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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>VR Storytelling2016 Journalism Interactive ConferenceGainesville, Florida</p> <p>Dan PachecoSI Newhouse School of Public Communications Chair &amp; Professor of Journalism Innovation@pachecod </p> <p>drpachec@syr.edubitly.com/newhousevr</p> <p>ken harper</p> <p>VSTORYTELLING.ORG</p> <p>Everything I go over today can be found there, including handouts, video tutorials and even tips shared by students.</p> <p>Heres a special post just for this session:bitly.com/newhousevr</p> <p>ken harper</p> <p>VR JOURNALISM IN CONTEXT</p> <p>ken harper</p> <p>1436: Gutenberg Press1919: Radio broadcast and the spoken word1937: Television broadcast, images, live videoChapter 1One-Way Communication</p> <p>1988: CD-ROM, words, images, audio we interact with content1994: Internet. Find what you want, interact with people 1999: Internet capable phone anytime, anywhere accessChapter 2Interactive Communication</p> <p>Jump inside a storyTransport your consciousness, feel physically presentManipulate data as if its realChapter 3?experiential media</p> <p>NOT JUST AN ADD-ON</p> <p>THIS IS AN ENTIRELY NEW MEDIUM, LIKE WHEN CONSUMERS FIRST GOT ACCESS TO THE INTERNET</p> <p>ken harper</p> <p>HOW I GOT INTO THIS</p> <p>ken harper</p> <p>2013 NONNY DE LA PEA</p> <p>2014 HARVEST OF CHANGEGannett Digital ConsultantDes Moines Register2015 recipient of Murrow Award for innovative use of video.</p> <p>2015 TEACHING</p> <p>1. Interactive Unity scenes for Oculus Rift2. 360 Videos for GearVR and Cardboard</p> <p>2016 DOUBLED ENROLLMENTTrained another prof (Ken Harper) who is more focused on video.35 students in 2 sections doing stuff like this.Some are already being approached as seniors to jobs at big-name VR production studios.</p> <p>FOR 360, WE STARTED WITH ONE OF THESE</p> <p>ken harper</p> <p>NOW WE HAVE 9 (THANK YOU, DEAN BRANHAM!)</p> <p>See eamples of what students are producing here: http://bitly.com/newhousevr</p> <p>ken harper</p> <p>APPROXIMATE COST PER RIG:$3,700</p> <p>SOFTWARE:$427 per seatAutoPanopro Video + Giga Bundle</p> <p>CGI, video, stills and audio that exports to multiple platforms.</p> <p>Note: most can be done with free version.FREE, $500 for pro (academic pricing, on a sliding scale)</p> <p>NO STITCH SOLUTIONS</p> <p>FOCUS IS ON OPTICS</p> <p>ken harper</p> <p>Ricoh Theta S</p> <p>GIROPTIC, SHIPS IN APRIL</p> <p>NIKON KEYMISSION 360</p> <p>You probably already have some of these.</p> <p>WARNING DO NOT BECOME AN EXPERT IN HOW THINGS WORK TODAY!</p> <p>Focus on the content and storytelling techniques </p> <p>ken harper</p> <p>Now lets make some stuff together</p> <p>Links to everything yo need can be found here: bitly.com/newhousevr</p> <p>ken harper</p>