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<ul><li><p>The JTEKT Way</p><p>Produced by The Advocate &amp; Democrat</p></li><li><p>2-The JTEKT Way</p><p>When you enter JTEKTs facili-ties in the Tellico West Industrial Park, you see a large sign on the wall, which highlights what is known as the JTEKT Way.</p><p>Among other things, the JTEKT Way is a promise to put its custom-ers first though a commitment to look at things from their customers viewpoint and to sincerely respond to their customers requests.</p><p>Located in Vonore for 29 years, JTEKT has relied on its outstand-ing employees to live up to the JTEKT Way to produce the electric </p><p>and hydraulic power steering com-ponents many vehicles on the road today depend on. JTEKTs Plant 1 has led the way for nearly three decades and now a new plant will come online this spring securing the companys future for decades to come.</p><p>JTEKT purchased the 375,000-square-foot former MARCA build-ing across the street from its cur-rent Plant 1, doubling its manufac-turing space and creating Plant 2.</p><p>Plant 2 Plant Manager Brad Franklin and Human Resource </p><p>Manager Terry Knight said JTEKT will use the new building to manu-facture the automobile steering technology of the future: rack par-allel and dual pinion. Some of the vehicles that JTEKTs Vonore facil-ity provides steering for include: Camry, Lexus, Accord, Tacoma, Nissan Altima and Chrysler vehicles.</p><p>JTEKT will use the most advanced technology in the indus-try to produce the new parts. Even the temperature and humidity of the new production facility are controlled to ensure the best pos-</p><p>sible quality. The new facility also has a test track behind the build-ing so the parts can be tested on an actual vehicle.</p><p>The new facility represents a $500 million investment and will mean about 100 new jobs for JTEKT, which is already the coun-tys largest employer.</p><p>JTEKT has a long history of being one of the very best corpo-rate citizens in Monroe County. JTEKT is the leading corpo-rate donor to the United Way of Monroe County and supports </p><p>The JTEKT Way: A promise to put its customers first </p></li><li><p>The JTEKT Way-3</p><p>education and the community in many ways. </p><p>JTEKT is an environmentally-friendly company, putting no pollutants into the air, water or ground. The company recycles everything to be good stewards of the environment.</p><p>JTEKT was established in 2006, bringing together all of the companys global products. With more than 7,000 people and 14 manufacturing facilities, the companies that make up JTEKT North America have been doing </p><p>business since 1958, supplying bearings, driveline components, steering systems, and machine tools.</p><p>JTEKT could have chosen any number of sites to produce the new products now in demand. JTEKTs decision to expand its Vonore operations is great eco-nomic news for the area and is a source of pride for the county.</p><p>Monroe County continues to stand out as a place where industries can succeed and grow, Monroe County Economic </p><p>Director Bryan Hall said. We celebrate JTEKTs decision to create more jobs and increase its footprint in our county. This is tremendous news for Monroe County and is further evidence of the confidence that indus-tries have in our local workforce. This announcement is huge for Monroe County and shows that cutting edge companies are find-ing success here in our area.</p><p>JTEKTs commitment to the area is being celebrated through-out East Tennessee.</p><p>This is only made possibly by the hard work and dedication from our employees and the com-munity, Franklin and Knight said. Although we are investing in new equipment, this is also a huge investment in Vonore, Monroe County and Tennessee.</p><p>JTEKT offers numerous out-standing careers, from produc-tion technician opportunities to advanced engineering fields. To learn more about JTEKT career opportunities, visit: www.jtekt-na.com.</p><p>The JTEKT Way: A promise to put its customers first </p></li><li><p>4-The JTEKT Way</p><p>JTEKT supplies the finest automobile manufacturers in the world with quality steering components.</p><p>It all began for the Vonore JTEKT opera-tion at Plant 1 some 29 years ago. Plant 1 still plays a vital role today for JTEKT North America. JTEKT continues to expand and Plant 2 will open this spring.</p><p>Thousands of trucks come in and out of the facilities each year as it supplies steer-ing components all over the world. Closer to home, JTEKT is a partner with many local agencies.</p><p>Supplying the world</p></li><li><p>The JTEKT Way-5</p><p>Supplying the world</p><p>JTEKT employees are truly citizens of the world. The plant offers training abroad. Pictured at left, employees on a training trip to France.</p><p>JTEKT pays tribute throughout the year to the nations veterans. Each Veterans Day, JTEKT honors veterans each year with a breakfast (bottom). An outdoor ceremony also pays tribute to our nations veterans (below). </p><p>In addition, JTEKT is committed to assisting in a number of community events and causes, including Relay For Life. </p><p>Citizens of character</p></li><li><p>6-The JTEKT Way</p><p>JTEKT is the largest corporate donor to the United Way of Monroe County. JTEKT matches 50 cents to every dollar its employees contribute. In the last seven years, JTEKT has contributed nearly $135,000. JTEKT is a Project R.E.D. (Repairs for the Elderly and Disabled) participant for the local United Way as well. JTEKT sponsors and participates in the United Way Golf Tournament each year.</p><p>United for United Way</p><p>JTEKT has been honored by the Monroe County Chamber of Commerce as the Top Job Creator in the County. Pictured from left: Mitch Millsaps, Monroe County Chamber of Commerce, JTEKT Plant 2 Plant Manager Brad Franklin and JTEKT Human Resource Manager Terry Knight.</p></li><li><p>The JTEKT Way-7</p><p>Lynn Stephens, team leader at JTEKT, is presented with the Patriotic Employer Award for his support of Tennessee Army National Guardsman Staff Sgt. Michael LaBudie. Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR) recognizes employers who support their members performing military duties. Sgt. LaBudie recommended Stephens for the recognition. Pictured, from left to right: Jeff Moses (supervisor), Shawn Walters (general manager), SSG Mike LaBudie, Lynn Stephens (team leader), Don Edmands, Jr. (ESGR representative), Brad Franklin (Plant 2 plant manager), Tomohiko Hirota ( Japanese support member) and Greg Fowler (logistics specialist).</p><p>JTEKT was honored at the 2016 Chamber of Commerce as Business of the Year for employers who employ more than 250 people. Terry Knight and Brad Franklin accept the award from Fort Loudoun Electric Cooperative General Manager Jarrod Bracket.</p><p>An award-winning employer</p><p>Each spring JTEKT hosts its Annual Volunteers in Place (VIP) Banquet to honor its employees who are active in the community.</p></li><li><p>JTEKT, the largest employer in Monroe County, manufacturers high quality hydraulic, manual and electric steer-ing parts for both foreign and domestic automakers and has been doing so for over 25 years. </p><p>JTEKT Automotive Tennessee - Vonore</p><p>Located 35 miles southwest of Knoxville in the Tellico West Industrial Park in Vonore, JTEKT Automotive operates as a subsidiary of JTEKT Corporation in Nagoya, Japan.</p><p>Certications: ISO 14001 and ISO/TS 16949</p><p>JTEKT plans to accommodate its growing market and meet future and current needs with a new facility that will be producing the next generation steering for customers such as Toyota, BMW, Honda and Nissan. </p><p>www.jtekt-na.com</p><p>What truly makesthis company a success </p><p>story are the peoplewho work there,</p><p>their involvementin the community and how they are valued</p><p>by JTEKT itself.</p></li></ul>


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