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Waleed Ahmed Shreim waleed.shreim@gmail.com waleed.shreim@facebook.com + (962) 799356199PERSONAL INFO Nationality: Jordanian Date of Birth: 14th March, 1989 Place of Birth: Dubai, UAE Marital status: single Gender: Male EDUCATION University of Jordan PERIOD October, 2007 Now B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering, - Total GPA of 3.05 Rated : Very Good Al-Hussein College PERIOD September, 2005 June, 2007 - High school Examination (TAWJIHI) with score of (93.1 out of 100). LANGUAGES Arabic: Native. English: very good (reading, writing, speaking, and listening) TOEFL (iBT) score 92 out of 120 (Certificate from AMIDEAST) Business English courses (Two courses Certificates from NYIT) COMPUTER SKILLS Office Programs :Very good Engineering and Design Softwares AutoCAD PROEngineer Ansys Engineering Equation Solver (EES) CHEMCAD (process plants software) CAPCOST (economical Analysis software) HAP Design Builder Matlab....Very Good Very Good Good Very Good Very Good Very Good Good Good Very GoodPROFISSIONAL ACHIEVEMENTS Academic Field Achieved the 1st Rank of the Mechanical Engineering Department best Thermals and Applied Mechanical Graduation Project for the 1st semester of the year 2011. Won the 1st Place prize of the JO-GREEN 2011 competition in green building technology, held by Queen Alia Competition. (Certificate) Won the 1st Place prize of The 4th National Technology Parade 2011 for Green Eco-freindly House Design. (Certificate) Had an LG Basic refrigeration and Air conditioning course about, which was held at LG Air Conditioning Academy at 16th April, 2011. (Certificate). Had a Road Map to Green Campus course held by the Energy Center at the University of Jordan at 25th April, 2011. Participation in the 2nd International Conference on Renewable Energy Generation and Applications (ICREGA'12) , UAE University , Alain , UAE, March 4-7,2012. (Certificate)..Engineering Training I had 3-month training at MAG Engineering and Contracting Co. 1- Power plant construction: Alqatranah Combined Cycle Power plant. 2- HVAC system Design of a three floor Offices Building. NOTE: Full training reports are available upon request . Graduation Project Applications in Organic Rankine Cycle Combined Solar-Geothermal Power Plant..Renewable Energy generationThis project investigates the possibility of power generation from geothermal and solar heat resources in Jordan using Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC). A fluid selection procedure is done in order to choose the appropriate fluid for the considered application. A comprehensive thermodynamic modeling and analysis is done. Finally, a cost analysis was carried out to estimate the feasibility of the designed power plant.