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<ul><li><p>Journal of Virological Methods </p><p>Journal of Virological Methods 62 (1996) 187-188 </p><p>Volume contents </p><p>Volume 62 (1996) </p><p>Research Papers </p><p>L. AndrBoletti, D. Hober, S. Belaich, P.E. Lobert, A. Dewilde, P. Rapid detection of enterovirus in clinical specimens using PCR tion assay </p><p>Wattr6 (France) and microwell capture hybridiza- </p><p>C.-Y. Hsiang, T.-Y. Ho, C.-H. Lin, K. Wu, T.-J. Chang (Taiwan, ROC) Analysis of upregulated cellular genes in pseudorabies virus infection: use of mRNA differential display </p><p>G. Cammarota, L. Da Prato, E. Nicoletti, D. Matteucci, M. Bendinelli, M. Pistello (Italy) Quantitation of feline immunodeficiency proviruses in doubly infected cats using competitive PCR and a fluorescence-based RFLP </p><p>D. J. Schofield, N. J. Dimmock Determination affinities a of and for enveloped A) using plasmon </p><p>S. K. I. S. K. A. A. H. E. (Japan) </p><p>of window in of infection simultaneous of antigen antibody to and transcriptase serum ultrasensitive immunoassay </p><p>Muerhoff, N. J.C. S.M. I.K. (USA) of nucleotide within GB C region: </p><p>of primers detection viral </p><p>E. White, Westbrook, Hollingshead, M. (USA) of reverse assay the of burden mice </p><p>with murine virus </p><p>Zhu, Qi, Huang, Bing Republic China) baculovirus derived immediately gene of californica </p><p>polyhedrosis </p><p>Short </p><p>1. L. S.G. L.B. J. M. (Germany, Mexico) E7 of papillomavirus type expressed recombinant virus be used for detection of antibodies in sera from cervical cancer patients </p><p>1 </p><p>11 </p><p>21 </p><p>33 </p><p>43 </p><p>55 </p><p>63 </p><p>71 </p><p>81 </p></li><li><p>A. Ivanov, 0. Vapalahti, H. Lankinen, E. Tkachenko, A. Vaheri, B. Niklasson, A. Lundkvist (Russia, Finland, Sweden) Biotin-labeled antigen: a novel approach for detection of Puumala virus-specific IgM </p><p>Research Papers </p><p>C. Chezzi, B.D. Schoub (South Africa) Differentiation between vaccine-related and wild-type polioviruses using a heteroduplex mobility assay </p><p>R. L&amp;y, F. Najioullah, D. Thouvenot, S. Bosshard, M. Aymard, B. Lina (France) Evaluation and comparison of PCR and hybridization methods for rapid detection of cytomegalovirus in clinical samples </p><p>P. Bonanni, G.C. Icardi, A.M. Raffo, M. Ferrari Bravo, A. Roccatagliata, P. Crovari (Italy) Analytical and laboratory evaluation of a new fully-automated third generation enzyme immunoassay for the detection of antibodies to the hepatitis C virus </p><p>S.-J. Hwang, S.-D. Lee, R.-H. Lu, C.-Y. Chan, L. Lai, R.L. Co, M.J. Tong (Taiwan, ROC, USA) Comparison of three different hybridization assays in the quantitative measurement of serum hepatitis B virus DNA </p><p>0. Grankvist, L. Walther, U. Bredberg-RddBn, E. Lyamuya, F. Mhalu, A. Gustafsson, G. Biberfeld, G. Wade/l (Sweden, Tanzania) Nested PCR assays with novel primers yield greater sensitivity to Tanzanian HIV-1 samples than a commercial PCR detection kit </p><p>J.M. Brown, D. M. Coates, R.J. Phillpotts (UK) Evaluation of monoclonal antibodies for generic detection of flaviviruses by ELISA </p><p>Y.Z. Zbeng, R. Webb, P.F. Greenfield, S. Reid (Australia) Improved method for counting virus and virus like particles </p><p>B. Desforges, 1. Hatin, K. Akarid, M. Sinet (France) Competitive reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction for quantifying murine AIDS virus </p><p>H.J. ONeill, J.D. Russell, D.E. Wyatt, C. McCaughey, P. V. Coyle (UK) Isolation of viruses from clinical specimens in microtitre plates with cells inoculated in suspension </p><p>B. Avalosse, F. DuPont, P. Spegelaere, N. Mine, A. Burny (Belgium) Method for concentrating and purifying recombinant autonomous parvovirus vectors designed for tumour-cell-targeted gene therapy </p><p>87 </p><p>93 </p><p>169 </p><p>179 </p><p>Erratum 185 Volume contents 187 Author index 189 Subject index 191 </p></li></ul>