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<ol><li> 1. K-12 Learners in the 21st Century What is missing from their Educators Lesson Plans? </li><li> 2. 21st Century Learners Statistics are telling us 63% of the educators today have not advanced beyond emails 76% of the teachers today have never used Wikis or Podcasts 50% of the students in some School Districts are not finishing high school Information Source: http://youtube/_A-ZVCjfWf8 </li><li> 3. 21st Century Learners Todays students are saying They want educators to make learning relevant so they can solve real life problems They want to be encouraged to think They want to be encouraged to create, consume, remix, and share information with each other Engage me engage me engage me! Information Source: http://youtube/_A-ZVCjfWf8 </li><li> 4. 21st Century Learners Todays students want their educators to: Make learning relevant to solve real life problems Use technology in the classroom to augment lesson plans (i.e. emails, texting, instant messaging, blogging) Use a variety of tools and teaching methodologies like reading popular books and storytelling Add technology and digital software to aid their learning process More importantly use lesson plans that are designed to engage them and increase their learning potential! </li><li> 5. Introducing Dr. William E. Liverman Motivational Speaker/ Educational Consultant / Author Taking Student Academic Achievement to another Level </li><li> 6. Mission Statement My mission is to take student academic achievement to another level. This can be accomplished by empowering educators to create effective pedagogy by developing cutting-edge instructional strategies. This process will produce the next generation of learners who will become critical thinkers in a global society. </li><li> 7. The Next Level of Education With more than 20 years as an educator, Dr. Bills professional credentials and expertise are complemented with a complete knowledge of educating students using traditional curriculum, advanced instruction models, and differentiated instruction. </li><li> 8. Personal Statement I am dedicated to finding new ways to boost the effectiveness of teaching using differentiated instruction. My focus is on improving the quality of education to more effectively mold the minds of learners, on staying abreast of new technologies and processes for teaching, and on utilizing technology to enhance student learning outcomes. Through my efforts, with the proper technology, and with a higher level of instruction, I hope to help learners to have a better correlation with events that have shaped the world we live in. </li><li> 9. Professional Background Differentiated Instruction Strategy Development Classroom Management Phonemic Awareness Standard Testing Scoring Administration In-Service Leadership Student Needs Assessments Student Counseling Special Needs Program Administration &amp; Consultancy </li><li> 10. Academic Credentials Doctor of Education Teacher Leadership Walden University Minneapolis, MN Masters Degree The Art of Teaching Marygrove College Detroit, MI Bachelor of Science Degree Chemistry Elizabeth City State University Elizabeth City, NC Professional Teaching License: Grade 7-12 </li><li> 11. Publication Differentiated Instruction and African American Male Middle School Student Academic Achievement ~ Published August 13, 2014 The publication calls attention to the fact that students science and reading grades were higher in classes that received differentiated instruction in comparison to those that received traditional (whole) class instruction. </li><li> 12. Summation I am listening to what these learners are saying! I have a profound commitment to finding new ways to boost the effectiveness of teaching through differentiated instruction. My goal is to improve the quality of education by helping Educators to more effectively mold the minds of learners using differentiated instruction. </li><li> 13. Presentation Topics Increasing Student Academic Achievement through Differentiation Differentiating Instruction through Science Technology The Dos and Don'ts of Classroom Management Using Differentiated Instruction to Motivate At-Risk Students Differentiation through Reading and Writing Techniques The following are a few select topics that Dr. Bill is currently presenting : Contact Dr. Bill to speak at your next conference, in service, event, or program: Email: DR.BILL@WAKEUP.EXPERT Toll Free: 844-7 WAKEUP </li><li> 14. William E. Liverman, Ed.D. Taking Student Achievement to another Level Toll Free: 844-7 WAKEUP Email: DR.BILL@WAKEUP.EXPERT LinkedIn: WWW.LINKEDIN.COM/PUB/WILLIAM-LIVERMAN/9B/423/BB1 Website: WWW.WAKEUP.EXPERT </li></ol>