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<ul><li><p> {1}</p><p>Personal Information: Full Name: Waleed Ali Abd Al-Razik Ali. Date of Birth: 15 / 2 / 1980 Place of Birth: Kuwait. Nationality: Egyptian Sex: Male Marital Status: Married Contact Information: Kuwait Shaikha Complex, Al Magaf, Ahmadi Governorate Telephone: Mobile No. : +965 97290837 +965 65686763</p><p>E-mail : waly1580@gmail.com Education: </p><p>B.Sc. Electrical Power &amp; Control System Engineering (Very Good - August 2002) </p><p>Arab Academy for Science &amp; Technology and Maritime Transport College of Engineering and Technology </p><p>Electrical Power and Control Engineering Department Alexandria Egypt </p><p> Languages: </p><p>Language Understanding Speaking Writing </p><p>Arabic Excellent Excellent Excellent </p><p>English Very Good Very Good Very Good Computer Skills: </p><p> Good Knowledge of o MS Office (Word, Excel, Outlook &amp; PowerPoint) o Internet Serving and Communication. </p><p> Training before Graduation: Electrical Company at July 2000 (Alexandria, Egypt) Phosphate Company at July 2001 (Jordan) </p></li><li><p> {2}</p><p>Training: ISO 14001 Awareness &amp; Training (March 2015) ISO 14001 Internal Auditing Training (September 2015) ISO Transition Awareness Training for ISO 9001:2015 &amp; 14001:2015 by URS (October 2015) Preparation of Environmental Impact Assessment by EPA-K (Dec. 2016) </p><p> Experience: </p><p> Snr. Marketing Engineer (2007 to 2014) Petrochemical and Engineering Division </p><p>Al-Mubader Company w.l.l. Member of Alghanim International Corp. group companies </p><p>Website: www.dyagroup.com Kuwait </p><p> Operation Shift Engineer (2006 to 2007) Electrical Control Room (ECR) </p><p>Shuaiba South Power &amp; Water Distillation Station Ministry of Electricity and Water (MEW) </p><p>Kuwait </p><p> Maintenance and Quality Control Engineering (2003 to 2006) Al-Zour South Power &amp; Water Distillation Station Abdulaziz Abdulmohsin Al-Rashed Sons CO. w.l.l </p><p>Kuwait </p><p> Consulting Electrical Engineering (2002 to 2003) Electrical Consultant Office </p><p>Prof. Dr. MAGDY M. K. EL TTAR Office Alexandria, Egypt </p><p> Employment: </p><p>Marketing Manager (2014 till now) Muna Noor Manufacturing &amp; Trading L.L.C [Oman] (Kuwait Office) </p><p>Website: www.munanoor.com Boubyan Plastics Industries Co. K.S.C.(Closed) Kuwait </p><p>Website: www.boubyan-plastics.com Both are Subsidiary of Boubyan Petrochemical Company (K.S.C.) </p><p>Website: www.boubyan.com Kuwait </p></li><li><p> {3}</p><p>Natural of Work: </p><p> Shuaiba South Power Station 1. Electrical Operation. 2. Synchronizing and Isolating Outgoing and Incoming Feeders. 3. Synchronizing and Shutdown Units (Electrical side). 4. Normalizing and Isolating Circuit Breakers. 5. Following load of Power Generation and keep it steady. 6. Monitoring the Frequency and MVAR. 7. Monitoring and Recording load and power generation data. 8. Following up with National Control Center ( NCC) </p><p> Al-Zour South Power Station 1. Switchgear Maintenance (11kV&amp; 415V) 2. Busbar Test (11kV&amp; 415 V) by MEGGER 3. Vacuum Circuit Breaker Tests ( 11kV ) using: </p><p>a. MEGGER. b. MICRO OHM METER. c. VACUMME TESTER. </p><p>4. Maintenance of Air Circuit Breaker. 5. Installing Transducers and Contactors (415 V Panel). </p><p> Electrical Consultant Office Prof. Dr. MAGDY M. K. ELATTAR 1. Describe General Technical Specification </p><p>a. El Fauroz Hospital b. El Nasr Mosque c. Fish Farm </p><p>2. Design of the Electrical Systems (LV) a. Lochauto Building b. Fish Farm c. SanStefano Gran Complex </p><p>3. Supervising for execution project a. SanStefano Gran Complex b. Royal Mall c. Kamarait Roshdy Building d. Lochauto Building </p></li><li><p> {4}</p><p> Al-Mubader Company 1. Presenting principals products and services to consultants to be added in their </p><p>approved supplier / manufacturer list. 2. Promoting / presenting principals products and services to clients ( Private &amp; </p><p>Government Sectors) 3. Following up and surveying for upcoming projects / tenders. 4. Investigating / looking for new potential products and services can be promoting at </p><p>market. 5. Supporting, preparing, reviewing and following up the pre-qualification documents of </p><p>products / Manufacturers facilities with government authorities such as a. Ministry of Electricity &amp;Water (MEW) b. Ministry of Public Work (MPW) c. Ministry of Communication (MOC) d. Public Authority for Housing Welfare (PAHW) e. Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) f. Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC) </p><p>6. Major products under my responsibility a. Cable &amp; Wires b. Busduct c. Water Heaters d. Pipes (uPVC, HDPE, Carbon Steel) e. Solar System f. Filtration System g. Lining System </p><p> Muna Noor Manufacturing &amp; Trading (MNMT) 1. Presenting MNMT products &amp; activities into Kuwait Market. 2. Approaching &amp; Following up Kuwait Authorities / Government for approvals as per </p><p>their needs / requirements. 3. Obtaining inquiries from contractors / clients and submitting offer inline with their </p><p>requirements. 4. Introducing MNMT products and activities to Egypt &amp; KSA &amp; Iraq contractors. 5. Following up and surveying for upcoming projects, in order to know what will be </p><p>requirements related to MNMT products. 6. Following up orders from date of issuing till products delivered, to insure that the </p><p>products as per client requirements and delivered on time. </p><p> Boubyan Plastics Industries (BPIC) </p><p>1. Presenting BPIC products to the important clients and contactors. 2. Obtaining inquiries from contactors in order to submit competitive offer. 3. Following up orders from date of issuing till products delivered, to insure that the </p><p>products as per client requirements and delivered on time. </p></li><li><p> {5}</p><p>Other Qualification &amp; Personal Skills: 1. Egypt Engineers Syndicate (since 2002). 2. IEE Member (UK). (1999 till 2003). 3. IEEE Member (USA). (1998 till 2002). 4. Kuwait Society of Engineers. (2004 till 2010). 5. Valid driving license. 6. Attended Exhibition &amp; Conference ( Kuwait and Dubai) 7. Rapid adaptability to new problem-solving and new locations. 8. Aware of International (British, European and American) standards. 9. Able to assist &amp; instruct others. 10. Willing to be on call. 11. Ability and also willingness to work in all weather conditions 12. Communication skills at all levels 13. Team Work. 14. Time-efficient 15. Leadership. 16. Social Person. </p></li></ul>