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  • Resuscitation 32 (1996) 271-273


    Volume contents

    Volume 32 (1996)

    E. Sdoe Ventricular staadstitl aad percussion



    B. Bremw, J. Kdbm, JJ. Ss&er (USA) Compa&oa of the rehmtance of house staff of metropohtaa and suburban hospitals to perform mouth-to-mouth resuscitation 5

    J. R&q&r, W. Panzer, U. C.&t&r, M. Scbdz, A. He&, J. &Lr, D. Ketlier (Gemm~y) Influence of different types of recovery positions on perfusion indices of the forearm 13

    B.Sta,M.Pebm(Sacsrair) Traiuing of medical students in resuscitation at the University of Ljubljaaa 19

    G.Mem,O.Fmtz,F.Stm,M.-,A.Kaff, A.N. w (Artrh) AnaIysing calls by lay persons reporting cardiac arrest 23


    W. Veekkei, G. Kmemm (AmMa) Unexpected return of cardiac action after termi- nation of cardiopulmonary resuscitation 27


    J.R. DmwJle (UK) Ventricular standstill and cardiac percussion 31

    Ex- PIP-

    Y.-C. Ii, L. WIkImad, P. Tarkkib, C. Bjmmih (S-w Intlueace of alkaline buffers on cytoIr&smie p-W in myocardial cells exposed to metabolic acidosis

    P. sdar, N. I&&es* M. Kla (snda) Future directions for resuscitation research: introduction

    D. Bemum, M. Ki&, A. Bmbw, R. s.

    Future directions for restition research. I. Advaneed airway control measures

    N. BIrcb, C. Otb, C. Bdb, J.-P. KeB, W. fiye, J w. R#mey L. wtk (us Jaws -Y) Future directions for resuscitation research. II. External cardiopulmonary resuscitation basic life support

    LIterawe of -

    R.T. Bwmm, A. -, A.M. f w. bye (vslr, A reliable and valid method for cvslwing cardiopuhnonary resuscitation training out- comes






  • 272 Volume contents vol. 32 (19%)

    A. Flabouris (Australia) CIiaical papers Ethnic&y and proficiency in English as factors affecting community cardiopulmonary resusci- tation (CPR) class attendance 95

    C.A. Graham, D. Scollon (UK) Cardiopulmonary resuscitation training for UK undergraduate dental students 105

    case report

    A.K. Mar&n, F.M. Mora (UK) Case report - the successful use. of naloxone in an asystolic pre-hospital arrest 109


    E.L. Lloya (UK) Accidental hypothermia 111

    sped reports

    M.L. Weisfeldt, R.E. Kerber, R.P. McGoklrick, A.J. Moss, G. Nkbol, J.P. Ornate, D.G. Palmer, B. Riegel, S.C. Smith Jr. - American Heart Assodatlen Taskforce on Automatic External DefibrIUatIon (USA) Statement on Public Access Defibrillation 125

    M.L. Weisfeklt, R.E. Kerber, R.P. M&&hick, A.J. Moss, G. Nichol, J.P. Ornato, D.C. Palmer, B. Riegel, S.C. Smith Jr. - Amerkan Heart AssaeIatIon Taskforce an Automatic External DeBhrIUation (USA) American Heart Association Report on the Public Access Defibrillation Conference, December 8-10, 1994 127

    G.B. Gaul, M. Grmka, G. Titscher, G. Blaze& L. Havek, W. Mark& W. Muellner, A. Kaff (A-@W Prediction of survival after out-of-hospital car- diac arrest: results of a community-based study in Vienna 169

    J. Herb, M. Rosenfelt, A. Bbg, A. Axelsson, L. Ekstvih, B. Wenaerblom, 0. Lhhagen, M. Pahqvist, S. Hohberg (Sweden) Prognosis among patients with out-of-hospital cardiac artest judged as being caused by deterio- ration of obstructive pulmonary disease 177

    J.J.L.M. Bierens, H.J.J.M. Berden (Ike Nether- -1 Basic-CPR and AIDS: are volunteer life-savers prepared for a storm? 185

    MM. HIrsehI, P. I&sIeItner, G. Friedrick, G. Smt, F. Sterz, M. Binder, F. Dieastl, A.N. Laggner W-3 Usefulness of a new rapid bedside troponin T assay in patients with chest pain 193

    T. Parke, D. Simpson, R. Mitchell, R. MacCaUum, G. Campbe&Hewson, D. Steedman (UK) Blood alcohol and cardiac arrest 199

    bternatio~I Working Groups: ACD-CPR

    J.P. Ornate, N. Pa&is, N. Bircher, C. Brown, H. DeLooz, W. Dkk, W. Kaye, R. Levine, P. Martens, R. Neaaw, R. Patel, P. Pepe, S. Ramanatban, S. Rubertsson, R. Tray&man, M. van Planta, V. Vostrikov, M.H. Well (USA, BeIgiam, Gennaay, Switzerland, Russia) Future directions for resuscitation research. III. External cardiopulmonary resuscitation advanced life support 139

    T. Sdmeider, L. Wik. Other ~pants M. Bad&, B. Dirks, K. Ellhger, T. Gii T. Hagkfelt, P. pwsrace, K. V- (Ger- many, Norway, Fraoee, Canada, Desmuk, Aastria, USA) Active compression-decompression cardiopul- monary resuscitation - Instructor and student manual for teaching and training Part I: The Workshop 203 Part II: A Student and Instructor Manual 206

    case report

    P.M. Dntwh, F.J. Co&, H.J. De Rae& L.L. -(Bclgirm1 Liver rupture after cardiopulmonary resuscita- tion in a patient receiving thrombolytic therapy 213

    Letters to the Editor 159 ERC Newsletter 161 Anowwments 163 Literature of resuscitation 165

    A.C. CBfford (UK) Comparative assessment of shockable ECG rhythm detection algorithms in automated exter- nal detibrillators 217

  • Volume contents vol. 32 (19%) 273

    M. Fischer, K.-A. Htmmmm w--Y) N.N. hat, E.P. Hmvkim, J.P. R T.D. Volume expansion during cardiopulmonary re- Pate (USA) sus&ation reduces cerebral no-reflow 227 Renal function following cardiac arrest and

    L. Wlk, N.G. Rircher, P. S&r (Norway, USA) resuscitation in the canine 251 A comparison of prolonged manual and mechanical external chest compression after Author index 263 cardiac arrest in dogs 241 subject hnlex 267

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