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  • Patients who are in active labor can request a doula from their nurse. Doulas are received on a first-come, first-served basis at no additional cost. Not knowing demand, there will not be a guarantee of no-cost doula services; however, if you would like to guarantee a doula, you may contract with a doula and pay out of pocket.

    Volunteer birth doulas

    certification; BA in Biology; CPR certified (pediatric and adult)

    Areas of expertise: Emotional, physical, and evidence-based informational support for birthing person and partner; comfort measures including massage, birth positions, breathing/relaxation techniques, and rebozo; birth photography

    Email: rhiley@rbdoula.com

    Accepts private clients

    Carmen Bruch Background/Credentials: ICEA certified birth doula; working toward ICEA certified childbirth educator certification; attending Mercy College School of Nursing

    Areas of expertise: massage, positive positioning, breastfeeding, physical and emotional support, and child development

    Phone: 515-447-3719 Email: crmbruch@gmail.com

    Accepts private clients

    Jenn Callahan Background/ Credentials: Manager of Childbirth Education and Doula Services; Count the Kicks Medical Advisory Board; bachelor’s in Family and Consumer Sciences and Health Education; master’s in Educational Policy and Leadership Studies; ICEA certified professional childbirth educator; ICEA certified professional doula; Maternal/Child Health Specialist; ICEA Director of Education. Areas of expertise: childbirth education, aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, Hypnobirthing terminology, prenatal education, post-partum care, working with younger and older mothers, high-risk pregnancies, medicated and non- medicated births while incorporating skilled comfort measures, child development education, home birth, vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC), birth photography To contact Jenn with questions about doulas, please call 515-358-5060 or email jcallahan@mercydesmoines. org. Accepts private clients when schedule allows

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    Carmelita Balderas Background/ credentials: working towards ICEA birth doula certification. 13 years C.N.A licensed; 15 years C.P.R. certified (infant to adult); 11 years certified med tech; trained to keep clients comfortable while providing emotional support. Areas of expertise: I am an experienced birth & postpartum doula who can help your birthing experience be a positive transformation and empowering. I offer knowledge, reassurance, and practical assistance during your pregnancy, labor, and birth or postpartum. I help you and your partner feel confident about your journey and support you in all your desires to your birth plan. I also carry my camera to provide your family memories. Little ones change in a blink of an eye therefore having photos to remember those special moments can be something that you will cherish forever. Phone: 515-290-3229 Email: doulacarm@gmail.com Accepts private clients

    Rhiley Binns Background/Credentials: Trained birth doula working towards DONA

    Des Moines Medical Center 1111 6th Ave., Des Moines

    515-358-5060 MercyOne.org/desmoines

  • Megan Collins Background/Credentials: Working toward certification. Areas of expertise: Positioning for comfort during labor and delivery. Creating a space of positivity and excitement for mother and support system. Wanting to expand in all areas of Birth work. Phone: 919-288-0970 Email: megenoskog@gmail.com

    Accepts private clients

    Cindy Florer Background/ Credentials: ICEA certified birth doula; RN-BSN; CPR certified Areas of expertise: maternal child health, high risk pregnancy, multiples, highly sensitive persons, post-partum doula, labor doula, PP depression Phone: 515-240-3912 Email: florerce@gmail.com

    Accepts private clients

    Brooke Green Background/Credentials: Working toward birth doula certification through DONA. Areas of expertise: My main focus would be support and comfort for mother during labor and delivery along with labor, birth and newborn photography. Phone: 515-822-0829 Email: brookegreen90@yahoo.com

    Accepts private clients

    Tamela Hatcher Background/ Credentials: BSE, ICEA certified birth doula, Lamaze and ICEA certified childbirth education instructor, ICEA approved doula and childbirth education trainer

    Areas of expertise: specialized training in at-risk and teenage pregnancies

    No private clients; also bereavement

    Anna Hines Background/ Credentials: RN, BSHA, MPH; ICEA certified birth doula Areas of expertise: I am an older volunteer doula with 20 years labor and delivery experience as a registered nurse. My philosophy for labor is this “you can anticipate discomfort and pain but you choose to suffer”. Please let me help you not to suffer but to birth your baby using techniques from my doula bag. I am a huge believer in message techniques, activity during labor, support from loved ones and water massage using jets from the bathtub. I will support you through this very special event.

    No private clients; also bereavement

    Carolyn Israel Background/Credentials: working towards ICEA birth doula certification No private clients

    Stephanie Jensen Background/credentials: RN, working towards ICEA birth doula certification, CNA No private clients

    Kim Jones Background/Credentials: ICEA Certified Birth Doula, Bereavement Doula and is working towards her nursing degree. Areas of expertise: High-Risk pregnancy, medicated births, non- medicated births, pre-term births, bereavement, breastfeeding, birth centers, and hospitals No private clients

    Carly Nordhues Background/Credentials: After my first homebirth experience, I fell in love with birth. I am passionate about supporting women and their partners in the intimate process of labor and delivery. I completed my DONA training and began taking clients in 2014. I was a doula for two years before I attended midwifery training in Kona, Hawaii. Over the last two years, I have had the opportunity to work in multiple birth centers both overseas and in America, support woman in achieving vaginal births after cesarean (VBAC), and advocate for countless woman in both the hospital and home setting. I fully believe that women were created to give birth! Areas of expertise: Advocating for woman before and during labor and birth, encouraging & supporting partners, natural pain relief & unmedicated birth, movement & change of position after epidurals, & postpartum support. Phone: 706-575-8793 Email: carlybnordhues@gmail.com

    Accepts private clients

    Crystal Owen Background/Credentials: Working toward ICEA certification. Areas of expertise: I am a mom of three little ones. I know a lot about labor and delivery (inductions, medicated and non-medicated). I provide moms with online support for pre-baby jitters, labor and day-to- day baby needs after birth. I don’t have a lot of hands-on experience, but I learn fast. I have a big passion for all things involving labor, delivery and postpartum. Phone: 515-571-9421 Email: cespragg@windstream.net

    Accepts private clients

  • Amanda Puderbaugh Background/Credentials: Bachelor of Liberal Arts in Elementary Education; working toward ICEA birth doula certification. Areas of expertise: Because every birth and every mama is different, my goal as a doula is to help you find what works for you and your unique body through each stage of your labor, delivery and postpartum period. Trained in the use of massage, essential oils, movement, positioning and visualization. Interested in birth in a variety of settings. Phone: 515-205-3022 Email: amanda.puderbough@ gmail.com

    Accepts private clients during summer

    Heather Roush Background/Credentials: Working towards Birth Doula certification with DONA International; Bachelor of Liberal Arts Degree, Infant Care and Breastfeeding Training Areas of expertise: Medicated and non-medicated births, VBAC, birthing at home, water birth, relaxation for labor techniques, aromatherapy, prenatal nutrition, breastfeeding, postpartum counseling and infant massage. Phone: 515-865-5565 Email: heatherbyers19@msn.com

    Accepts private clients

    Averey Ruble Background/Credentials: I am a second-year student at Simpson College in Indianola. I am actively working toward an ICEA Doula Certification. I have attended and exceled in both a doula workshop and Mercy Breastfeeding Essentials course. Areas of expertise: I am trained as a birth doula to offer knowledge, emotional support, physical comfort, and childbirth education. I am able to assist parents-to-be throughout the birth specifically through positive birthing positions, massage,

    hydrotherapy, Rebozo usage, spinning baby fetal positioning, and aromatherapy. I also offer pre-natal and postpartum visits. I am dedicated to helping each family have a beautiful birth tailored to their individual wants and needs. Phone: 515-802-0928 Email: avereyruble@yahoo.com

    Accepts private clients

    Olivia Samples Background/Credentials: Doula in training with Mama Glow; Certified Sexual Assault Advocate; Sex Educator Areas of expertise: I have skills in education; physical and emotional support; positive birth positioning; and engaging partners and supporters. I also have expertise in cultural humility and marginalized communities. As a former sexual assault advocate and survivor, I have a great understanding of trauma informed care and support for survivors of abuse and/or trauma. I