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Moses tabernacle


  • Understanding:The Wilderness Experience


    Walking Through TheWilderness can be a place

    of discovery

    Walk The Tabernacle Walkis a journey through the

    Tabernacle of Moses

    The Call Of The Heart

  • Stepping Into a New Way Of Life

    Lets Begin Walking The Tabernacle Walk

  • thePlan FromHeaven

    The way that we see God is through His word. Thecharacter and thoughts of Him are spread rightthroughout the scriptures. As we take this walk itis important to remember, we are only looking forthe revelation of His son Jesus. Most importantlythe revelation of how we can witness to this hurtingworld. There have been many formulas toevangelise but I believe that as we study togetherwe will see the heart of God shining through thejourney we are about to take. That as God showedMoses the way to His presence and power. Thesame is true of us, He wants to show that powerby using us when we are in right relationship withHim that will result in a display of grace in ouractions. Through being in His presence and bybeing able to let His power work through us tochange the environment around our daily lives. Tobecome a rich and powerful witness that will befilled with His grace and freedom, so that otherswill encounter a living God through us.

    So that we become

    The place we need to start fromis the place that is furthest awayfrom the heart of God. The placewhere man put himself by beingdisobedient. I would suggest thatwe look at three areas in the firstbook of the bible. The firstinstance is the fall when Adamand Eve ate from the tree andwhere they were banished fromthe heart of the garden and howthey discovered they no longerwalked with God. (Gen 3:6-10)

    So for this journey I would likeyou to think about that beingthe time when they excludedthemselves from the Holy ofHolies. Then by blaming eachother and even God they putthemselves outside the Holyplace. (Gen 3:23-24)

  • Kevin Hussey (Koinonia The Call Of The Heart)

    Been a Christian since 1988 . I am qualified coach and have passed as a Powerchange Gold Coachand a NLP Practioner Coach. Been studying the scripture since 1988 and have a prophetic gifting.Have written such things as What are you Like? Sailing Closer To The Wind and Walk TheTabernacle Walk These writing have become so important to my walk with God that they haveknow developed into Coaching Courses that have proven to be very life changing. Helping peopleto reach their potential by realising their special ness in relation to how God sees them.

    So this then placed them in the outer court. Itsthere that we another thing happen that movedhumanity even further away from the presence ofGod. (Gen 4:8-14)

    Thats when Cain placed his descendants intothe land of Nod. Or as I would suggest outsidethe outer court straight out into the wilderness.Thats what Nod stands for a place of wandering.

    Contemplating this thought has helped me tothink of this study or should I say journey as away in which we have moved from the presenceof God. That was until Jesus came on the scene.Then there was a change of direction that wouldbring us all back if we choose to accept Jesus. Tocom back to the heart of God.

    So as we study the Tabernacle and all itsmaterials, lets put what we learn into practice.May God bless you abundantly as we journeythrough this walk and together pick up newtruths about the one who created everything

    And made us so special that Hedesires for us to dwell in Hispresence enjoying the richesthat His son Jesus released for uson the cross. Thats what I callGrace or should I say;









    we have already had one. But thejourney still has to be taken andas we shall see their journey isthe same as ours as we make ourway back to His presence.

    The people of the promise haveto be awakened from theirslumber and to come to arealisation that the world is beinginfluenced by everything that ishungry for power and greed. Thatthis influence is driving Godaway from the people and thenation that it even starts to effectthe environment that we live in.

    Just as in their time the same is trueof us today, we need to refocus onthe promises of God and start todeclare Gods principles into oursociety before its to late. The world iswaiting for some miraculous event tohappen and the sad thing is that theyhave let the most wonderful event inhistory be made to soundunimportant. It is time to stand up forthe only thing that is ever going tochange the world we live in and thatis the message of the Gospel and thatour Lord Jesus has made a way for usto leave the Egypt that controls ourland and to proclaim freedom to thenations. So Lets get going and;


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