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Waleed Bushra / British CitizenContact Number: (+965) 66711013 or 50332170Email: zeinab_elmustafa@hotmail.co.uk or waleedbushra@yahoo.co.uk Safety oriented and licensed (OSHA - licence No. 900148022) heavy duty equipments / aircraft & airframe engineer with demonstrated proficiency in decreasing turnaround time. Technical expertise in troubleshooting, installation and repairs. Strong analytical skills coupled with proven ability to solve problems with a multifaceted perspective. I have honed my abilities in delegating appropriate tasks, inspecting outputs, and providing necessary guidance and modifications to maintenance employees during my years of experience as a maintenance supervisor.Areas of ExpertiseVehicle Inspection Problem Diagnosis, Preventive Maintenance, Sound knowledge of mechanical concepts, Overhauling, Machinery Alignment, Auto/Manual, Parts Replacement, Tracked Suspensions, Transmission, Component Repairing, Plant, Fitters, Engine Control & Service, Heavy Trucks, Cranes, Excavators, Heavy / Construction Equipment, Hydraulic Brakes, Pneumatic & air exhaust systems, Diesel & Gasoline Powered Vehicles, Fuel Injection & Efficiency and Team leader. Material & Equipment Directly UsedCranes, trailers, Conveyor, Material handling equipments, Caterpillar, Front Shovel Excavators, Integrated Tool carriers, Landfill Compactors, Motor Graders, Off Highway Trucks, Pipe layers, Scrapers, Skid Steer Loaders, Soil Compactors, Tele handlers, Track Loaders, Track-type Tractors, Tractors, Wheel Loaders, Wheel Tractors, Paving Products, Forklifts-trailer units, diesel engines, M997 Hemtt-Hemtt Wrecker-palletized loading system (plus) M8109 M9 ACE, Scraper-graders-scoop loader, Hydraulic, excavators, TMDE, Commercial and tactical automotive tools automated, Vehicles like Polaris, gators and Honda foreman and Sportsman 400 and Computers & MS Office.Skills, Knowledge & Working EnvironmentHeavy Equipments Maintenance, trouble shooting, diagnosis of mechanical/ electrical faults and servicing of heavy equipments Repair, adjust/or replace faulty component & Dismantles and reassemble equipment using hoist, hand tools, and special tools.Hydraulic Trouble shooting, removal, inspection, installation, adjustment and operational test of hydraulic system components including engine driven pump, electrical pumps, quantity/pressure transmitters and indicators, hoses and tubes, relief and bypass valves accumulators repair and rebuild of hydraulic components lie pumps, motors, valves, cylinders, actuators Fabrication of high and low pressure hoses, lines & Carrying pressure test to check if there is leaks Designing and understanding hydraulic schematics drawing & maintenance and documents Stock control.Pneumatic-air SystemsTrouble shooting, removal, inspection, installation, adjustment and operational test of pneumatics system including pre cooler, check valve, bleed valves, pressure regulating and shut off valves, pneumatics ductsWorks is generally conducted in a workshop environment; however, duties may involve the conduct of work in the out-of-doors area with a potential exposure to extreme climatic conditions.Additional Strengths Load lifting ability up till 60 lbs. Well versed in vendors technical bulletins and familiar with tools of the trade. Willing to work extra shifts in odd weather conditions.Employment HistoryHeavy Equipment Mechanic Lead - September 2011 - Up to dateITT Exelis KBosss (USA Army, Camp Buehring, Kuwait)Duties & Responsibilities: Performs the full range of overhaul and repair work (electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic) on chassis group units of one or more types of vehicles (heavy construction equipments) powered by internal combustion engines. Types include those in commercial, industrial, or tactical use such as passenger cars, trucks, heavy cargo trucks, cranes , forklift trucks and warehouse tractors, material handling equipments, multi-wheel drive vehicles with automatic transmissions and auxiliary equipment. Determines exact nature and extent of repairs required and performs major and minor overhaul and repair on engines, power transmissions, suspension, steering and braking operational systems and related electrical, fuel, hydraulic, wheel and engine assemblies. Remove and repair tracks, track adjusters, equalizer bar, steering clutch Brake clutch& brake bands, transmission, Winches, ripper & blade cylinders etc. Replace torsion springs engine Seals, transmission seals on dozers (D7G, D8R, D7H), graders(130G,I34H,Volvo 780G) and scrapers (621B). Remove and repair boom and telescopic assemblies, swing drives, turn Table bearings, winch and hoist assemblies, hydrostatic pumps and Regulators on equipments like excavators, grove and sky track cranes Bobcat skid steer loaders, genie boom lifts (S60,S65). Hydrostatic and hydraulic system maintenances on Ditch-witches. Perform mechanical, electrical, hydraulic maintenances of MHC,PLS, Pump house on heavy cargo & recovery trucks like M977,M978, M985 M983, M1074, M1075, M984 and M1070 trailers. Load testing of Fork lifts, Cranes, Hemmets, Hydraulic Jacks and so on. Replaces axles, suspension systems, torsion bars etc. Uses specialized testing equipment such as compression testers, motor analyzers and test benches. Directs work of junior and helper mechanics as required. Reviews work in progress and upon completion for conformance to standards Make sure all maintenances done as per job card and inspect it properly and fill out all paper works as per requirements. Proficient in proper handling and disposal of hazardous materials and waste. Performs other duties as assigned.Held the following positions (see below) - August 2006 to February 2011(Contract ended with USA Army)CSA Ltd. Material and Maintenance Directorate, Camp Buehring, Kuwait (A) Engineering SupervisorDuties & Responsibilities: In charge of 75 employees in engineering department. Provide daily supervisor tasks covering all employee services activities within area of responsibility. Provide direct supervision and technical guidance to perform a full range of repairs and modification work on heavy and light construction and material handling equipment (MHE),service and repair of power generation equipment, troubleshoot and diagnoses engine, drive train, steering and brake and all systems. Oversees repairs, adjustment and or replace of faulty components. Oversees inspection of equipment to diagnose defects. Supervise dismantling and assembling of equipment using hoist and general hand tools. Reviews operation producers and recommend changes to ensure ISO compliance Perform self-audits and make changes in producers to accomplish work effectively and economically. Ensure government and company property is requested, stored and utilized to include the proper safeguarding, issuing and control, in accordance with directives. Ensure compliance with safety, fire prevention, occupational health regulations, directives and laws. Ensure equipments kept serviceable and supplies are utilized properly. Dealing with maintenance paper work like maintenance record, work order, trying records, property control, publications and maintenance. Resolve work problems and recommend measures to improve productivity. Perform other related tasks as directed(B) Technical Monitor Quality Inspector-Procurement engineerDuties & Responsibilities: Manages subcontract actor compliance in according with statement of work and all applicable slandered. Provide subcontractor oversight in accordance with company quality sanders. Provide subcontractor oversight in accordance to, health, safety and environmental compliance. Conducts risk management and assessment on subcontractor delivery methodology and service performance. Performs as liaison between the customer, vendor and subcontracting official to insure delivery of Required service and products the right way first time. Minimize time delays, errors, and other deficiencies that affect delivery time, associated schedules and quality of service. Conducted over 200 quality assurance audits and inspection with local subcontractors supporting the USA military containment contract in Kuwait Theatre of operation. Record and capture real time assessment of subcontractor performance, document non-conformance, and corrective actions, to include trend analysis. Provide subcontracting official reports on subcontractor performance, assist in subcontract options, Re-negotiation, extension and termination. Ensured subcontractors adhered to the standard required by us government. Maintain reports, case studies and trend analysis for internal auditors to comply with ISO management Standards.(C) Property Control Section SpecialistDuties & Responsibilities: Responsible for ordering various GFE equipment and other PBO items for FMS Buehring operation. Performs Quarterly half yearly and yearly inventories of all property equipments. Review and reconciles hand respects of equipments issued to various branches under FMS Buehring. Operate the global property control system (GPCS) AGS portal tracking and maintain accountability of government furnished property. Processes government property for turn in with supporting documents required to DRMO utilizing the plant clearance Automated reutilization Screening System ( PCARSS) Responsible for preparation of necessary documents for turn in of excess and unserviceable parts. Turn in to DRMO Prepares purchase requisition orders and evaluate the equipment to submitting to higher sources. Operates personal computers to manage and maintain property records. Responsible for procurement and distribution of GFE and other PBO equipments for FMS B operations. Interface with property office and multi class warehouses to facilitate the supply and procurement of GFE items. Keep track records of all the hand recited items and files the records as per the army regulations. Reviews documents registers and perform reconciliation of repair parts that are ordered and received from SSA warehouse. Accountability for property within the department, primarily class II durable and non expendable items, class VII major end items government furnished property (GFE) and installation property. Maintains department and branch sub hand receipts accurately, utilizing the army ULLS S-4 Software program unit level logistics Systems. Physical inventory will be conducted of all government furnished property initially issued to include components of end items. The inventory process consists of physically locating government property comparing the count to the property records. As part of the cyclic inventory all components to sets, kits and outfits (SKO) basic issue items (BII) and components of end items (COEI) must be inventoried. Tracking and performance of maintenance and calibration (TMDE) test measurement & Diagnostic Equipment. For material & Equipment Directly Used, skills & Working Environment: See previous page Same location (Engineering Section - Camp Buehring - USA Army) but different contractor From CSA Ltd to ITT Exelis KBosss. (D) Public Relation Officer and Translator CSA Ltd. Camp Arifjan (From 2006 up to Feb 2007) Ensure CSA Ltd. adherence to Kuwait Labour Law Acts as Liaison for U.S Military and Civilian personnel when dealing with Local Kuwaiti Law enforcement. Advice management and employees on Legal, Social, Political, Economic, religion and Military aspects in the Middle East Provide translation and Interpreter services; Arabic and English Acts as a Liaison with the sponsor companies to ensure documents and other activities are complete.Airframe and Engines / Mechanical EngineerAircraft Mechanic - December2004 July2006Gulf Aircraft Maintenance Company (GAMCO) (Abu Dhabi, UAE) Duties & Responsibilities: Civil Aircraft / Technical Inspector Servicing and maintenance of jet engines and components and piston engines & quality Control Inspections of Maintenance repairs. Comprehensive knowledge and understanding of blue prints, technical manuals, parts catalogues and service bulletins Technical Inspection and Defects Rectification, Component change, Modification Servicing and maintenance of various aircraft / system(A&C) Disassemble and assembly of Engines and components Maintenance of the following systems; Air conditioning, flight control, fuel system, hydraulic system, pneumatics air system, landing gear, materials and process, sheet metal, aircraft system, oxygen, oil system, engine fuel and control, ignition, engine air, engine control, fuel indication, exhaust system, airborne auxiliary power.Engines: CF6-50, CF6-80, CF6-80-C2, RB211-535 C2/E4, CFM, CFM-56 & HangarAircraft Mechanic 2000 2004 & 1996 1998 (Both period I worked on short term contract on and off)FLS Aerospace, Stansted, UK Duties & Responsibilities: Technical inspections of mechanical components and repairs & inspection Defects Rectification, Component change, Modification Servicing and maintenance of various aircraft / system(A&C) Disassemble and assembly of Engines and components Maintenance of the following systems; Air conditioning, flight control, fuel system, hydraulic system, pneumatics air system, landing gear, materials and process, sheet metal, aircraft system, oxygen, oil system, engine fuel and control, ignition, engine air, engine control, fuel indication, exhaust system, airborne auxiliary power.Engines: JT9D, CF6, JT3D, JT8D CFM56, Aircraft: Boeing 737, 747, 767, Airbus A300, A310, 707, 727, Heavy Lift Tupolov, Hangar and Line Maintenance& HangarAircraft Mechanic September1999 December1999 (short term contract) Virgin Atlantic/British Midland (Heathrow, UK)Duties & Responsibilities (Same as previous job: Aircraft Mechanic - FLS Aerospace)Engines: JT8D, CFM-56, Aircraft: Boeing 737, 747, Airbus A310, A320, Hangar and Line MaintenanceAircraft Mechanic May1997 September1997 (short term contract) AIR MARSHALLS (Cambridge, UK)Duties & Responsibilities: Disassembly of Brake Systems, Disassembly of Tyres, Assembly of Tyres Aircraft: Boeing 727, 737, 747, 767, Airbus A300, A310, A320Aircraft Mechanic October1997 (short term contract) B F BOODRICH, (London, UK)Duties & Responsibilities: Servicing of Tyres & Assembly of TyresAircraft: Boeing 727, 737, 747, 767, Airbus A300, A310, A320Qualifications & Professional Training2009Technical Monitoring and Control - Quality Course six sigma / green belt2009Dealing with Hazard Material - Hazwopper 24 hr Course2008Approved safety Inspector - OSHA (licence No. 900148022)2007Safety Representative Training / Self Auditing Course2006Human Factors and Maintenance1996-1997Bachelor of Science in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering - Trinity College and university 1997CAA Approved Certificate of TrainingAircraft Type Engine Maintenance Course CFM56-3B21994-1995HNC HND Mechanical Engineering FAA (Power Plant)Kingston College - London, United Kingdom FAA (Power Plant)1992CAA Approved Certificate of Training - Aircraft Type EngineJT3D Maintenance Course1985-1988HND Aircraft Engineering Maintenance - PIA Training CentreOther Training(Harvard Mentor11), Leadership, Development, Supervisors, Environmental Safety and Health, SEED Training, Information Security & Estimation and Pricing (2012 Anti-Corruption (10/25/2012& 2013 Anti-Bribery & Antitrust9/28/2013Skills & CompetenciesCommunication, Customer focus, Planning and organizing, Decision making, Ability to adapt, motivate and analyse, Results orientation, Teamwork skills & Computer SkillsPersonal ProfileLicence: Full drivers licence UK and KuwaitMarital Status: Married + 3 ChildrenReferences, Appreciation Certificates and Recommendations are available up on request