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  • March 2013 E-Issue #17

    E-Newsletter Kentucky Veterinary Technician Association

    3rd Annual KVTA Spring Fling The 3rd Annual KVTA Spring Fling is fast approaching! The Spring

    Fling was such a success last year that KVTA has once again picked the

    Louisville Zoo to be the host. With the hard work of Ms. Barb Lewis, the

    KVTA Spring Fling will kick off at 9:00 AM April 13th, in the Gheens

    Room. Once again she secured sponsors and speakers this year, as well as

    planned the event.

    Sue Berryhill is this years keynote speaker. She is a registered

    veterinary technician as well as a veterinary technician specialist in dentistry.

    Ms. Berryhill is a Technology Specialist at Patterson Veterinary. Her class

    topics include, “Leading The Way to an Exciting Future: Your leadership

    role on the veterinary team”, “Dental Controversies: Antibiotics, Perioceutic

    Use, Tooth Resorption Strategies, & The Use of Proper Hand Instruments,”

    and “Is Charting a Treasure Hunt? Finding what lies beneath.”

    The Louisville Zoo’s very own veterinary technician Ms. Jamie

    Huber will also be speaking on her perspective on zoo animal medicine.

    After she discusses the “Life of a Veterinary Technician,” there will be a

    tour (extra cost) for those of you who wish to see behind the scenes of the


    Five CE hours have been submitted for approval from the KY Board

    of Veterinary Examiners. Registration must be received no later than April

    4th. There will NOT be a late registration or registration at the door. Your

    registration fee will include lunch and entrance to the zoo grounds where

    participants will have time to enjoy the zoo following the CE classes. KVTA

    technician members pay $45 and student KVTA members pay $30. (Student

    membership is FREE! Just fill out the form!) There is an additional cost of

    $10 for those members who choose to participate in the behind the scenes


    A copy of the brochure is included with the e-newsletter e-mail and

    includes the 2013 membership form. Please submit a single check for

    registration and membership made payable to KVTA, along with the form to

    Ms. Barb Lewis. KVTA hopes to see you at the zoo!

    Thank you to Zoetis! Zoetis sponsorship makes Spring Fling possible!

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    3rd Annual Spring Fling 1

    Minutes: Mar. 1st KVTA

    Executive Board Meeting


    NKY Vet Tech Association

    Charity Dog Walkathon


    Note from KVTA Presi-

    dent and Vice-President


    Job Opportunity

    CE Opportunities


    Membership applications for 2013 are now

    due! Applications can be found attached to

    your E-Newsletter e-mail or at KyVTA.org. Inside This Issue:

    “Like” us on facebook! [Kentucky Veterinary Technician Association (KVTA)]

    KVTA would like to give a

    BIG THANKS to Zoetis

    (formerly Pfizer Animal

    Health) for their help in the

    Spring Fling sponsorship.

    Zoetis are sponsoring Sue

    Berryhill and also donating

    towards the meal.

  • K V TA E - N e w s l e t t e r

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    Minutes: KVTA Executive Board Meeting

    “Like” us on facebook! [Kentucky Veterinary Technician Association (KVTA)]

    KVTA Executive Meeting, March 1st, 2013

    Present: Tyler Papineau - President Elect, Tara Childress - Vice President, Felecia Jones - Treasurer,

    Barbie Papajeski - Secretary

    Tyler Papineau called the meeting to order at 12:30 pm. The first item discussed was the representative to the

    Board of Veterinary Examiners. Tyler shared that Barb Lewis had received information that indicated that

    the current board was supportive of a veterinary technician being added. The current attorney did not

    interpret the requirements in the same way as the attorney had last April. Felecia Jones suggested that we

    may need to go through the Commissioner of Agriculture's office or even any representatives that we know

    who have a good relationship with the governor. There was discussion of whether to submit the names

    independently from the current board or to have them submit the names. Barbie Papajeski will contact the

    chairman(s) of the current board to find out the best way to proceed. Felecia made a motion to send all three

    names to the Governor for consideration. Tara Childress seconded. The motion passed.

    Tyler asked if everyone had a chance to look at the displays. He mentioned that he had put it together

    yesterday to see how it looked and thought we just may need to update the graphics. He did raise a concern

    on how heavy and bulky the current unit was. Felecia mentioned that we may need to just update the

    graphics for now. The costs of graphics were going to be around $400 in addition to a $400 display. After

    some discussion, Barbie Papajeski made a motion to purchase a projector for the room to display updated

    information. Tara Childress seconded the motion. The motion passed.

    Tyler noted that the CE hours were dropped from 6 to 5 hours of CE. Barbie stated that Barb had asked her

    about it by e-mail when the flyer was being produced and that she had not seen a problem dropping the

    hours. Felecia added that there were other meetings that technicians could attend such as the KVMA and re-

    gional meetings. Barbie added that several of the technicians were coming into the meetings later anyway.

    There was some discussion on the possibility of purchasing a printer. Tyler asked about the credit

    card. Felecia was still going to check with the Credit Union to see if we can get one from there before

    looking at other places. Tara and Tyler both suggested just getting a capitol one card with Tyler adding that

    he gets cash back with his. Felecia also pointed out that we would need to make sure to set a limit on the

    card. Since most purchases were not over $1,000, Barbie suggested keeping it close to that. Everyone agreed

    that $5,000 should be the most that we would need.

    There was discussion on promotional items for Spring Fling and KVMA. Barbie made a motion to authorize

    Tyler to design and purchase up to $100 of pens and promotional items for both conferences. Tara

    seconded. The motion passed.

  • K V TA E - N e w s l e t t e r

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    NKY Vet Tech Association to host Charity Dog Walkathon

    Charity Dog Walkathon

    To Benefit Pilot Dogs, Inc.

    SUNDAY, APRIL 28, 2013

    Article Submitted By Joan Arnold, LVT

    Union, KY -The Northern Kentucky Veterinary Medical and

    Technician Associations are hosting a five kilometer Charity Dog

    Walkathon again this year collecting money toward a scholarship

    fund for a local person to receive a guide dog from Pilot Dogs,

    Inc. This non-profit Lions organization (625 West Town Street Columbus, OH 43215) trains and furnishes

    pilot dogs to guide the blind at no cost to that person. It costs $9,000 to train one Pilot Dog and their


    Paula Jordan, one of the recipients, and her also sightless husband have successfully raised twin sons

    with the help of Pilot Dogs. Her most recent Pilot Dog, Babe, has given her the mobility to travel across the

    city to each of her students’ homes as a Music Therapist for the Cincinnati Association for the Blind. She

    works with students from the age of toddler through adult in the purposeful use of music for non-music


    Participants in the Walkathon may obtain applications at any Northern Kentucky Veterinary Hospital

    or at our website, http://www.nkydogwalkathon.com. On Sunday, April 28, simply bring the application and

    donation to the first shelter at Boone County Arboretum at Central Park in Union, KY between 11 AM and

    noon for registration. Walkathon begins at noon. Following the walk, Queen City Sausage and Kroger will

    provide refreshments. Prizes, from many pet-related companies, are also available for everyone. Let’s have

    a competition to see what office in Northern KY can have the largest group of participants this year.

    Erlanger won the competition last year and even came in matching shirts as you can see but Boone County

    Animal Control came in a close second. If interested in further information on the Walkathon or if interested

    in helping with the event, please contact Joan Arnold at jmalvt@aol.com or visit our website at http://

    www.nkydogwalkathon.com. The website also has directions to Boone County Arboretum at Central Park,

    photos from previous years’ events, and links to Pilot Dogs, Inc. and our sponsors’ websites. Together, we

    can unite the Veterinary community and create a better world for the vision impaired.

    “Like” us on facebook! [Kentucky Veterinary Technician Association (KVTA)]

    http://www.nkydogwalkathon.com http://www.nkydogwalkathon.com http://www.nkydogwalkathon.com

  • K V TA E - N e w s l e t t e r

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    Note from Your President - Mr. Tyler Papineau, MS, LVT

    Note from Your Vice-Presid


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