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This volume of the word count of the Voynich document contains the words from the "G" transcription. I hope it is of value to those interested in the text.


  • Voynich Word Count per Transciption.

    Volume 3: The G transcription

    Copyright 2014 by B. Bensley.

    Use freely.

    This text uses the information from http://www.voynich.nu/.

    I downloaded the transcripts from http://www.voynich.nu/folios.html, in each of the Quires and folios

    listed. This text was then edited to reduce/remove unwanted text and comments. Then I created a

    simple program to generate the list word list and the frequency of each word in the entire transcription.

    I am so hoping this helps anyone else who wants to attempt to analyze or solve the mystery of this text.

    List of word frequency for the Gtranscription:

    There are a number of lines/words where some of the characters are not defined. Here are the larger

    ones with their number of occurances:





    Each with one occurance.

  • aiin aiin 72daiin daiin 72ar ar 64chedy chedy 63al al 48okaiin okaiin 42chey chey 36qokaiin qokaiin 34chol chol 29qokai!n qokai!n 29qokeey qokeey 29ol ol 26shedy shedy 26otar otar 25qokeedy qokeedy 25or or 23otai!n otai!n 23otaiin otaiin 23cheey cheey 22okar okar 22shol shol 20cheol cheol 19dar dar 18okai!n okai!n 18okeey okeey 18qokar qokar 18qokedy qokedy 18shey shey 18am am 17chckhy chckhy 17

  • chdy chdy 17l l 17okal okal 17okedy okedy 17dair dair 16dy dy 16y y 16okeedy okeedy 15otedy otedy 15oteey oteey 15ai!n ai!n 14chor chor 14otal otal 14oteedy oteedy 14sheey sheey 14dam dam 13qokal qokal 13chear chear 12cheo cheo 12kaiin kaiin 12air air 11char char 11chody chody 11chos chos 11kar kar 11keedy keedy 11lkeey lkeey 11oty oty 11qotedy qotedy 11r r 11

  • saiin saiin 11olaiin olaiin 10otol otol 10shor shor 10tedy tedy 10aiiin aiiin 9chckhey chckhey 9cheody cheody 9chy chy 9cthy cthy 9lkai!n lkai!n 9olkaiin olkaiin 9opchedy opchedy 9qokchdy qokchdy 9qotai!n qotai!n 9qotaiin qotaiin 9qotar qotar 9tar tar 9cheky cheky 8dai!n dai!n 8lkaiin lkaiin 8o o 8okchedy okchedy 8qokey qokey 8qoky qoky 8qoty qoty 8s s 8sai!n sai!n 8sar sar 8chaiin chaiin 7

  • checkhy checkhy 7cho cho 7kai!n kai!n 7lchedy lchedy 7otchdy otchdy 7otchedy otchedy 7otchey otchey 7oteol oteol 7qodaiin qodaiin 7qokchedy qokchedy 7qokeeey qokeeey 7qokeol qokeol 7qotal qotal 7shdy shdy 7she she 7sho sho 7shy shy 7yteedy yteedy 7chcthy chcthy 6cheal cheal 6cheedy cheedy 6dchedy dchedy 6kedy kedy 6okchey okchey 6olkeedy olkeedy 6otam otam 6qokchy qokchy 6qol qol 6qopchedy qopchedy 6raiin raiin 6

  • sheedy sheedy 6tol tol 6chal chal 5chedaiin chedaiin 5chedal chedal 5chees chees 5chodaiin chodaiin 5chokai!n chokai!n 5cthey cthey 5dal dal 5dol dol 5kal kal 5kchedy kchedy 5keody keody 5lkar lkar 5lkchey lkchey 5lor lor 5okeeey okeeey 5okeody okeody 5olar olar 5otey otey 5qoaiin qoaiin 5qoeey qoeey 5qopchdy qopchdy 5qotam qotam 5qoteey qoteey 5qotol qotol 5qotor qotor 5sheo sheo 5sheol sheol 5

  • taiin taiin 5tchey tchey 5checkhey checkhey 4ched ched 4cheeey cheeey 4chkaiin chkaiin 4cphy cphy 4dary dary 4dor dor 4keey keey 4kol kol 4laiin laiin 4lchal lchal 4ldy ldy 4lkeedy lkeedy 4lky lky 4oaiin oaiin 4oar oar 4ody ody 4okeeedy okeeedy 4okol okol 4oky oky 4opchey opchey 4oraiin oraiin 4otair otair 4otchol otchol 4oteody oteody 4qokain qokain 4qokeeody qokeeody 4qoteedy qoteedy 4

  • rchedy rchedy 4sal sal 4shar shar 4shee shee 4sheody sheody 4sheor sheor 4tai!n tai!n 4tchy tchy 4teedy teedy 4ydaiin ydaiin 4ykaiin ykaiin 4ykar ykar 4ykedy ykedy 4ykeey ykeey 4ypchedy ypchedy 4ytaiin ytaiin 4ytchedy ytchedy 4aim aim 3ainr ainr 3aly aly 3chckhedy chckhedy 3checthy checthy 3chedar chedar 3cheeody cheeody 3chekai!n chekai!n 3cheor cheor 3cher cher 3chky chky 3chocthy chocthy 3chokam chokam 3

  • choky choky 3chotar chotar 3choty choty 3ckhey ckhey 3cthol cthol 3daiiin daiiin 3daim daim 3daindy daindy 3daly daly 3dshedy dshedy 3kchdy kchdy 3keeor keeor 3lcheey lcheey 3lkchedy lkchedy 3lo lo 3lol lol 3m m 3okain okain 3okam okam 3okeeo okeeo 3okeeor okeeor 3olam olam 3olchedy olchedy 3olkeey olkeey 3otchy otchy 3otedar otedar 3oteeo oteeo 3oteor oteor 3otor otor 3oy oy 3

  • pchedy pchedy 3polaiin polaiin 3qoeedy qoeedy 3qokam qokam 3qokchey qokchey 3qokl qokl 3qotody qotody 3ram ram 3sair sair 3shai!n shai!n 3shckhy shckhy 3shear shear 3sheckhy sheckhy 3shecthy shecthy 3shed shed 3sheky sheky 3shodaiin shodaiin 3shody shody 3tair tair 3tchdy tchdy 3tchedy tchedy 3tchol tchol 3ycheey ycheey 3ycheo ycheo 3ycheol ycheol 3ykeedy ykeedy 3ykeeey ykeeey 3ytam ytam 3ytedy ytedy 3yteey yteey 3

  • yty yty 3ad ad 2akaiin akaiin 2al!kai!n al!kai!n 2al!kar al!kar 2alai!n alai!n 2alkar alkar 2alom alom 2alor alor 2alshey alshey 2ar!y ar!y 2arody arody 2ary ary 2as as 2chain chain 2cham cham 2chan chan 2chckhdy chckhdy 2chcthey chcthey 2chdaiin chdaiin 2chdal chdal 2chdam chdam 2chdar chdar 2chedai!n chedai!n 2chedol chedol 2cheed cheed 2chekal chekal 2cheoar cheoar 2cheockhy cheockhy 2cheokai!n cheokai!n 2

  • cheos cheos 2ches ches 2chetar chetar 2chety chety 2cheyor cheyor 2chkai!n chkai!n 2chkal chkal 2chkedy chkedy 2chkeey chkeey 2chl chl 2chockhy chockhy 2chokaiin chokaiin 2chokar chokar 2chokchy chokchy 2chotal chotal 2chr chr 2chtal chtal 2chtchy chtchy 2chtol chtol 2ckhedy ckhedy 2ckhy ckhy 2cphedy cphedy 2cpheo cpheo 2cthar cthar 2ctheey ctheey 2cthor cthor 2d d 2dain dain 2daldy daldy 2dcheey dcheey 2

  • dcho dcho 2dody dody 2e e 2fchdy fchdy 2fchedy fchedy 2keeol keeol 2keol keol 2lai!n lai!n 2lcheol lcheol 2lchey lchey 2lkedy lkedy 2lkeeedy lkeeedy 2lkeees lkeees 2lkeeey lkeeey 2lkeeody lkeeody 2lpchedy lpchedy 2lr lr 2oai!n oai!n 2odaiin odaiin 2odal odal 2odar odar 2oeedy oeedy 2oiin oiin 2okaiiin okaiiin 2okair okair 2okchar okchar 2okchdy okchdy 2okchy okchy 2okear okear 2okechedy okechedy 2

  • okedal okedal 2okeeody okeeody 2okey okey 2okshey okshey 2olchy olchy 2olkam olkam 2olkeear olkeear 2ols ols 2olsheey olsheey 2om om 2opaiin opaiin 2opal opal 2opary opary 2opchdy opchdy 2opchy opchy 2opdaiin opdaiin 2opy opy 2oral oral 2oror oror 2os os 2otain otain 2otary otary 2oteeey oteeey 2oteo oteo 2otody otody 2pair pair 2pchdy pchdy 2pcheol pcheol 2pchor pchor 2polar polar 2

  • por por 2qeey qeey 2qo qo 2qoai!n qoai!n 2qockhy qockhy 2qodal qodal 2qody qody 2qoedaiin qoedaiin 2qoeedaiin qoeedaiin 2qoiiin qoiiin 2qoiin qoiin 2qokair qokair 2qokaldy qokaldy 2qokdy qokdy 2qokedaiin qokedaiin 2qokedar qokedar 2qokeedai!n qokeedai!n 2qokeeedy qokeeedy 2qokeeor qokeeor 2qokody qokody 2qopchey qopchey 2qopchy qopchy 2qor qor 2qotaly qotaly 2qotchey qotchey 2qotchol qotchol 2qotchy qotchy 2qotey qotey 2qoto qoto 2r!aiin r!aiin 2

  • rain rain 2rair rair 2ral ral 2rcheey rcheey 2ro ro 2s!aiin s!aiin 2s!ol s!ol 2sai!r sai!r 2sain sain 2shaiin shaiin 2shal shal 2shckhey shckhey 2shcthy shcthy 2sheaiin sheaiin 2shedal shedal 2sheekar sheekar 2shky shky 2taldy taldy 2tchodaiin tchodaiin 2tchor tchor 2teeedy teeedy 2teody teody 2teol teol 2tor tor 2tshdy tshdy 2ty ty 2ycheedy ycheedy 2ycheoky ycheoky 2ykcheor ykcheor 2ykchey ykchey 2

  • ykchy ykchy 2ykeeor ykeeor 2ykol ykol 2yshey yshey 2ytey ytey 2ytol ytol 2!!!!!!qokeey !!!!!!qokeey 1!!!!!!ykoaiin !!!!!!ykoaiin 1!!!!!cpheey !!!!!cpheey 1!!!daiin !!!daiin 1!!!qokeaiin !!!qokeaiin 1!!aiin !!aiin 1!!qokedy !!qokedy 1!aiin !aiin 1!ee*al !ee*al 1!kchy !kchy 1!raiin !raiin 1!t!sho !t!sho 1!tchear !tchear 1!teedy !teedy 1* * 1*!!**yky *!!**yky 1*!ckhyyk!l *!ckhyyk!l 1***! ***! 1*ar *ar 1*ol!shol *ol!shol 1*or!or *or!or 1a!! a!! 1a!eckhy a!eckhy 1a!ky a!ky 1

  • a!m a!m 1ac!!!!fh!!!y ac!!!!fh!!!y 1ackhdy ackhdy 1ackhy ackhy 1actha!r actha!r 1adaiin adaiin 1aeey aeey 1aickhy aickhy 1ain ain 1air!am air!am 1airol airol 1airoy airoy 1airy airy 1aiy! aiy! 1akai!n akai!n 1akal akal 1akar akar 1akchedy akchedy 1akcheey akcheey 1akchy akchy 1akey akey 1ako ako 1aky aky 1al!aiin al!aiin 1al!chl al!chl 1al!keechy al!keechy 1al!keedy!m al!keedy!m 1al!ol al!ol 1al!shedy al!shedy 1alam alam 1

  • alar alar 1alchdyyteedy alchdyyteedy 1alchedar alchedar 1alchey alchey 1alchor alchor 1ald ald 1aldaiin aldaiin 1aldar aldar 1aldl aldl 1aldoteol aldoteol 1alkai!n alkai!n 1alkain alkain 1alkam alkam 1alkeear alkeear 1alkey alkey 1alky alky 1alo alo 1aloiiin aloiiin 1alol!shedy alol!shedy 1aloldy aloldy 1alpchdar alpchdar 1alpchdy alpchdy 1alr alr 1am!am am!am 1aman aman 1amchd amchd 1amd amd 1ar!akaiin ar!akaiin 1arad arad 1arai!n arai!n 1

  • araiin araiin 1aral aral 1araral araral 1arl arl 1arodl arodl 1aroshy aroshy 1as!!!!!h as!!!!!h 1ataiin ataiin 1ateey ateey 1aytayd aytayd 1c!!!!f!!!!hl c!!!!f!!!!hl 1ch!etchy ch!etchy 1ch!ody ch!ody 1cha cha 1cha!ky cha!ky 1chaiiin chaiiin 1chaiindcheey chaiindcheey 1chakai!n chakai!n 1chaky chaky 1chal!kai!n chal!kai!n 1chald chald 1chalor chalor 1char!a* char!a* 1chcfhar chcfhar 1chcfhey chcfhey 1chcheey chcheey 1chcheky chcheky 1chckhaiin chckhaiin 1chckhal chckhal 1chckham chckham 1

  • chckhd chckhd 1chckheal chckheal 1chckhody chckhody 1chcphey chcphey 1chcphol chcphol 1chcphy chcphy 1chcth!y chcth!y 1chcthal chcthal 1chctham chctham 1chcthar chcthar 1chcthd chcthd 1chcthdy chcthdy 1chd chd 1chdai!n chdai!n 1chdair chdair 1chdairod chdairod 1chdalor chdalor 1chdaly chdaly 1chdchy chdchy 1chdedy chdedy 1chdiy chdiy 1chdl!ty chdl!ty 1chdo chdo 1chdodaiin chdodaiin 1chdody chdody 1chdol chdol 1chdor chdor 1chdy!pdaiin chdy!pdaiin 1chdyytchedal chdyytchedal 1che!ty che!ty 1

  • cheadar cheadar 1cheaiin cheaiin 1cheal!char cheal!char 1chealy chealy 1chearam chearam 1chechey chechey 1checkhdy checkhdy 1checkhol checkhol 1checphey checphey 1ched!kai!n ched!kai!n 1chedaiiin chedaiiin 1chedalor chedalor 1chedom chedom 1chedy!olkeedy chedy!olkeedy 1chedychckheody chedychckheody 1chedyoke*chsh!!!!y chedyoke*chsh!!!!y 1chedyty chedyty 1cheedai!n cheedai!n 1cheedaiin cheedaiin 1cheedls cheedls 1cheeeo cheeeo 1cheeir cheeir 1cheekai!n cheekai!n 1cheeky cheeky 1cheeo cheeo 1cheeo!daiin cheeo!daiin 1cheeol cheeol 1cheeoldy cheeoldy 1cheeor cheeor 1cheeos cheeos 1

  • cheetam cheetam 1cheeteey cheeteey 1cheety cheety 1cheevl cheevl 1chefy chefy 1chek chek 1chekar chekar 1chekcheey chekcheey 1chekchey chekchey 1cheked cheked 1chekedy chekedy 1chekeedy chekeedy 1chekel chekel 1chekey chekey 1chekychochy chekychochy 1chel chel 1chem chem 1chemy chemy 1cheo!al cheo!al 1cheo!dal cheo!dal 1cheo!kchet cheo!kchet 1cheoaiin cheoaiin 1cheoal cheoal 1cheod cheod 1cheodai!n cheodai!n 1cheodaiin cheodaiin 1cheodari!daiin cheodari!daiin 1cheodeeey cheodeeey 1cheodeey cheodeey 1cheok cheok 1

  • cheokaiin cheokaiin 1cheokedy cheokedy 1cheokeeas cheokeeas 1cheokeol cheokeol 1cheol!keey cheol!keey 1cheolor cheolor 1cheoltched cheoltched 1cheopaiin cheopaiin 1cheopy cheopy 1cheoty cheoty 1chepch* chepch* 1chepchar chepchar 1cheshy cheshy 1chet chet 1chet!ai!n chet!ai!n 1chetai!n chetai!n 1chetaiin chetaiin 1chetanr!aryokol chetanr!aryokol 1chete!dar chete!dar 1chetedy chetedy 1chf!kcheos chf!kcheos 1chfchol chfchol 1chidy chidy 1chka!lkar chka!lkar 1chkal!chy chkal!chy 1chkas chkas 1chkchory chkchory 1chkchy chkchy 1chkey chkey 1chkeyokedy chkeyokedy 1

  • chlai!n chlai!n 1cho!keey cho!keey 1cho* cho* 1choal choal 1chocfhdy chocfhdy 1chockhdy chockhdy 1chocpheod chocpheod 1chocphor chocphor 1chocthedy chocthedy 1chod chod 1chodai!n chodai!n 1chodar chodar 1choiin choiin 1chok chok 1chok!y chok!y 1chokair chokair 1chokaly chokaly 1chokchodaiin chokchodaiin 1chokeal chokeal 1chokedair chokedair 1chokeeo!dol chokeeo!dol 1chokeeody chokeeody 1chokeeokychokoran chokeeokychokoran 1chokeeor chokeeor 1chokeey chokeey 1chokeo chokeo 1chokeol chokeol 1chol!kaiin chol!kaiin 1chol!keedy chol!keedy 1chol!kii!n chol!kii!n 1

  • cholchey cholchey 1cholshol cholshol 1choltar choltar 1cholty cholty 1choly choly 1chom chom 1choo choo 1choody choody 1chopchey chopchey 1chopo!sair chopo!sair 1choraiin choraiin 1choror choror 1chorydaiin chorydaiin 1chosaiin chosaiin 1chot chot 1chotaiin chotaiin 1chotair chotair 1chotam chotam 1chotcheey chotcheey 1chotcho!l chotcho!l 1chotchy chotchy 1choteey choteey 1chotshp chotshp 1chotshy chotshy 1choty* choty* 1choy choy 1chpcheey chpcheey 1chpchshdy chpchshdy 1chram!oky chram!oky 1chtaiin chtaiin 1

  • chtainr chtainr 1chtal!sam chtal!sam 1chtedy chtedy 1chtody chtody 1chtor chtor 1chty chty 1chy!keor chy!keor 1chyckh chyckh 1chykeedy chykeedy 1chyqokey chyqokey 1ckhaiin ckhaiin 1ckhar ckhar 1ckhary ckhary 1ckheey ckheey 1ckheol ckheol 1ckhody ckhody 1ckhol ckhol 1ckhor ckhor 1ckhydy ckhydy 1cph!ady cph!ady 1cphaii!n cphaii!n 1cphaiin cphaiin 1cphoal cphoal 1cphochy cphochy 1cphocthy cphocthy 1cphokchol cphokchol 1cphor cphor 1cth!!!aykeeod cth!!!aykeeod 1cth!!!y cth!!!y 1cthachc!hy cthachc!hy 1

  • cthaiin cthaiin 1cthain cthain 1ctham ctham 1cthdy cthdy 1cthe!ty cthe!ty 1cthee!s cthee!s 1ctheol ctheol 1ctheor ctheor 1cther cther 1cthey!m cthey!m 1ctho ctho 1ctho!dykar!yd ctho!dykar!yd 1cthochy cthochy 1d!!aloraiin d!!aloraiin 1d!aiin d!aiin 1da!iin da!iin 1da!ly da!ly 1da!r da!r 1da!shy da!shy 1da*dy da*dy 1daar daar 1daiin!y daiin!y 1daiinr daiinr 1daiir daiir 1dail!dai!n dail!dai!n 1daincho daincho 1dainr dainr 1dainry dainry 1dairiy dairiy 1dairor dairor 1

  • daisin daisin 1dal!octh!y dal!octh!y 1dal!sotar!dy dal!sotar!dy 1dala dala 1dalaiin dalaiin 1dalain dalain 1dalch!d dalch!d 1dalchaiin!d dalchaiin!d 1dalchdy dalchdy 1daldaiin daldaiin 1daldar daldar 1dalkedy dalkedy 1dalol dalol 1dalol!y dalol!y 1dals dals 1dalteoshy dalteoshy 1dalyokeeor dalyokeeor 1dan dan 1dandain dandain 1dar!aiin dar!aiin 1daral daral 1darchy darchy 1darody darody 1das!ar das!ar 1dcham dcham 1dchda*ldyykedy dchda*ldyykedy 1dchdar dchdar 1dcheod dcheod 1dcheor dcheor 1dcheoty dcheoty 1

  • dchom dchom 1dchor dchor 1dchos dchos 1dchy dchy 1deedar deedar 1deeedy deeedy 1derey derey 1dkchr dkchr 1dm dm 1dod dod 1dodar dodar 1dodyykeey dodyykeey 1doiiin doiiin 1dol!y dol!y 1dolor dolor 1dotedy dotedy 1dshe!y dshe!y 1dsheey dsheey 1dsheo dsheo 1dshodchar dshodchar 1dshody dshody 1dshor dshor 1dshy dshy 1dy!fchdy dy!fchdy 1dychol dychol 1dydaiin dydaiin 1dydain dydain 1dydor dydor 1dydy dydy 1dyiins dyiins 1

  • dykedy dykedy 1dykeedaiin dykeedaiin 1dyodainlykchy dyodainlykchy 1dytydy dytydy 1eeckhy eeckhy 1eedol eedol 1eeedaiin eeedaiin 1eeedy eeedy 1eees eees 1eeody eeody 1ekaiin ekaiin 1eteir eteir 1ety ety 1fam fam 1far far 1fchee fchee 1fcheeo fcheeo 1fcheol fcheol 1fcheshd fcheshd 1fchey!dam fchey!dam 1fcho!cthor fcho!cthor 1fchoctheody fchoctheody 1fdeechdy fdeechdy 1feeedy feeedy 1folchear folchear 1folchey folchey 1folchor folchor 1folor!arom folor!arom 1fsholom fsholom 1iin iin 1

  • iinchom iinchom 1k!chod k!chod 1k!ody k!ody 1kae!ol kae!ol 1kair kair 1kalchdy kalchdy 1kaldy kaldy 1kam kam 1kam!dam kam!dam 1karai!ny karai!ny 1karal karal 1kchdaiin kchdaiin 1kchdal kchdal 1kchdydchedy kchdydchedy 1kchdyqokedy kchdyqokedy 1kcheeckh kcheeckh 1kcheeos kcheeos 1kcheey kcheey 1kcheo kcheo 1kcheo!daiin kcheo!daiin 1kcheol kcheol 1kcheor kcheor 1kchey kchey 1kcho kcho 1kchodan kchodan 1kchol kchol 1kchos kchos 1ke!dy ke!dy 1kechy kechy 1kedair kedair 1

  • kedalchy kedalchy 1kedar kedar 1kee!!y kee!!y 1keechey keechey 1keed!eedy keed!eedy 1keedai!n keedai!n 1keedal keedal 1keedar keedar 1keeed keeed 1keeedy keeedy 1keeeody keeeody 1keeey!dchckhoekeckhesshy keeey!dchckhoekeckhesshy 1keeo keeo 1keeo!dy keeo!dy 1keeoal keeoal 1keeodal keeodal 1keeodar keeodar 1keeos keeos 1keeoy keeoy 1keepchy keepchy 1keero!dal keero!dal 1keolor keolor 1keshdy keshdy 1key key 1kkedy kkedy 1ko!ar ko!ar 1kodaiin kodaiin 1kol!chey kol!chey 1kol!fchdy kol!fchdy 1koldal koldal 1

  • kolky kolky 1kool kool 1kor!y kor!y 1koshey koshey 1kotchy kotchy 1ksha ksha 1ksha!raiin ksha!raiin 1kshady kshady 1kshar!tar kshar!tar 1kshdy kshdy 1ksheeol ksheeol 1ksheo ksheo 1kshey kshey 1kshor kshor 1ky ky 1l!*s l!*s 1l!chedy l!chedy 1l!kai!n l!kai!n 1l!keeody l!keeody 1l!okaiin l!okaiin 1l!or l!or 1l!shdar l!shdar 1la!ram la!ram 1lair lair 1lal lal 1laldaiin laldaiin 1lchar lchar 1lchdal lchdal 1lchdy lchdy 1lchealaim lchealaim 1

  • lcheam lcheam 1lcheedy lcheedy 1lcheo lcheo 1lcheos lcheos 1lchod lchod 1lchol lchol 1lchol!kaiin lchol!kaiin 1lchor lchor 1lchsl lchsl 1ldar ldar 1lkain lkain 1lkam lkam 1lkch lkch 1lkchdy lkchdy 1lkcheo lkcheo 1lkcheol lkcheol 1lkches lkches 1lkchor lkchor 1lkchy lkchy 1lkeai!n lkeai!n 1lkeches lkeches 1lked lked 1lkedal lkedal 1lkeeed lkeeed 1lkeeedam lkeeedam 1lkeeo lkeeo 1lkeeoar lkeeoar 1lkeo lkeo 1lkeody lkeody 1lkeshdy lkeshdy 1

  • lkey lkey 1lkl lkl 1lklcheol lklcheol 1lkshedy lkshedy 1lldy lldy 1llm llm 1llo llo 1llor llor 1loaiin loaiin 1loar loar 1loary loary 1lodar lodar 1loeees loeees 1loldy loldy 1lolkeol lolkeol 1lolotchdy lolotchdy 1lom lom 1lor!aiin lor!aiin 1los los 1lotal lotal 1loty loty 1ls!!!!!hor ls!!!!!hor 1lshdaiin lshdaiin 1lshed lshed 1lshedy lshedy 1lsheedy lsheedy 1lshekai!n lshekai!n 1lsheol lsheol 1lshey lshey 1ltal ltal 1

  • ltchs ltchs 1lteam lteam 1lteedy lteedy 1o!aiin o!aiin 1o!poldy o!poldy 1o!r o!r 1o!tcha o!tcha 1o!yk!eeey o!yk!eeey 1o*!check!hy o*!check!hy 1o*aiin o*aiin 1oai!r oai!r 1oainl oainl 1oal oal 1oaor oaor 1oar!ar oar!ar 1ocfhedy ocfhedy 1ocfhy ocfhy 1ochadal ochadal 1ocheor ocheor 1ochokeey ochokeey 1ochor ochor 1ockh ockh 1ocphy ocphy 1octhd octhd 1octhdy octhdy 1octhey octhey 1octhy octhy 1od*!dy od*!dy 1odain odain 1odaly odaly 1

  • odam odam 1odan odan 1odchy odchy 1odor odor 1oeail oeail 1oeain oeain 1oeda*! oeda*! 1oeeal oeeal 1oeedaiin oeedaiin 1oeeeky oeeeky 1oeeey oeeey 1oeeos oeeos 1oees oees 1oekeody oekeody 1oeky oeky 1oepchol oepchol 1ofaiin ofaiin 1ofam ofam 1ofaral ofaral 1ofchedaiin ofchedaiin 1ofchedains ofchedains 1ofchedy ofchedy 1ofchey ofchey 1ofchr ofchr 1oiiin oiiin 1oir oir 1oir!!!!!!!!!!!!! oir!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1ok!ytar ok!ytar 1ok*dyd ok*dyd 1oka!!n oka!!n 1

  • okadar okadar 1okaedy okaedy 1okaeechey okaeechey 1okainiin okainiin 1okal!ched okal!ched 1okal!shdy okal!shdy 1okalchdy okalchdy 1okalchedy okalchedy 1okaldy okaldy 1okalotchedy okalotchedy 1okalydaiin okalydaiin 1okarol okarol 1okas okas 1okchaiin okchaiin 1okchal okchal 1okchd okchd 1okchdar okchdar 1okchedaiin okchedaiin 1okchedam okchedam 1okchee!y okchee!y 1okcheey okcheey 1okcho okcho 1okchoiiin okchoiiin 1okchol okchol 1okchor okchor 1oke!dar oke!dar 1okeal okeal 1okeal!shedy okeal!shedy 1oked oked 1okeear okeear 1

  • okeechey okeechey 1okeechy okeechy 1okeedey okeedey 1okeedy!key okeedy!key 1okeeodar okeeodar 1okeeshy okeeshy 1okeoam okeoam 1okeokai!n okeokai!n 1okeol okeol 1okeor okeor 1okeorl okeorl 1okeshor okeshor 1okesoe okesoe 1okey!!!!!!!!!!! okey!!!!!!!!!!! 1okiin okiin 1okod okod 1okody okody 1okody!kchody okody!kchody 1okoeey okoeey 1okol!dm okol!dm 1okshedy okshedy 1okyytaldy okyytaldy 1ol!!!!!!!!!!!!! ol!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1ol!cheor ol!cheor 1ol!sheey ol!sheey 1olai!n olai!n 1olai!r olai!r 1olair olair 1olal olal 1olald olald 1

  • olchai!n olchai!n 1olchdy olchdy 1olcheedy olcheedy 1olcheky olcheky 1olchey olchey 1old old 1oldal oldal 1oldyotoly oldyotoly 1olka!dy olka!dy 1olkal olkal 1olkar olkar 1olkchey olkchey 1olkedy olkedy 1olkeeady olkeeady 1olkeedai!n olkeedai!n 1olkeeey olkeeey 1olkeol olkeol 1olkey olkey 1olky olky 1olo olo 1oloeedyykeeod!ar oloeedyykeeod!ar 1olol olol 1olor olor 1olos olos 1olr olr 1olr!aiin olr!aiin 1olshedy olshedy 1oltsho oltsho 1oly oly 1omom omom 1

  • oor oor 1opailo opailo 1opair opair 1opalchdy opalchdy 1opalor opalor 1opchaiin opchaiin 1opchdal opchdal 1opchdar opchdar 1opchedaiin opchedaiin 1opcheedy opcheedy 1opcheeo opcheeo 1opcheey opcheey 1opcheody opcheody 1opcheol opcheol 1opchod opchod 1opdaildo opdaildo 1opdairody opdairody 1opdar opdar 1opod opod 1opomdy opomdy 1opor opor 1oporaiin oporaiin 1opshedy opshedy 1opsheo!dair opsheo!dair 1oq oq 1oqd oqd 1oqoar oqoar 1oqocho!sai!n oqocho!sai!n 1oqotaiiin oqotaiiin 1or!air or!air 1

  • or!ar or!ar 1or!cheo or!cheo 1ora!m ora!m 1oracphy oracphy 1orai!n orai!n 1oraiinotal oraiinotal 1oram oram 1orcheey orcheey 1orol orol 1orolkaiin orolkaiin 1orory!teop orory!teop 1ory ory 1os!!!!!hox os!!!!!hox 1osaiin osaiin 1osal osal 1osheal osheal 1oshey oshey 1ot ot 1ot!odaiin ot!odaiin 1ota!keol ota!keol 1otady otady 1otae!y otae!y 1otail otail 1otaim otaim 1otairar otairar 1otal!air otal!air 1otal!ches otal!ches 1otal!d otal!d 1otalal otalal 1otaldal otaldal 1

  • otalkai!n otalkai!n 1otaray otaray 1otcham otcham 1otchar otchar 1otcheal otcheal 1otchechy otchechy 1otchedai!n otchedai!n 1otchedair otchedair 1otcheedaiin otcheedaiin 1otcheey otcheey 1otcheor otcheor 1otcher otcher 1otchm otchm 1otcho otcho 1otchod otchod 1otchodardcho otchodardcho 1otchordyokchol otchordyokchol 1otchoty otchoty 1oteai!n oteai!n 1oteaiin oteaiin 1oteal oteal 1otear otear 1otecheedy otecheedy 1otechy otechy 1otedy!ar otedy!ar 1otedy!do otedy!do 1oteeaiinchtchy oteeaiinchtchy 1oteed oteed 1oteed!aiin oteed!aiin 1oteed!y oteed!y 1

  • oteedal oteedal 1oteee*y oteee*y 1oteeedy oteeedy 1oteeel oteeel 1oteees oteees 1oteein oteein 1oteel oteel 1oteeo!s oteeo!s 1oteeodl oteeodl 1oteeody oteeody 1oteeosy oteeosy 1otees otees 1oteod oteod 1otl otl 1oto oto 1otodaiin otodaiin 1otol!oaiin otol!oaiin 1otoldy otoldy 1otolol otolol 1otorsheey otorsheey 1otos otos 1otsh otsh 1otshaiin otshaiin 1otshdaiin otshdaiin 1otshedy otshedy 1otshely otshely 1otsheody otsheody 1oty!dal oty!dal 1oty!keey oty!keey 1oty*shoto oty*shoto 1

  • otychey otychey 1oyi!n oyi!n 1oyty oyty 1p p 1p!!char p!!char 1pa!shol pa!shol 1painr painr 1pairody pairody 1palchey palchey 1palkeedy palkeedy 1palkiin palkiin 1palshsar palshsar 1par!chdy par!chdy 1pch!odchy pch!odchy 1pchair!oly pchair!oly 1pchdaiin pchdaiin 1pchdair pchdair 1pchdal pchdal 1pchear pchear 1pchedai!n pchedai!n 1pchedairs pchedairs 1pcheo!keey pcheo!keey 1pcheockhy pcheockhy 1pcheocphy pcheocphy 1pcheodaiin pcheodaiin 1pcheor pcheor 1pcheos pcheos 1pches*chy pches*chy 1pcheyor pcheyor 1pcho!dai!n pcho!dai!n 1

  • pcho!dair pcho!dair 1pchodai!n pchodai!n 1pchodal pchodal 1pchol!keedy pchol!keedy 1pcholky pcholky 1pchomotar pchomotar 1pchor!opchor pchor!opchor 1pchoraiin pchoraiin 1pchosos pchosos 1pds!a!iry pds!a!iry 1poar poar 1pochedy pochedy 1pochey pochey 1podair podair 1pody pody 1poedair poedair 1pokeey pokeey 1pol pol 1pol!laiin pol!laiin 1pola*ar pola*ar 1polchdy polchdy 1polchedy polchedy 1polor polor 1polrairy polrairy 1polshy polshy 1poly poly 1pom pom 1poraiin poraiin 1poshear poshear 1psalar psalar 1

  • pshesy pshesy 1pshey pshey 1pshy pshy 1pychdar pychdar 1pydaiin pydaiin 1pyoty!tam pyoty!tam 1q!koy q!koy 1qaiiin qaiiin 1qckham qckham 1qcpheedy qcpheedy 1qekal qekal 1qeokeey qeokeey 1qeol qeol 1qeykeey qeykeey 1qo!ar qo!ar 1qo!cthedy qo!cthedy 1qo!dar qo!dar 1qo!edy qo!edy 1qo!iin qo!iin 1qoais qoais 1qoal qoal 1qoar qoar 1qochaiin qochaiin 1qocheol qocheol 1qockhey qockhey 1qockhom qockhom 1qocthedy qocthedy 1qod qod 1qodai!n qodai!n 1qodain qodain 1

  • qodair qodair 1qoe!ear qoe!ear 1qoedeey qoedeey 1qoedy qoedy 1qoeedai!n qoeedai!n 1qoeeear qoeeear 1qoeeeey qoeeeey 1qoeees qoeees 1qoeeey qoeeey 1qoeekai!n qoeekai!n 1qoeeody qoeeody 1qoees qoees 1qoekaiin qoekaiin 1qoeke!sy qoeke!sy 1qoekeey qoekeey 1qofair qofair 1qofchedy qofchedy 1qofcheol qofcheol 1qofsheeey qofsheeey 1qofy qofy 1qok qok 1qok!ay qok!ay 1qok*!d qok*!d 1qok***! qok***! 1qoka!am qoka!am 1qoka!dody qoka!dody 1qoka!ekeeey qoka!ekeeey 1qokaim qokaim 1qokair!olchdy qokair!olchdy 1qokaly qokaly 1

  • qokan qokan 1qokchain qokchain 1qokchd qokchd 1qokcheey qokcheey 1qokcheo qokcheo 1qokcheo*y qokcheo*y 1qokchol qokchol 1qokchor qokchor 1qokeain qokeain 1qokechy qokechy 1qoked qoked 1qokedai!n qokedai!n 1qokedam!chy qokedam!chy 1qokedol qokedol 1qokeear qokeear 1qokeechey qokeechey 1qokeechy qokeechy 1qokeed qokeed 1qokeedaiin qokeedaiin 1qokeedair qokeedair 1qokeees qokeees 1qokeeiin qokeeiin 1qokeeo!as qokeeo!as 1qokeeo!daiin qokeeo!daiin 1qokeeo!dy qokeeo!dy 1qokeeol qokeeol 1qokeochy qokeochy 1qokeodyykedy qokeodyykedy 1qokm qokm 1qokoaiin qokoaiin 1

  • qokodaiin qokodaiin 1qokodsho qokodsho 1qokodykchdy qokodykchdy 1qokol qokol 1qokol!kchdy qokol!kchdy 1qokshedy qokshedy 1qoksheo qoksheo 1qoksheoy qoksheoy 1qokshy qokshy 1qoor qoor 1qop qop 1qopaiin qopaiin 1qopal qopal 1qopam qopam 1qopchais qopchais 1qopchear qopchear 1qopchedaiin qopchedaiin 1qopchedy!ldy qopchedy!ldy 1qopcheey qopcheey 1qopchody qopchody 1qopdai!n qopdai!n 1qopoeey qopoeey 1qopol qopol 1qor!cheii!n qor!cheii!n 1qosai!n qosai!n 1qosheckh!y qosheckh!y 1qot qot 1qot!aiin!os qot!aiin!os 1qot!eo qot!eo 1qotain qotain 1

  • qotair qotair 1qotch!!dy qotch!!dy 1qotchar qotchar 1qotchdy qotchdy 1qotchedy qotchedy 1qotcheol qotcheol 1qotcho qotcho 1qote!ar qote!ar 1qotea!s qotea!s 1qoteal qoteal 1qoteayl qoteayl 1qoted qoted 1qotedal qotedal 1qoteedar qoteedar 1qoteeddy qoteeddy 1qoteeedy qoteeedy 1qoteees qoteees 1qoteeol qoteeol 1qoteo qoteo 1qoteol qoteol 1qotl qotl 1qotshy qotshy 1qoy qoy 1qtaiin qtaiin 1qtaiir qtaiir 1qtam qtam 1qtees qtees 1qykchey qykchey 1r!airy r!airy 1r!araiin r!araiin 1

  • r!chy r!chy 1r!okaiin r!okaiin 1r!om r!om 1rai!r rai!r 1rairal rairal 1ralchr ralchr 1ralchy ralchy 1rar rar 1raral raral 1raram raram 1rchsh!!esy rchsh!!esy 1rchsy rchsy 1reedy reedy 1rodaiin rodaiin 1rodeedy rodeedy 1rol rol 1rol!keey rol!keey 1ror ror 1rotai!n rotai!n 1s!!!!heor s!!!!heor 1s!ar s!ar 1s!cheey s!cheey 1s!cho s!cho 1s!olkchy s!olkchy 1s!os s!os 1s!seok s!seok 1s!shey s!shey 1s!yfchey s!yfchey 1sa sa 1sa!s sa!s 1

  • sadar sadar 1sady sady 1sairy sairy 1saraiin saraiin 1sarol sarol 1sayfchedy sayfchedy 1schdyytedy schdyytedy 1sd!*y sd!*y 1seckhchy seckhchy 1sey sey 1sh!!!!s sh!!!!s 1sh!ckhy sh!ckhy 1sh!iin sh!iin 1sh!kar sh!kar 1sh!ockhy sh!ockhy 1sh%%%%% sh%%%%% 1sh*!y sh*!y 1sh*ey sh*ey 1sha sha 1shaiiin shaiiin 1shain shain 1shakam shakam 1shalkl shalkl 1sharam sharam 1shchr shchr 1shchy shchy 1shckhcfhy shckhcfhy 1shckhshe!t shckhshe!t 1shcphy shcphy 1shcthey shcthey 1

  • shd shd 1shdaiin shdaiin 1shdal shdal 1shdshd shdshd 1she!dy she!dy 1she*dy she*dy 1shea shea 1shea!y shea!y 1sheady sheady 1sheai!n sheai!n 1sheal sheal 1sheckhedy sheckhedy 1shed!aitai!n shed!aitai!n 1sheda!r sheda!r 1shedai!n shedai!n 1shedaiiin shedaiiin 1shedaiin shedaiin 1shedar shedar 1shedey shedey 1shee!dy shee!dy 1shee!ky shee!ky 1shee* shee* 1sheear sheear 1sheed sheed 1sheedar sheedar 1sheedo sheedo 1sheeeky sheeeky 1sheekai!n sheekai!n 1sheekas sheekas 1sheekeey sheekeey 1

  • sheeky sheeky 1sheeo!daiin sheeo!daiin 1sheeod sheeod 1sheeol sheeol 1sheeoly sheeoly 1shees shees 1sheet sheet 1sheetchy sheetchy 1shek shek 1shekady shekady 1shekcheyopshes shekcheyopshes 1shekchy shekchy 1shekey shekey 1shelain shelain 1sheod sheod 1sheokai!n sheokai!n 1sheokeedy sheokeedy 1sheoky sheoky 1sheol!kchy sheol!kchy 1shep shep 1shka shka 1shkaiin shkaiin 1shkair shkair 1shkchedy shkchedy 1shkeor shkeor 1sho!y sho!y 1shoaiin shoaiin 1shocfhy shocfhy 1shochol shochol 1shockhol shockhol 1

  • shocph!y shocph!y 1shodody shodody 1shokar shokar 1shokchy shokchy 1shokeey shokeey 1shol!keechy shol!keechy 1sholkshy sholkshy 1sholy sholy 1shorody shorody 1shotedy shotedy 1shoteol shoteol 1shpy shpy 1shrol shrol 1shtchy shtchy 1shty shty 1shy!sho shy!sho 1shykaiin shykaiin 1skaiin skaiin 1soai!n soai!n 1sodyoteo!daiin sodyoteo!daiin 1soiin soiin 1sokal sokal 1sol sol 1sol!chedy sol!chedy 1solchctho solchctho 1solkai!n solkai!n 1solkeedy solkeedy 1solol solol 1solpchd solpchd 1sor sor 1

  • sy sy 1syshees syshees 1t!chey t!chey 1ta!y ta!y 1tadaiin tadaiin 1taiin!y taiin!y 1taim taim 1taipar taipar 1takar takar 1talkain talkain 1talol talol 1taly taly 1tar!chor tar!chor 1taral taral 1taram taram 1tarol tarol 1taros taros 1tchaiin tchaiin 1tchain tchain 1tchddy tchddy 1tchedaiin tchedaiin 1tchedair tchedair 1tchede tchede 1tchedol tchedol 1tchedor tchedor 1tcheepchey tcheepchey 1tcheodaiin tcheodaiin 1tcheody tcheody 1tcheolchy tcheolchy 1tcheot tcheot 1

  • tcho!ararshy tcho!ararshy 1tchoar tchoar 1tchod tchod 1tchodair!os tchodair!os 1tchody tchody 1tcholokcho tcholokcho 1tcholol tcholol 1tchot tchot 1tchotchey tchotchey 1tchs tchs 1tdokchcfhy tdokchcfhy 1tealy tealy 1techy techy 1tedai!n tedai!n 1tedain tedain 1tedair tedair 1teear teear 1teedal teedal 1teeo teeo 1teeoar teeoar 1teeodain teeodain 1teey teey 1teo teo 1teoar teoar 1teodaiin teodaiin 1teodarody teodarody 1teos teos 1teoy teoy 1tey tey 1tnis tnis 1

  • tochsy tochsy 1tockhy tockhy 1todaiin todaiin 1todalain todalain 1tody tody 1todytchdy todytchdy 1tokary tokary 1toky toky 1tol!kchdy tol!kchdy 1tolpchy tolpchy 1tolshey tolshey 1torary torary 1tos!ainm tos!ainm 1toy toy 1tsh tsh 1tshed tshed 1tshedar tshedar 1tshedy tshedy 1tsheey tsheey 1tsheody tsheody 1tshes tshes 1tsho tsho 1tshodpy tshodpy 1tshol tshol 1vlly vlly 1xar xar 1y!chy y!chy 1y!daiin y!daiin 1y!doly y!doly 1y!kaiin y!kaiin 1

  • y!kchey y!kchey 1y!keedal y!keedal 1y!shee y!shee 1y!sheey y!sheey 1y!sheol y!sheol 1yar yar 1ychdy ychdy 1ychear ychear 1ychedal ychedal 1ychedar ychedar 1ycheeckhy ycheeckhy 1ycho ycho 1ychosar ychosar 1ycphta ycphta 1ydsh ydsh 1yfcheky yfcheky 1yfchey yfchey 1yfor yfor 1yk yk 1yk!akaiin yk!akaiin 1yk*!eol yk*!eol 1yka!y yka!y 1ykair ykair 1ykairytchdam ykairytchdam 1ykal!ar ykal!ar 1ykchdy ykchdy 1ykcheshd ykcheshd 1ykcho ykcho 1ykchokeo ykchokeo 1ykchol ykchol 1

  • ykedy!dy ykedy!dy 1ykeeda!n ykeeda!n 1ykeedai!n ykeedai!n 1ykeeedy ykeeedy 1ykeeo!s ykeeo!s 1ykeeodam ykeeodam 1ykeeody ykeeody 1ykeeol ykeeol 1ykeo!daiin ykeo!daiin 1ykeod!y ykeod!y 1ykeodar ykeodar 1ykeoeshy ykeoeshy 1ykeoldy ykeoldy 1ykolody ykolody 1yky yky 1ylcheey ylcheey 1yo!as yo!as 1yokalod yokalod 1yolkol yolkol 1ypair ypair 1ypchd ypchd 1ypche!dy ypche!dy 1ypchy ypchy 1ypdy ypdy 1ypsholy ypsholy 1ysheedy ysheedy 1ysheeil ysheeil 1ysheey ysheey 1yshesy yshesy 1yshoai!n yshoai!n 1

  • yshs!sheeo yshs!sheeo 1yt!chej yt!chej 1ytai!n ytai!n 1ytair ytair 1ytal ytal 1ytalchos ytalchos 1ytaly ytaly 1ytchdy ytchdy 1ytched ytched 1ytcheeky ytcheeky 1ytchey ytchey 1ytchol ytchol 1ytchor ytchor 1yte!dy yte!dy 1ytedyykeal ytedyykeal 1yteeed yteeed 1yteeeor yteeeor 1yteeey yteeey 1yteeo yteeo 1yteeol yteeol 1yteo yteo 1yteody yteody 1yteychkchodypchedpy yteychkchodypchedpy 1ytor ytor 1

    Voynich Word Count per Transciption Volume 3g