.y so Applying the Half-Spark Graphic: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consetetur sadipscing elitr, sed diam nonumy eirmodetterInspired Products tempor invidunt ut labore et dolore magna aliquyamerat, sed diam voluptua. When applying the half-spark graphic to denote smart product selections, its important to do so correctly and consistently. Follow the guides below. How to lock up half-spark to product The size of the half-spark should match the size of the straight spoke taking up 1/3 the height of the product. The distance between the half- spark and the product is the height of one spoke, measured from the bottom of the middle spoke to the top of the product. When locked up to products, the spark should be visually centered horizontally and always be perpendicular, not at an angle. ExamplesOur Look and FeelInternal Corporate Communications6.0 51. Applying the Half-Spark Graphic:Inspiring IdeasThe half-spark graphic can be usedwith text to communicate smart ideas.Different type sizes and number oflines call for different proportionalrelationships with the spark.How to lock up half-sparkto ideasFor 1-2 liners, the height of the 2xhalf-spark should be two timesthe cap height of the type.For 3 to 5 liners, the half-sparkLorem ipsum dolorxLorem ipsum dshould be three times thecap height of the type.sit amet, consectetur sit amet, consecFor 5 lines and more, the half- adipiscing elispark should be 5 times the capheight of the type.The distance between the half-3xspark and the copy should be theheight of one spoke, measured Lorem ipsum dolorfrom the bottom of the middleLorem ipsum dolorxLorem ipsum dolor s consectetur adipiscingsit amet, consecteturspoke to the cap height of the type.sit amet, consecteturlaoreet lobortis felis. In consectetur augue. Aeneaadipiscing elit.accumsan vestibulum, pdictum ac, elit. Morbi gradiam. Fusce egestas tris Curabitur lobortis massaAenean a quam ac ve vulputate. Nullam dignissi5xLorem ipsum dolor sit amet, Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, xconsectetur adipiscing elit. Integer consetetur sadipscing elitr,laoreet lobortis felis. In aliquam sed diam nonumy eirmodconsectetur augue. Aenean nisl magna,tempor invidunt ut labore accumsan vestibulum, porttitor in,et dolore magna aliquyam dictum ac, elit. Morbi gravida nisi sederat, sed diam voluptua. diam. Fusce egestas tristique velit.Curabitur lobortis massa sed augue. Aenean a quam ac velit laciniavulputate. Nullam dignissim leo in eros.Examples Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, Our people save consetetur sadipscing elitr,sed diam nonumy eirmod shop smart so theytempor invidunt ut laboreet dolore magna aliquyam can live better.erat, sed diam voluptua. Our Look and Feel Internal Corporate Communications 6.1 52. Applying the Half-Spark Graphic:Inspired PeopleThe half-spark graphic can be used toillustrate the idea of smart customersand inspired associates. In order tomaintain consistency in the way thisgraphic is used, please follow theinstructions on the following pages.Silhouetted figuresLifestyle imageryOur Look and FeelInternal Corporate Communications6.2 53. Applying the Half-Spark Graphic:Inspired People (continued)When locking up the half-spark to aperson, special care has to be taken for itto look appropriately proportioned andpositioned.Half-sparkTo avoid looking like a person iswearing a crown, the spark shouldbe angled as shown.10 -10Half-spark proportion Close-ups Full BodyTo measure the appropriatesize of a half-spark for close upimages, measure the rough Center Centerheight of the persons face. 4middle spokes should fit righton top of each other. For afull figure image, 1-1/3 spokes X 2/3 xshould fit. 1/3 xWhen positioning the half-spark, align the inner end ofthe raised (angled) spoke tothe center line. For close-ups, there shouldbe a distance of a spokeaway from top of the headto the bottom of the middlespoke. For full body images,the distance should be 2/3of a spoke measured to thebottom of the middle spoke.Half-spark directionLeft side Right sideThe half-spark can be placedon either side of the centerline. Use the angle that worksbest for the image beingused. Our Look and Feel Internal Corporate Communications6.3 54. Applying the Half-Spark Graphic:Inspired People (continued)Here are some images with and withoutthe proportion measurements, for yourreference. Take note that the half-sparkshould just be used on one figure in anygiven composition.Examples (continued) Half-spark on images Half-spark on images with measurementOur Look and FeelInternal Corporate Communications6.4 55. Applying Talkboxes. . . Shoppingthats quickand easy. The talkbox lets us reach out to our customers, associates, and communities in an even more personal way. 56. Talkboxes AttributesAcceptable outlinedWalmart medium blue Walmart orange (or PANTONE 285 C) (or PANTONE 166 CVC)talkbox colors C:89 M:43 Y:0 K:0 C:0 M:64 Y100 K:0 R:26 G:117 B:207R:244 G:123 B:32Use only approved, outlinedtalkbox colors on the right side.Do not use different filled colorsother than white.Walmart dark blue Walmart yellow (or PANTONE 287 C) (or PANTONE 1235 C) C:100 M:68 Y:0 K:12 C:0 M:29 Y:91 K:0 R:0 G:56 B:150R:253 G:187 B:48 Walmart light blueWalmart light green (or PANTONE 284 C) (or PANTONE 368 C) C:55 M:19 Y:0 K:0 C:57 M:0 Y:100 K:0 R:108 G:171 B:231 R:97 G:191 B:26 Walmart dark green (or PANTONE 364 C) C:65 M:0 Y:100 K:42 R:51 G:115 B:33Clear space x x x x x Our Look and Feel7.0 57. Applying TalkboxesTalkboxes sizeThe tail should be 20% of the shortestlength of the talkbox. It may be flushedleft or right, but it should alwaysappear at a 45-degree angle. x corner radius = 0. Weight = 1.5pt corner radius = 0.145o angle .20x Weight = 1.5ptOn the Grid 7The size of the talkbox is flexibleas long as it remains in theincrement of 0.5. The minimum 6size of a talkbox is 0.5 x .05.Border weight 5The border weight should be 1-1.5pt., depending on the size of thetalkbox. 4Corner radiusThe corner of the talkboxes 3should always have a 0.1" radius(as shown in close up below).This radius should be maintainedproportionately throughout 2variations in the talkboxdimensions. 1 corner radius = 0. Weight = 1.5pt 0 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 smallest dimension is smallest dimension is smallest dimension is smallest dimension is smallest dimension is smallest dimension is smallest dimension is0 to 1: 1 to 2: 2 to 3: 3 to 4: 4 to 5: 5 to 6: 6 and larger:corner radius = 0.1 corner radius = 0.2 corner radius = 0.3 corner radius = 0.4 corner radius = 0.5 corner radius = 0.6 corner radius = 0.7 corner radius = 0. Weight = 1.5pt Our Look and Feel 7.1 58. Applying Talkboxes (Continued)Dos and Donts of talkbox usage:Do make sure you use the correct colorDont use talkboxes as headline containers.for your talkbox outline. Approved talkboxDoing so is an exceptionoutline colors are on page 7.0. The interior of Dont put quotes around speech containedtalkboxes should always be whitein a talkbox. The talkbox is enough to indicateDo use talkboxes to communicate helpful that the speech contained is being said by ainformation (e.g., Tips copy device)given sourceDo use talkboxes to convey specialDont put pictures in talkboxes. People talkmessaging (e.g., Think About This copyin words that paint pictures, but we dontdevice) talk in pictures. (It is, however, okay to bold orDo use talkboxes when the specially italicize Myriad Pro as appropriate.)designed graphics for devices are not Dont point the talkbox tail in the directionavailable of any inanimate objects. (Talking mashedDo use them as speech containerspotatoes is just too creepy.) Thats whatattributed to an actual personheadlines and subheads are forDo use them as speech containers when Dont use any talkbox other than theWalmart is talking directly to customers. approved talkboxes pictured below. RoundedDo use talkboxes with taste and discretion. talkboxes are not talkboxes; theyre speechOverusing talkboxes renders them invisiblebubbles and are not part of our brandingto the eye and decreases their value as a Dont overuse talkboxes. Like the half- andcopy tool full-spark graphics, overuse robs them of theirDo make the content of talkboxes highly uniqueness as a copy toolconversational. This is crucial. Talkboxesare people talking, whether a customer,an associate or Walmart as a family. Alwaysread the copy to your self and do the realperson check: Would someone actually saythis?Our Look and Feel7.2 59. Examples of Talkbox UsageBrand bookletWalmart helps me savemoney on the basics so I havemore to spend on the brandsthat are important to me. Our customersWalmart shop smart ...helps mypaycheck What smart go furtherbecause I shoppers say...can geteverything Ineed at theWalmart was founded on one simple idea: savebest prices.people money so they can live better. How?Deliver on a promise of Unbeatable priceson great products and leading brands withquick-and-easy, one-stop shopping.Im not into wasting money. Why would I shop anywhere else when I can get great brands and great quality for less at Walmart?The bottom line for the average American family:savings of $2,300 a year. Now thats smart.Brand book Why would I shopping a storeshop anywhereOur customersthat supports the community and else but Walmart?pride themselves the environment.on shopping enjoying quality, shoppingfresh groceriessmart. and thats quickorganics.TBDand easy.New Image ... getting helpful information ... f inding Smart is ... and friendly lifesservice when everydayshe needs it. needs under saving time and Smart is the way customersone roof. money so shell have more of each feel after shopping at Walmart. to do with what she wants. Shopping smart can mean dif ferent things to dif ferent ... lookingf inding great customers, but there are some great on brands at the important common elements a prices. to smart.48 | Our customers49 | Our customers Our Look and Feel 7.3 60. Photographic Creative DirectionGuide to Imagery UsageInternal Corporate Communications 2.0 61. Photographic Creative DirectionKnowing and understanding our brand personality traits and how toapply them to our photographic art direction is what separates ourwork from others. By applying these five basic traits to our creativedirection well succeed in defining the Walmart brand.CaringThink about what type of photography conveys caring best. It usually includessome human element to it or shows that someone took the time to do their best.We can elevate our work by caring for our subjects, lighting, styling, and everyaspect of our photographs. When we care enough to speak from the brand thecustomer will respond.RealWere real...we strive to be unpretentious and authentic. Its not about being slick.We understand when a photograph feels staged or contrived and so do ourcustomers. Are your models interacting or just acting? If you ever need to give advicejust say "keep it real".InnovativeWere innovative...not complacent. We can be aspirational but never out of the graspof our core customers imagination. Forward-thinking but never trendy. Inventive? Yes.We innovate in smart ways. High style? No, its not our style. Fun, clever, and refreshing...its what makes us innovative.Straightforward Were straightforward...not complicated. Simple. Up-front. We have an important rolein defining the brand to our customers. Our photography can reflect this by not takingitself too seriously. If it takes a moment to understand its not straightforward enough.PositiveBecause were positive about our customers, business, and products, correctlyselected imagery communicates the optimism of our brand. The lighting, smiles(natural smiles, of course never forced), and a fresh feel are all elements that, whenproperly combined, are essential to capturing our upbeat nature.Photographic Creative Direction 8.0 62. Lifestyle PeopleSupport the personality traits of the Walmart brand: Caring, Real,Innovative, Straighforward and Positive.Photographic Creative DirectionInternal Corporate Communications2.0 8.1 63. Lifestyle People (continued)Art DirectionPlace figures in real settings. People camera they should be making anthe camera, environment, or product.should be engaged with one another emotional connection to the viewer.Selective focus can be used to focusor if alone caught in the moment ofThe person should emote a sense of on the people and product letting thewhatever they are doing ... not posing for caring, happiness, fun, playfulnessbackground and foreground becomethe camera. These moments should feelor contentment ... never too muchsofter in focus.real. If people are looking into the seriousness. They should interact withPhotographic Creative DirectionInternal Corporate Communications8.2 2.0 64. Lifestyle People (continued)LightingNatural lighting is preferred. The useof heavy fill flash should be avoided.Lighting should be balanced withoutheavy shadows. When studio lightingis necessary it should look natural.Photographic Creative DirectionInternal Corporate Communications8.3 2.0 65. Lifestyle People (continued)StylingHair and makeup should have a naturaland lifestyle appropriate. Clothing be pulled from a Walmart productfeel. It should complement the personsshould look lived in but not dirty or assortment (including not detract from it. Heavy make-rumpled. Avoid looking too pressed or if available. When pulling props fromup and over-styled hair does not reflect perfectly styled. Props should be kept to outside of our assortment keep it realour straightforward and real traits. a minimum as to not detract from theand within the grasp of our customersAccessories should be age, gender, setting. When used they shouldlifestyle and aspirations.Photographic Creative DirectionInternal Corporate Communications 8.42.0 66. Lifestyle People (continued)LocationReal locations are preferred. They an aspirational aspect to the setting butshould reflect the demographics of never out of the realistic grasp of ourour core customer. Studio shots should customers imagination.look like real settings. There can bePhotographic Creative DirectionInternal Corporate Communications8.5 2.0 67. Incorrect Lifestyle ImagerySometimes there are subtle differenceslighting, styling, and location can bein an off-brand photo. The followingbetween a correct image and ancorrect but if the interaction betweendemonstrate more subtle examples ofincorrect image. All the elements ofpeople or realness is missing it can result what to avoid.Do not use overly styled photosDo not use overly sexy imagesToo blurry. Keep subjects in focusDo not create dark and moody environments Overly sterile, lacking realness and warmthComposition is overly complex and lacks emotional connectionOverly posedPhotographic Creative DirectionInternal Corporate Communications2.0 8.6 68. ProductProduct is hero. All attention should be made to highlight productand have it support our brand personality.Photographic Creative DirectionInternal Corporate Communications2.0 8.7 69. Product (continued)Art DirectionLocationIf using natural setting add a human Selective focus can be used to focusReal locations are preferred. They shouldtouch to it. It should feel real. Try making on the figure and product letting the reflect the demographics of our corean emotional connection to the viewer. background and foreground becomecustomer. Studio shots should look likeThe figures should emote a sense ofsofter in focus.real settings. There can be an aspirationalcaring, happiness, fun, playfulness or aspect to the setting but never out ofcontentment ... never never too much the realistic grasp of our customersseriousness. imagination. Photographic Creative Direction Internal Corporate Communications8.82.0 70. Product (continued)Styling LightingProduct should have a straightforwardWhen used they should be pulled from a Natural lighting is preferred. The uselook. Avoid over-styling the setting.Walmart product assortment (includingof heavy fill flash should be avoided.Were neat and casual. Never too if available. When pullingLighting should be balanced withoutProps should be kept to a minimum as props from outside of our assortment heavy shadows. When studio lightingto not detract from the actual product inkeep it real and within the grasp of our is necessary it should look natural."lifestyle" settings. Products can also be customers lifestyle and aspirations.shot without context for silhouetted use.Photographic Creative DirectionInternal Corporate Communications 2.08.9 71. Incorrect Product ImageryPick the right images and youve foughtaccurately reflect the Walmart brandhalf the battle in creating a successful and deflect comparisons and confusioncommunication. Whether photography with our competitors.or illustration, the right imagery willDo not place products in abstract environments Do not use overly saturated color filters Do not overly abstract or crop productsDo not create clich compositionsDo not use overly propped product imageryPhotographic Creative DirectionInternal Corporate Communications8.10 2.0 72. FoodFood should be fresh and inspiring. It should have that home cookedappeal and never feel out of the grasp of our customer.Photographic Creative DirectionInternal Corporate Communications8.11 2.0 73. Food (continued)Art Direction LocationPlace food items in real settings. Food Real locations are preferred. They shouldshould look fresh and natural. Do not reflect the demographics of our coreover-style items. They should lookcustomer. Studio shots should look likedelicious, appetizing, and healthy. real settings. There can be an aspirationalSelective focus can be used to focus on aspect to the setting but never out ofthe product letting the background andthe realistic grasp of our customersforeground become softer in focus.imagination.Photographic Creative DirectionInternal Corporate Communications 8.122.0 74. Food (continued)StylingProduct should look believable.follow our "lifestyle" guidelines. Avoid keep it real and within the grasp of ourAs though it was made or presented bysettings looking too perfectly styled. customers lifestyle and aspirations.caring hands. Avoid making food look likeProps should be kept to a minimum as toit came from a fast food advertisement. It not detract from the product. When usedLightingshould look straightforward and real but they should be pulled from a Walmart Natural lighting is preferred. It shouldcan have some aspirational aspect to it. product assortment (including walmart. emphasize the freshness of the food andProps should be lifestyle appropriate with com) if available. When pulling propsmake dishes visually enticing.our core customer. If figures are used from outside of our assortmentPhotographic Creative DirectionInternal Corporate Communications 8.132.0 75. Incorrect Food ImageryThe right imagery will accurately are overly styled, perfect, abstract,reflect the Walmart brand and deflect or clich. The examples belowcomparisons and confusion with ourdemonstrate common mistakes madecompetitors. Always avoid images that when developing food imagery.Over-styled, not real Composition is generic and not enticingBeautiful photo but too high end restaurant looking.Food not presented in a pleasant setting orNot authentic. Looks too much like a menu item. Food presentation is overly ornateconveying positive messagePhotographic Creative DirectionInternal Corporate Communications 8.142.0 76. Tone and VoiceA Guide to Writing in Walmart Style Internal Corporate Communications 2.0 77. Our Tone and VoiceIts how we speak to people. ThroughThrough the language we use, our toneour signage. Through our advertising. and voice provides the world with yetThrough our circular. Even throughanother way of recognizing our brand.our e-mails, presentations, and more. A very powerful way.A Guide toWriting inWalmart StyleParents say it all the time: Dont use thattone with me! Customers say it, too, inmuch less direct ways. Usually, its byshopping somewhere else. Learning touse the right tone and voice will helpkeep them coming back. Heres how.Tone and Voice 9.0 78. Communicating in the Walmart Voice:The Role of Our Brand Personality TraitsKnowing and understanding our brandpersonality traits and how to apply themin your writing is crucial to communicatingin the Walmart voice.To make it easy to remember them, wellcall the 5 traits by the acronym they form:So say hi to CRISP:CaringRealInnovativeStraightforwardPositiveAs you read through the before-and-afterexamples, youll be able to detect threads ofall our brand personality traits. Follow theseguidelines in your writing. All 5 traits will bethere, even if represented by just one word. Tone and Voice9.1 79. Trait #1: CaringThink of someone you care about. How to be caring:Now think how you would convey amessage to them. Youd be respectful.Write with empathy Look at your communication in terms of the other person.Youd think about how you can helpthem. Youd want them to trust you Make it obvious that weve done our homeworkand know that you have their bestAlways know what youre talking about. It breeds trust and shows youinterests at heart. Your message would care enough to research.exude warmth. Show that were there for them Include our phone number, mailing address, or e-mail address when appropriate.Family-friendlyBe upbeat but never cheeky Avoid being glib, flippant, apathetic, or pretentious.EngagedCommunicate with the utmost respect alwaysReliable Everyone deserves it. Be friendly, not familiarHelpfulSmile at customers, but dont put your arms around them.TrustworthyOffer helpful suggestions We all need tips on how best to use products or services.Ethical Be passionateWelcomingIf it matters to our customers, associates, and suppliers, it matters to you.Passionate Ask questions Even if theyre not meant to be answered. It engages the reader/listener.CompassionateKeep the volume downRespectful Avoid uppercase and exclamation points!!!! Examples of the caring trait: before and after Before:After: Your company can save money at At Walmart, we can save your company Walmart Vision center on A2 eyewearmoney with an integrated vision-safety for the workplace. Let your employeesprogram. And we can do it with eyewear choose from a wide variety of styles that meets or exceeds your workplace when you start a safety program with requirements. Our selection of A2 High us that meets code.Impact Eyewear lets your employeeschoose the styles they like, so they This approach tells you that yourdont mind wearing eye protection. company can save versus Walmart saving money for you. Let yourThe active approach tells the customer employees puts the onus on thethat Walmart can save her company employer when the message should bemoney (helpful, caring about the helping the employer with a solution.customers finances) with an integratedprogram (demonstrating attentivenessto her needs). Our selection lets youremployees choose puts the choosingin the hands of the employees andpositions it as a benefit.Tone and Voice 9.2 80. Trait #2: RealWere all just ordinary people serving How to be real:people just like us. When you craft yourmessage, you want it to mirror yourWrite conversationallyaudience. And our audience is everyday The way people talk. Real people.people. Think about how people Be friendly in your copyspeak. Your communications should Real people like other real people. Show it in your tone.accurately depict our personality traitwith simple, everyday words. Never be phony Theres no place for hucksters at Walmart, so dont write like one. Be sincere.Down-to-earthUse words that average people understandFriendly Using big words just to impress is pretentious.GenuineBe humble Being modest and self-effacing in addressing great achievements works best.FunWere not braggarts.Hometown Sound approachable Your words should have an undertone of Im glad to see you.Local Use humor appropriatelyUnpretentiousHumor engages, so use it occasionally to get a point across, but never at the expense of others.Self-effacing Examples of the real trait: before and after Before:After: Walmart supports the following Idaho Were Americans. We laugh. We cry. We Public Television program aboutlove. We celebrate our differences and American participation in World Warunite to defend our great country. But II. We salute the soldiers who foughtfreedom doesnt come without a price. and died for freedom.All of us here at Walmart salute the GreatGeneration who kept our country safe Some might say the Before versionthen and those who keep us safe today. of this TV program sponsorship spot is straightforward and to the point. The audience for this spot included many And theyd be right. But without patriotic Walmart customers. By using the real trait woven in, its cold we coupled with emotions, the copy and impersonal.provides a bond between audience andWalmart (announcer). It referencesWorld War II in a way that is consistentwith the real trait by referring to theera by its generation, making it relevantto others by including those who keepus safe today.Tone and Voice9.3 81. Trait #3: InnovativeYouve just found out that Walmart is How to be innovative:able to help people save money evenmore by offering $4 prescriptions.Reveal something newIf youre innovative, youre excited. New means change and change is born of innovation.You use words that paint pictures Share an ideaimagine being able to... and tellA suggestion on how to use a product, where to find the latest what you think. New is a stapleof your vocabulary. Dont just be creative; be ultra-creativeTry a different approach. A new angle.Know the latest and the greatestForward-thinkingInnovative communicators avoid dated thoughts and words.Inventive Share your enthusiasmSmart Especially about change and the future. Its infectious.OriginalBrainstormBe open to all ideas, no matter the source. Itll show in what you write or say.CreativeState-of-the-ArtExamples of the innovative trait: before and afterPioneeringBefore: After:GroundbreakingAnnouncing the Conversion of This New at Walmart: Fresh SushiSpace for Sushi!Great News: You asked for it we listened.AdvancedIn the past, weve always worked hard Starting February 27, well be featuringLeading edgeto serve our customers and bring themnew products at Every Day Low Prices.fresh sushi right here. Handmade onsite by a trained sushi chef. With all theWith that in mind, well be bringingtrimmings: wasabi, pickled ginger, andsushi right here into our sauce. Even chopsticks.Only supercenters with facilities that canaccommodate this new offering and a Choose from the hottest creations:sushi chef will offer this delicacy. This California rollstore is one of them. Grilled eel Fresh tunaAll of our sushi will come with ginger, Vegetarian rollswasabi, soy sauce, and chopsticks. Well and more, including a wide varietyalso have sushi kits! Thank you for yourof combos.patience as we get set up and ready tobring you fresh sushi.Feeling adventurous? Well even havedo-it-yourself sushi kits. So stop by thisThis signs headline announces astore February 27 for sushi fresh everyconversion (lateral change) rather than day at unbeatable prices.something new. Copy looks back athistoric accomplishments rather thanThe revised headline shares somethingforward to what were doing thats newnew rather than a space conversion.and exciting. Apologetic about changes. Change is positioned as great news andtells about exciting new items that will befeatured. Includes words like hottest,adventurous, and creations.Tone and Voice 9.4 82. Trait #4: StraightforwardWhen you craft your messages toHow to be straightforward:be straightforward, youre sharinginformation or a point of view. One of Make clarity king Is your message crystal clear? If not, take another shot.the greatest speeches of all time theGettysburg address took LincolnBe briefonly two minutes to deliver. Ten Say the most with the fewest words possible.sentences. 272 words. Good writing isclever. Great writing is clear. The best Get to the point Be direct; dont make people wait for what you really mean.writing is clever AND clear. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Honesty and candor in communications are crucial.ClearUse short sentences and brief paragraphsSimple Blocky text and run-on sentences hurt your message. Dont be wishy-washyUpfrontTake a point of view and have it run through your message.To-the-pointNo hidden agendasUncomplicatedHonest Examples of the straightforward trait: before and afterOpen Before: Walmart was founded on and has After: Walmart was founded on one simple always focused on one simple idea idea: save people money so they can live we save people money so they can live better. How? By delivering on a promise better. We always give them low pricesof unbeatable prices on great products. on great products and leading brands, On leading brands. And quick-and-easy, and help them do more with less timeone-stop shopping. by providing easy and quick one-stop shopping. By making and deliveringThe bottom line for the average American on this promise every day, we save thefamily: savings of $2,300 a year. Now average American family $2,300 a year THATS smart. and thats really smart. 7 sentences. 50 words. Shorter sentences, 3 long sentences. 71 words. Following some fragments, a question, and an all the many points made in thisinnovation-embracing point of view. paragraph is difficult for the average reader. Not very friendly, a bit too formal, and requires a re-read to retain.Tone and Voice 9.5 83. Trait #5: PositiveWhen we talk about Walmart, weHow to be straightforward:want to reassure our customers thatwe share their hope. Were someoneShow your smileIts the written expression of the 10-Foot Rule to write when in athat they can always turn to, helpingpositive frame of mind.them meet their everyday needs withunbeatable prices.Speak to benefitsSpeak to benefits, and you speak to positive outcomes and effects ofa product, service, or program.ConstructiveAvoid negative language.Embrace positive language. Just like this. nuff said.UpbeatMore dos than dontsAffirmative Do try to tip the scales in favor of dos and if a dont can be writtenas a do, please do so.OptimisticCommunicate optimism.Encouraging Always. When you see a glass thats half full, youll never have a glassthats half empty.GenerousReassuringCheerfulExamples of the positive trait: before and afterSpiritedBefore:After:Dont waste money! Youll only spend Save money every day on a wide varietymore than you need to when you shopof all the latest electronics. Let a friendlyanywhere else but Walmart. Dont put Walmart associate help you find whatup with limited electronics selection, youre looking for today, all at unbeatablehigh prices, and poor service. prices.This puts the focus on our competition,This approach puts the focus on thespeaking in negatives: waste, limited, customer and benefits. It couches thepoor selection.same information in a upbeat way, using positive signals: save, friendly, wide variety.Internal Corporate CommunicationsTone and Voice9.6 84. The 16 Ingredients for CookingUp Copy Walmart StyleConsider the Walmart Voice a recipe; youllneed to know all the ingredients to cook upcopy in Walmart style. Exactly when to addthe ingredients and how much to add will vary. In fact, not every ingredient willbe used in every piece of copy, dependingon length and appropriateness. The variablehere is the subtle shift in tone based on howyour project ladders up to CRISP our brandpersonality traits of caring, real, innovative,straightforward, and positive.The first 5 ingredients are basic to goodcopywriting in general, but need to be listedhere to ensure that theyre implementedinto any piece written in Walmart style. Wecall these the 5 Basic Ingredients. Followingthese first 5 are the 11 Key Ingredients thatset our voice apart from the rest of the herd. Tone and Voice 9.7 85. The 5 Basic Ingredients1. Use an active voice.While its not always possible or Before:After:appropriate, active should be the rule, Our organics are delivered daily.We get our organics fresh. Every day.not the exception. Instead of the passive Our organic produce and consumablesLove organics? So do we. Thats why weYou will be given a set of guidelines,are grown on some of Americas besthave them delivered daily from some ofuse the more active Well give you a set farms. Then theyre delivered to our the best farms in America. Why we selectof guidelines. Notice that by making stores, where theyre carefully selected only the juiciest pieces. And why wethis active NOT imperative ( a wholeand stacked. Finally, theyre taken home handle them with such great care. Waitother story) it warms up the messageand enjoyed by customers just like you.until you taste them. It doesnt get muchand includes both we and you. Forfresher than this.example:2. Speak to benefits.Whenever possible and appropriate,Before:After:speak more to benefits than features in We get fresh organics delivered daily. Our daily deliveries mean fresh tasteproduct copy. Benefits help the customerOur organic produce is grown onfor you. Organic produce tastes great.more than just features and show that some of Americas best farms. Then Especially when its at its freshest. Thatswe care by carrying innovative products.its delivered to our stores, where each why we have ours delivered daily fromInstead of the feature-focused This MP3piece is carefully selected and stacked. some of Americas finest farms. So youplayer includes a built-in voice recorder, Finally, theyre taken home and enjoyedcan enjoy the satisfaction of giving yourthe right approach would say This MP3by customers just like the best. At prices thatll keep yourplayer lets you record notes to yourself,budget healthy, entire lecture, or your babys firstsounds with its built-in voice recorder.Longer? Sure. Better for our customers?Definitely. For example:3. Say more with fewer words.Like our EDLC (Every Day Low Cost)Before:After:way of business, embrace a frugal Our trucks deliver every day so ourDaily delivery means its always fresh.approach to words though not organic produce is always fresh. Organic produce is delicious. Especially atsacrificing conversational tone and Produce thats grown using organic the peak of freshness. Thats why we havewarm demeanor. Rewriting is the bestfarming methods has a great amount ours delivered each and every day fromway to achieve this.of flavor. Especially when its recently some of Americas finest farms. So youbeen picked and is delivered quickly tocan enjoy the satisfaction of giving yourHeadlines, however, can often be an your market so its as fresh as it can befamily the very best. At prices thatll keepexception. Saying the most with the by the time you buy it. Thats why weyour budget healthy, too.fewest words doesnt mean writing put systems in place to make sure thatin Marketingese at the expenseour produce is delivered each and everyof a friendly and conversationalday from some of the most reputabletone. Sometimes creating the tone farms in America, right to the produce especially in headlines calls section of your Walmart store. Thefor additional words that move thebenefit to you is that you can enjoy thatmessage forward. For example: satisfying feeling of having provided thebest quality, freshness and taste to eachmember of your family. And becausethe prices are so low, itll help you savemoney, too. Tone and Voice 9.8 86. The 5 Basic Ingredients (Continued)4. Treat punctuation likewordscarefully.Headlines that are sentences (and mostBefore:After:exceptions that may not be) shouldDear Robert, Dear Robert,always be punctuated. Punctuation inI need a guy who knows what romanceI need a guy who knows what romancegeneral can have a tremendous impactis all about. You are warm, caring,is. All about you are warm, caring,on tone and voice. Tone and voice! Tone understanding. Men who arent like understanding men who arent likeand voice Tone and voice. Tone and you confess to being pathetic andyou. Confess to being pathetic andvoice? Tone and voice: Tone. And voice. inadequate. Youve destroyed me forinadequate. Youve destroyed me. ForTone and voice. other guys. I long for you. Ive got noother guys I long. For you, Ive got noemotions at all when were away from emotions at all. When were away fromLets take a look at an example ofeach other. I can be so cheerful willeach other, I can be so cheerful willhow the very same words, punctuated you leave me alone with my thoughts? you leave me alone?differently, take on a completely differentmeaning:DeborahWith my thoughts, Deborah5. Use bulleted lists. Theyre easierto read.Put a block of text next to a bulleted list Before:After:and a reader will read the bullets first. Daily delivery means its always atDaily delivery means its always fresh.Bulleted lists are consistent with ourits peak. Its amazing how healthy What makes our organic produce sostraightforward trait. They also tell our and delicious organic produce can be.delicious? Heres a little taste:customers that we care about making Especially when its at its very freshest. Its 100% organicour messages easy for them to read. Thats why well do everything to make Its sweet and juicyFor example:sure ours is delivered daily. So youll be Its packed with vitaminsable to enjoy the sweet, wholesome We pick it at its peaktaste of fruit picked at its peak. At prices We deliver it fresh dailythatll keep your budget healthy, too. Our prices are lower Tone and Voice9.9 87. The 11 Key Ingredients:1. Dont shout.We dont shout at our customers in Before:After:person, so why do it in writing? ToGET FRESH ORGANIC PRODUCEEnjoy fresh organic produce every day.convey a more even-tempered tone,DAILY!!!! Whos got the freshest Love organics? So do we. Thats whyavoid putting words into all uppercase vegetables?? WAL-MART!!! Your Walmartwe have them delivered daily from someand use exclamation points receives DAILY DELIVERIES OF of the best farms in America. And why FRESH PRODUCE AND CONSUMABLESwe offer only the freshest, juiciest pieces.Exclamation points can not only create a FROM ORGANIC FARMS located in many Come in for a free taste and were sureshouting tone, they rob our messages ofplaces around the United States!!!!youll agree: It doesnt get any freshersincerity and make them overly salesy. Youve GOT to get down here and see it than this.This is not to say that exclamation points for yourself TODAY!!!!should never be in your copy. Use themto help convey enthusiasm, surprise,passion. Dont use them as a crutch; useyour words to create the impact of themessage. For example:2. Be conversational.Not formal (except when appropriate).a conversational tone. A lot of ourefforts at a non-imperative response orNot stiff ever. A very conversationalheadlines can be shortened at theif the imperative response flows better.tone is what sets us apart fromexpense of warmth. So whats moreIn headlines especially, the one questionother retailers, who tend towardsimportant? Brevity or the conversational to always ask is: Would an associateMarketingese. We often speak intone that ladders up to our brandactually say this? Is this how a personfragments, so its perfectly fine to use personality traits of caring and real? would speak? Remember: Were holdingthem in your writing, but be careful nota conversation with our customers into sound choppy. Use we, you, our, yours,By focusing on dialing in these twoour marketing materials. (Which is oneto make your copy warmer and morebrand personality traits (while making of the reasons we use the question-and-personal.sure were still straightforward), weresponse device in avoid using imperatives. We dontour copy.)A non-salesy, conversational tone in tell our customers what to do wecopy can be the reason a sentence is give them information that they useInstead of writing Find all the best pricesa fragment, very short or longer to decide what to do. This avoidson electronics at Walmart today! youthan you might think it needs to be. InMarketingese. Buy this! Get itmight write: Weve got unbeatable priceswriting Walmart style, youll often be today! Dont delay! Act now! Use of on all the electronics youre looking for.writing in ways that you either neveran imperative is, however, fine when (yes, saying Weve got is okay. Gonna orthought you would or have always beenusing the question-and-responsegotta isnt.) For example:told not to, with the goal of achievingtechnique after youve exhausted all Before:After: Advanced three-tier delivery We get organics at their freshest. Each systems enable freshness standardand every day. Love organics? So do we. compliancy. To ensure maximumThats why we have them delivered daily freshness, Walmarts organic produce and from some of the best farms in America. consumables offerings are delivered on And why we offer only the freshest, a daily basis to regionally zoned high-juiciest pieces. Come in for a free taste traffic terminal points. These shipments and were sure youll agree: it doesnt get are sourced from vertically integrated any fresher than this. agricultural operations located in many places around the United States.Tone and Voice9.10 88. The 11 Key Ingredients: (Continued)3. Use a gender neutral voice.The speaker, not the audience. Can you Too masculine:Just right:tell if its a man or a woman the messageNothing stands in the way of ourFresh organics every day? Count on coming from? Unless its important fororganics. Nothing!! Theres gonna be aWe know how much you love our freshit to take on a gender for appropriate smack-down if anyone tries to slow ourorganic produce. So we upgraded ourreasons, read the message in your head daily shipment of fresh organic produce.shipping fleet with the fastest, mostwith a female voice and then with a male Why? Cause we know how bad you reliable trucks out there. That way, wellvoice. While our customer is referredwant that sweet, juicy flavor drippingnever miss a delivery. And youll neverto as she (with target demographicsover your fists with every hungry bite. miss out on the sweet, juicy flavors ofprimarily female), Walmart is a companySo we beefed up our delivery fleet with just-picked fruits and vegetables.of both genders. The voice shouldover 2 million tons of road-churning,reflect that.fuel-burning Detroit steel. And not even Mother Nature dares get in the way of that kind of power. Too feminine: Our shiny new trucks are just adorable. And fresh organics daily can help you watch your figure! It is so irritating to diet, diet, diet and still not be able to wiggle into that new dress. (Trust us, honey. Weve been there.) Thats why we find only the sweetest, juiciest organics and have them delivered every morning by really cute truck drivers. Because fresh is fashionable. And the more you watch your figure, the more others will, too.4. Use contractions exceptfor emphasis.Were excited about versus We Before: After:are excited about makes your copy Daily delivery means it is always Daily delivery means its always fresh.sound more like how real people speak. fresh. It is amazing how healthy andIts amazing how healthy and deliciousWould you say I will see you later. I amdelicious organic produce can be. organic produce can be. Especially whengoing to the store? That would soundEspecially when it is at its very freshest. its at its very freshest. Thats why well dostilted. You would, however, emphasize That is why we will do everything toeverything to make sure ours is deliveredyour point by saying: We do not believe make sure ours is delivered daily. So daily. So youll be able to enjoy the sweet,in waste or We can not let our pastyou will be able to enjoy the sweet,wholesome taste of fruit picked at itsmistakes cloud our vision for the future. wholesome taste of fruit picked atpeak. At prices thatll keep your budgetFor example: its peak. At prices that will keep your healthy, too. budget healthy, too. Tone and Voice9.11 89. The 11 Key Ingredients: (Continued)5. Use short sentences.A staccato rhythm interspersed withBefore: After:longer (not run-on) sentences keepsWe get organics at their freshest eachWe get organics at their freshest. Eachan audiences interest. Use the longer and every day. Do you love organics?and every day. Love organics? So do we.sentences to keep the rhythm fromSo do we, and thats why we have them Thats why we have them delivered dailybecoming choppy. Again: Headlines will delivered daily to our stores from some from some of Americas finest farms. Andoften be an exception, especially when of Americas finest farms, and its alsowhy we offer only the freshest, juiciestadding you, your, our, we, etc. to makewhy we offer only the freshest, juiciestpieces. Taste for yourself. Were sure youllthem more conversational. For example: pieces. Come on down and taste foragree that it just doesnt get any fresher. yourself and were sure youll agree that it just doesnt get any fresher.6. Ask questions.Help vary the rhythm of your writing Before: After:with questions. Inserting questions into Organics at their freshest. Count onOrganics at their freshest? Count onyour messaging keeps your readersit. Theres nothing more satisfying thanit. Is there anything more satisfying thanengaged. It also makes them do morefresh organics. Which is why we havefresh organics? Not that we know of.than just listen. Do we expect them to them delivered daily from Americas Which is why we have them deliveredanswer? Of course not. But it does helpfinest farms. And why we make suredaily from some of Americas finest farms.keep things moving, right? For example:each piece we sell is perfectly ripe, And why we make sure each piece we sell wholesome and bursting with juicy is perfectly ripe, wholesome and bursting flavor. Yeah, we agree: it does sound with juicy flavor. Sounds delicious, delicious. Now just wait until you tastedoesnt it? Then just wait until you taste them for yourself.them for yourself.7. Avoid "Marketingese" in your copy.Read your copy out loud to yourselfBefore: After:and ask Would someone actually sayYouve never seen organics at pricesOur fresh organics are priced lowerthis? If the answer is no, but the copy like these! Hey, fruit lovers! Have wethan ever. Now you can enjoy our sweet,is still the best way to get the message gone crazy? We must have, because juicy organic produce for even less. Why?across, its okay to use it. (This shouldright now you can stock up on 100%Because weve been working hard to keepbe, however, a very carefully considered natural organic produce at incredible our prices low. And with daily deliveriesexception.) For example: rock-bottom prices! Sweet, juicy, and from Americas best farms, we work just fresh from Americas heartland, these as hard to ensure you get it fresh. One luscious babies are sure to satisfy. So taste and we think youll agree: Hard work dont delay get yours today!has its rewards. Tone and Voice 9.12 90. The 11 Key Ingredients: (Continued)8. Use imperatives only whennecessary.We dont tell our customers what toBefore:After:dowe give them information that theyCome taste our fresh organics NOW! Nows the time for sweet, juicyuse to decide what to do. By avoidingGet off your couch and hurry downorganics. Now you can enjoy ourimperatives, we dont put ourselves in here for a taste of our fresh organicdelicious organic produce for less thanthe position of demanding action by ourproduce. Dont waste money byever. Why? Because weve been workingcustomers. For example:shopping at other stores. And donthard to keep our prices low. And with settle for second best. Come to Walmartdaily deliveries from Americas best farms, to enjoy the true taste of organics, atwe work just as hard to ensure its always truly unbeatable prices. fresh. Bringing you the best isnt alwayseasy, but its always worth the effort.9. Use first person instead of third.Avoid regal referring. No need to call Before:After:ourselves Walmart when we or usWalmart gets organics at their We ge