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<ul><li><p>l </p><p>PERSONAL DETAILS: </p><p>Name Waleed Abdul Ghani abdul Azim </p><p>Date of Birth 3rd February 1978 </p><p>Nationality Egyptian </p><p>Religion Muslim </p><p>Marital status Married </p><p>Contact Address Tel +2 01006581560 //// Saudi Arabia Cell : 00966534994070 </p><p>ricofox1@hotmail.com </p><p>Education Bachelor of guidance degree, English section, faculty of tourism &amp; hotels Helwan University in Cairo 1999 Secondary School Certificate, Manarat School, Abha city Saudi Arabia </p><p>Languages Skills </p><p>Languages Speak Read Write Understand </p><p>English Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent </p><p>Spanish Fair Fair Fair Fair </p><p> English Language course in AUC. 1996 </p><p> English conversation course, communication skills 1997 </p><p> Spanish language course in Spanish culture center in Cairo 1996-1999 </p><p>Computer Skills Windows course, institute of pre studies and development. 1999 Windows, Microsoft office, internet researches, front office </p><p>systems (tropica, hogatex. Login touch, libica, horizon, Fidelio, </p><p>opera ) </p><p>Leader ship skills I am a self-driven, accountable, team players, with dynamic personality , I have the ability to learn new concepts, ideas &amp; running system swiftly, high motivated &amp; self Disciplined, having </p><p>the ability to coordinate people efficiently </p><p>Career Objective </p><p>A full-time position in a service industry organization where I can demonstrate my technical and </p><p>communicational skills, contribute to motivate others in working environment, interested in a </p><p>challenging career &amp; personal growth that would enable me to contribute to the organization by </p><p>utilizing my professional experience and skills </p><p>mailto:ricofox1@hotmail.com</p></li><li><p>2 </p><p>Experiences: </p><p>2016 up to now: Cluster Sales Manager , Makkah Grand Coral Hotel Al Basma Coral Resort Jeddah Swiss Belcourt Riyadh-Celick Palace hotel Turkey , Under Swiss bel -Hotels ) </p><p>- Outlines and administers weekly sales call plan to ensure time and resources are maximized to complete as many qualified calls as possible, while balancing administrative duties as well as site </p><p>inspections. </p><p>- Acquiring contracts &amp; new client from (Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait) &amp; Provides timely feedback to senior management regarding performance. </p><p>- Provides timely, accurate, competitive pricing on all completed prospect applications submitted for pricing and approval, while striving to maintain maximum profit margin. </p><p>- Attendance at rate strategy meetings and regularly scheduled Sales Departmental meetings and group business meetings. </p><p>- Maintains accurate records of all pricings, sales, and activity reports submitted by Account Executives. </p><p>- Controls expenses to meet budget guidelines. </p><p>- Maintains contact with all clients in the market area to ensure high levels of client satisfaction </p><p>- Dealing with OTAs - Social media Marketing Managing all on line sites </p><p>2014 -2016: Senior Sales Manager, Pyramids Park resort Cairo, Formerly. IHG Inter Continental </p><p>- Provide Quick and timely responses, immediate communication to the Hotel, develop professional long term business relationships. </p><p>- Assists in the preparation and re-forecasting of hotel revenue objectives and compilation of market intelligence </p><p>- Assists Director of Sales &amp; Marketing to recruit and retain Sales Colleagues </p><p>- Participates in sales calls with members of sales team to acquire new business. </p><p>- Executes and supports the operational aspects of business booked, generating proposal, Corporate Rate Application letter , writing contract, customer correspondence). </p><p>- Supports hotels service and relationship strategy, driving customer loyalty by delivering service excellence throughout each customer experience. </p><p>- Work closely with Revenue Manager to ensure proposed rate negotiations meet the financial needs of the hotels. </p><p>- Accompany sales team on sales calls to potential clients to assist in development of the account and to access the effectiveness and sales skills of the sales person. </p><p>- Builds and strengthens relationships with existing and new customers to enable future bookings. Activities include sales calls, entertainment, FAM trips &amp; trade shows. </p><p>- Acquiring and developing new business accounts and preparing sales proposals for clients. </p><p>2013 - 2014: Senior Sales Manager , Le Printemps hotels- Heliopolis Cairo </p><p>- Responsible for Corporate and Travel Agent Room Sales for the hotel. - Clear understanding of the hotels business strategies then set goals and to determine action plans to </p><p>meet those goals. </p><p>- Update action plans and financial objectives quarterly. - Identify new markets and business opportunities and increase sales. - Represent Hotels in various events and exhibition. - Implements all sales action plans related to the market areas as outlined in the marketing plan. - Conducts daily sales calls and arrange site inspection trips to the hotel by corporate clients. </p><p>2012 2013 Sales Manager at dream land sports club. </p><p>- Designing and promoting activities to meet customer demand and generate revenue; - Advertising and promoting the club to increase usage, which may include commissioning and </p><p>considering market research; </p><p>- Maintaining high levels of customer care, with a particular focus on avoiding loss of existing users. </p><p>https://web.facebook.com/ihg/?ref=page_internalhttp://setupmyhotel.com/train-my-hotel-staff/sales-and-marketing/364-cvgr-application.htmlhttp://setupmyhotel.com/train-my-hotel-staff/sales-and-marketing/364-cvgr-application.html</p></li><li><p>- Recruiting, training and supervising Sales team. </p><p>- Preparing and checking budgets and generating income; </p><p>- Using advanced management information (e.g. footfall, popularity of classes by hour) to improve </p><p>provision and timetables and cope with fluctuations in demand; - Preparing monthly &amp; weekly reports and for The club owners &amp; senior management </p><p>2009 2011 Regional Sales Manager , Egyptian INT. Co. for trade and supplies. Hotels tableware. </p><p>- Responsible for meeting the sales targets of the organization through effective planning and budgeting </p><p>- Mapping potential customers and generate leads . </p><p>- Make the product popular amongst the consumers. ( Hotels &amp; Restaurants ) </p><p>- Maintaining and improving relationships with the client </p><p>- Ensure sales team is delivering desired results. Track their performances. Make sure each one is living up to the expectations of the company . </p><p>2005 - 2009 </p><p>Regional Sales Manager at a New Property under National Co. for tourism, SYAHYA. in Riyadh K.S.A. The </p><p>property contained 132 rooms and suits, 5 Restaurants, Banquet hall, Meeting &amp; conference room, 166 shops &amp; </p><p>markets. </p><p>2002 - 2005 </p><p>Front Office Manager at National Co. for Tourism , SYAHYA. Saudi Arabia at airport hotel in Aseer area. </p><p>It contains 60 Motel rooms, 20 Villas, 2 Restaurants, Health club, Swimming-pool, 2 football playground, 2 </p><p>tennis court, bowling alley. </p><p>2001 - 2002 </p><p>Front Office Manager at National Co.for tourism, SYAHYA , Saudi Arabia </p><p>at el soda resort. The Ideal and best tourism resort in Saudi Arabia. In the southern area. Over sea level with </p><p>2500 feet. It contains 78 Villas, 2 Restaurants, Health club, Swimming-pool, Cable car, Luna-park with 17 </p><p>rides and games &amp; several recreational activities </p><p>2000 - 2001 </p><p>Reception supervisor at National Co. for tourism SYAHYA , Saudi Arabia </p><p>At New Abha Resort &amp; Hotel. And promoted as assistant front office manager in Abha palace hotel (5 stars). </p><p>Under rosewood hotels The complex contains 51 hotel rooms, 96 Apartments, 18 Executive Apartments, 85 </p><p>Villas, 8 Royal Villas, 3 Restaurant, Shopping mall, Health club, Swimming-pool, Cable car, Luna-park with </p><p>27 rides and 5 stars hotel. </p><p>1998 up to Dec. 1999 </p><p>Worked in Kuwait food Co. (Americana), United Arab Emirates .As KFC restaurant manager, then promoted </p><p>as assistant training manager in Abu Dhabi city. </p><p>Professional Experience: </p><p>- Exceeds personal sales goals as well as segment goals on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis </p><p>- Solicits business through action plan preparation and execution </p><p>- Responsible for achievement of objectives, as outlined in the market teams action plans </p><p>- Identifies prospective customers and establishes revenue goals for existing key accounts and key </p><p> prospects within their specific market segment </p><p>- Contracts room nights and reviews team members contracts, considering the number of rooms, </p><p> average rate and total revenue objectives of the hotel </p><p>- Oversees ongoing communication for market between property and the global sales network </p><p>- Maintains positive relationships with all guests, vendors, colleagues and global sales network </p><p>- Ensures delivery of expected guest service through follow up and coordination with other hotel </p><p> departments - Manages referral response system and tracking of definite business - both inbound and </p></li><li><p> outbound </p><p>- Prepares weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual reports as required </p><p>- Assists in the preparation and re-forecasting of hotel revenue objectives and compilation of market </p><p> intelligence </p><p>- Involved in setting individual room revenue and/or room night goals </p><p>- Assists with development and/implementation of annual budget and marketing plan </p><p>- Improves communication through attendance at weekly revenue management, rate strategy meetings </p><p> and regularly scheduled Sales Departmental meetings </p><p>Courses: </p><p> - Train Of Trainer (ToT) (Cairo Unv.) </p><p>- Human Resource Management (HRM) (Cairo Unv.) </p><p>- Strategic Management (Cairo Unv.) </p><p>- Communication Skills. (American Chamber) </p><p>- Management Skills Introduction. (American Chamber) </p><p>- Interviewing Skills. (American Chamber) </p><p>- Customer Service. (American Chamber) </p><p>- Problem solving through productive thinking. (American Chamber) </p><p>- Stress Management. (American Chamber) </p><p>- Building Relationships. (American Chamber) </p><p>- Time Management. (Knowledge Academy) </p><p>- Negotiation &amp; Communication Skills. (Knowledge Academy) </p><p>- Advanced Presentation Skills. (Knowledge Academy) </p><p>- Emotional Intelligence. (Knowledge Academy) </p><p>- Leadership &amp; Team Building. (British American Academy) </p><p>- Advanced Supervisory Skills. (British American Academy) </p><p>- Coaching &amp; Counseling Course. (British American Academy) </p><p>-Front office and art of reception </p><p>- Presentation Skills. (Americana) Abu Dhabi </p><p>- Basic Selling Skills Courses. (Americana) Abu Dhabi </p><p>-APM Americana performance management Abu Dhabi </p><p>-Restaurants management course ( Americana ) Abu Dhabi </p></li></ul>