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  • Journal of Virological Methods

    Journal of Virological Methods 62 (1996) 187-188

    Volume contents

    Volume 62 (1996)

    Research Papers

    L. AndrBoletti, D. Hober, S. Belaich, P.E. Lobert, A. Dewilde, P. Rapid detection of enterovirus in clinical specimens using PCR tion assay

    Wattr6 (France) and microwell capture hybridiza-

    C.-Y. Hsiang, T.-Y. Ho, C.-H. Lin, K. Wu, T.-J. Chang (Taiwan, ROC) Analysis of upregulated cellular genes in pseudorabies virus infection: use of mRNA differential display

    G. Cammarota, L. Da Prato, E. Nicoletti, D. Matteucci, M. Bendinelli, M. Pistello (Italy) Quantitation of feline immunodeficiency proviruses in doubly infected cats using competitive PCR and a fluorescence-based RFLP

    D. J. Schofield, N. J. Dimmock Determination affinities a of and for enveloped A) using plasmon

    S. K. I. S. K. A. A. H. E. (Japan)

    of window in of infection simultaneous of antigen antibody to and transcriptase serum ultrasensitive immunoassay

    Muerhoff, N. J.C. S.M. I.K. (USA) of nucleotide within GB C region:

    of primers detection viral

    E. White, Westbrook, Hollingshead, M. (USA) of reverse assay the of burden mice

    with murine virus

    Zhu, Qi, Huang, Bing Republic China) baculovirus derived immediately gene of californica



    1. L. S.G. L.B. J. M. (Germany, Mexico) E7 of papillomavirus type expressed recombinant virus be used for detection of antibodies in sera from cervical cancer patients










  • A. Ivanov, 0. Vapalahti, H. Lankinen, E. Tkachenko, A. Vaheri, B. Niklasson, A. Lundkvist (Russia, Finland, Sweden) Biotin-labeled antigen: a novel approach for detection of Puumala virus-specific IgM

    Research Papers

    C. Chezzi, B.D. Schoub (South Africa) Differentiation between vaccine-related and wild-type polioviruses using a heteroduplex mobility assay

    R. L&y, F. Najioullah, D. Thouvenot, S. Bosshard, M. Aymard, B. Lina (France) Evaluation and comparison of PCR and hybridization methods for rapid detection of cytomegalovirus in clinical samples

    P. Bonanni, G.C. Icardi, A.M. Raffo, M. Ferrari Bravo, A. Roccatagliata, P. Crovari (Italy) Analytical and laboratory evaluation of a new fully-automated third generation enzyme immunoassay for the detection of antibodies to the hepatitis C virus

    S.-J. Hwang, S.-D. Lee, R.-H. Lu, C.-Y. Chan, L. Lai, R.L. Co, M.J. Tong (Taiwan, ROC, USA) Comparison of three different hybridization assays in the quantitative measurement of serum hepatitis B virus DNA

    0. Grankvist, L. Walther, U. Bredberg-RddBn, E. Lyamuya, F. Mhalu, A. Gustafsson, G. Biberfeld, G. Wade/l (Sweden, Tanzania) Nested PCR assays with novel primers yield greater sensitivity to Tanzanian HIV-1 samples than a commercial PCR detection kit

    J.M. Brown, D. M. Coates, R.J. Phillpotts (UK) Evaluation of monoclonal antibodies for generic detection of flaviviruses by ELISA

    Y.Z. Zbeng, R. Webb, P.F. Greenfield, S. Reid (Australia) Improved method for counting virus and virus like particles

    B. Desforges, 1. Hatin, K. Akarid, M. Sinet (France) Competitive reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction for quantifying murine AIDS virus

    H.J. ONeill, J.D. Russell, D.E. Wyatt, C. McCaughey, P. V. Coyle (UK) Isolation of viruses from clinical specimens in microtitre plates with cells inoculated in suspension

    B. Avalosse, F. DuPont, P. Spegelaere, N. Mine, A. Burny (Belgium) Method for concentrating and purifying recombinant autonomous parvovirus vectors designed for tumour-cell-targeted gene therapy





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