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Aikens Lake is one of the best places for fishing in Canada, walleye fishing and fishing in Manitoba


  • 1. Walleye Fishing at Aikens Lake Aikens Lake Wilderness lodge

2. Walleye Fishing Aikens Lake offers the best trophy walleye fishing in Manitoba Canada. We also have some of the finest scenery. The following are some of our favorite pictures. 3. Walleye Fishing When the lodge was built in 1948, they weren't the first to have travelled through the area. Natives had been paddling these rivers for hundreds of years already. The lithographs were discovered in 1995 by our friend Lorna Hiebert. 4. Walleye Fishing Although we do not know their meaning, it is possible to make out some of the representations. There is a canoe full of people on the top, a person on the left holding hands with another that is now under the black lichen, and a wolf on the far right. Also, if you are lucky enough, you might find an arrowhead or spearhead. 5. Walleye Fishing Aikens provides some of the best fishing in Canada and the rest of North America. It is a world-class destination for trophy northern pike, lake trout, and walleye fishing. It is also Manitoba's second deepest lake, just shy of 300 ft. 6. About Walleye Walleye (also known as pickerel in Canada) is the main species found at Aikens Lake. Its trophy size is 28" which is approx. 7-8 lbs in our region and the lake record is 33". Aikens Lake is one of the best places when it comes to walleye fishing in Canada. 7. About Walleye The white, flaky meat of the walleye makes it the most sought after shorelunch fish in the north. This species likes to school up, so once you've caught one, the others aren't far away. You could call Aikens a Jumbo Walleye Factory! 8. Contact Us Today To Plan an Unforgettable Luxury Trip 9. www.facebook.com/aikenslake https://twitter.com/aikenslake https://www.youtube.com/aikenslakelodge


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