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  • 1. Walking Move Fast and Break Things on the WayThe title of the page has nothing to do with a marketing strategy or a method of making by moneyblogging. It has to do with how fast David Wood and David Sharpe were walking to the hotel to crashinto a break out meeting that was happening. David Sharpe was making fun of David Wood about howhe cannot catch up him because of his giraffe legs.Daves legs are so long, he is like a giraffe, he takes one step and I take like five. I mean, its like JesusChristmas-David SharpeAchieving results by moving fast and breaking thingsMaybe the way he walks has something to do with how fast Empower Network has grown so rapidlyover the last year or so. Lots of people are interested about this amazing method of making moneyonline by blogging daily. Who would imagine a few years ago that blogging will be the new phenomenonof how people can make massive income online.Search engines and Move fast and break thingsThe move fast and break things may also be referred to Empower Networks broken relationship withFacebook because of high traffic it was getting.Empower Networks popularity grew faster after it was launched. That would have scared some onlinemoguls which would have looked at Empower Network as a potential threat.Find a Deeper Meaning with edificationAt Empower Network, both David Wood and David Sharpe stress the importance of edification and howit can help to grow memberships and the business as well.The best way to learn is to listen from people who are successful at Empower Network. This business isdifferent from other online businesses. You need to understand its uniqueness and the only way you cando this is by following the leaders very closely. Empower Network also operates by having teams headedby coaches. The coach is an Empower Member who is very successful and is prepared to lead newentrants to the road to success.The secret depend how you move fast and break barriersThe secret to your success is how fast you get into a team headed by someone who is currently makingmassive money. The coaches have a vested interest in you. The more successful you are the betterfinancially it is for them as well. As I said before, our role is to help people. As you see in the video, theevent is about the break out teams event. David Wood and David Sharpe not only came to crash the

2. party but also to show the social proof that they exist and drop off a few strategies for success. They liketo serve people because they strongly believe their success depends on the people they help.So join our movement today and change your lifestyle and that on your loved ones through theEmpower Network. Become a member today, blog daily, go to our events, be part of our team andattend break out meeting, listen to your coach and apply the lessons learned. Its that simple.Realize your dreams, move fast and break thingsSometimes, you dream of things that from your point of view are unachievable. Yes to your eyes theyare unbelievable but not impossible. You are at crossroad and unable to decide which route to take.Empower Network has the solution to make things happen for you.Watch the Video


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