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<ul><li><p>Resuscitation 32 (1996) 271-273 </p><p>resuscitation </p><p>Volume contents </p><p>Volume 32 (1996) </p><p>E. Sdoe Ventricular staadstitl aad percussion </p><p>-Iw= </p><p>3 </p><p>B. Bremw, J. Kdbm, JJ. Ss&amp;er (USA) Compa&amp;oa of the rehmtance of house staff of metropohtaa and suburban hospitals to perform mouth-to-mouth resuscitation 5 </p><p>J. R&amp;q&amp;r, W. Panzer, U. C.&amp;t&amp;r, M. Scbdz, A. He&amp;, J. &amp;Lr, D. Ketlier (Gemm~y) Influence of different types of recovery positions on perfusion indices of the forearm 13 </p><p>B.Sta,M.Pebm(Sacsrair) Traiuing of medical students in resuscitation at the University of Ljubljaaa 19 </p><p>G.Mem,O.Fmtz,F.Stm,M.-,A.Kaff, A.N. w (Artrh) AnaIysing calls by lay persons reporting cardiac arrest 23 </p><p>C=nsort </p><p>W. Veekkei, G. Kmemm (AmMa) Unexpected return of cardiac action after termi- nation of cardiopulmonary resuscitation 27 </p><p>Vkrrpdnt </p><p>J.R. DmwJle (UK) Ventricular standstill and cardiac percussion 31 </p><p>Ex- PIP- </p><p>Y.-C. Ii, L. WIkImad, P. Tarkkib, C. Bjmmih (S-w Intlueace of alkaline buffers on cytoIr&amp;smie p-W in myocardial cells exposed to metabolic acidosis </p><p>P. sdar, N. I&amp;&amp;es* M. Kla (snda) Future directions for resuscitation research: introduction </p><p>D. Bemum, M. Ki&amp;, A. Bmbw, R. s. </p><p>Future directions for restition research. I. Advaneed airway control measures </p><p>N. BIrcb, C. Otb, C. Bdb, J.-P. KeB, W. fiye, J w. R#mey L. wtk (us Jaws -Y) Future directions for resuscitation research. II. External cardiopulmonary resuscitation basic life support </p><p>LIterawe of - </p><p>R.T. Bwmm, A. -, A.M. f w. bye (vslr, A reliable and valid method for cvslwing cardiopuhnonary resuscitation training out- comes </p><p>33 </p><p>45 </p><p>63 </p><p>77 </p><p>85 </p></li><li><p>272 Volume contents vol. 32 (19%) </p><p>A. Flabouris (Australia) CIiaical papers Ethnic&amp;y and proficiency in English as factors affecting community cardiopulmonary resusci- tation (CPR) class attendance 95 </p><p>C.A. Graham, D. Scollon (UK) Cardiopulmonary resuscitation training for UK undergraduate dental students 105 </p><p>case report </p><p>A.K. Mar&amp;n, F.M. Mora (UK) Case report - the successful use. of naloxone in an asystolic pre-hospital arrest 109 </p><p>Review </p><p>E.L. Lloya (UK) Accidental hypothermia 111 </p><p>sped reports </p><p>M.L. Weisfeldt, R.E. Kerber, R.P. McGoklrick, A.J. Moss, G. Nkbol, J.P. Ornate, D.G. Palmer, B. Riegel, S.C. Smith Jr. - American Heart Assodatlen Taskforce on Automatic External DefibrIUatIon (USA) Statement on Public Access Defibrillation 125 </p><p>M.L. Weisfeklt, R.E. Kerber, R.P. M&amp;&amp;hick, A.J. Moss, G. Nichol, J.P. Ornato, D.C. Palmer, B. Riegel, S.C. Smith Jr. - Amerkan Heart AssaeIatIon Taskforce an Automatic External DeBhrIUation (USA) American Heart Association Report on the Public Access Defibrillation Conference, December 8-10, 1994 127 </p><p>G.B. Gaul, M. Grmka, G. Titscher, G. Blaze&amp; L. Havek, W. Mark&amp; W. Muellner, A. Kaff (A-@W Prediction of survival after out-of-hospital car- diac arrest: results of a community-based study in Vienna 169 </p><p>J. Herb, M. Rosenfelt, A. Bbg, A. Axelsson, L. Ekstvih, B. Wenaerblom, 0. Lhhagen, M. Pahqvist, S. Hohberg (Sweden) Prognosis among patients with out-of-hospital cardiac artest judged as being caused by deterio- ration of obstructive pulmonary disease 177 </p><p>J.J.L.M. Bierens, H.J.J.M. Berden (Ike Nether- -1 Basic-CPR and AIDS: are volunteer life-savers prepared for a storm? 185 </p><p>MM. HIrsehI, P. I&amp;sIeItner, G. Friedrick, G. Smt, F. Sterz, M. Binder, F. Dieastl, A.N. Laggner W-3 Usefulness of a new rapid bedside troponin T assay in patients with chest pain 193 </p><p>T. Parke, D. Simpson, R. Mitchell, R. MacCaUum, G. Campbe&amp;Hewson, D. Steedman (UK) Blood alcohol and cardiac arrest 199 </p><p>bternatio~I Working Groups: ACD-CPR </p><p>J.P. Ornate, N. Pa&amp;is, N. Bircher, C. Brown, H. DeLooz, W. Dkk, W. Kaye, R. Levine, P. Martens, R. Neaaw, R. Patel, P. Pepe, S. Ramanatban, S. Rubertsson, R. Tray&amp;man, M. van Planta, V. Vostrikov, M.H. Well (USA, BeIgiam, Gennaay, Switzerland, Russia) Future directions for resuscitation research. III. External cardiopulmonary resuscitation advanced life support 139 </p><p>T. Sdmeider, L. Wik. Other ~pants M. Bad&amp;, B. Dirks, K. Ellhger, T. Gii T. Hagkfelt, P. pwsrace, K. V- (Ger- many, Norway, Fraoee, Canada, Desmuk, Aastria, USA) Active compression-decompression cardiopul- monary resuscitation - Instructor and student manual for teaching and training Part I: The Workshop 203 Part II: A Student and Instructor Manual 206 </p><p>case report </p><p>P.M. Dntwh, F.J. Co&amp;, H.J. De Rae&amp; L.L. -(Bclgirm1 Liver rupture after cardiopulmonary resuscita- tion in a patient receiving thrombolytic therapy 213 </p><p>Letters to the Editor 159 ERC Newsletter 161 Anowwments 163 Literature of resuscitation 165 </p><p>A.C. CBfford (UK) Comparative assessment of shockable ECG rhythm detection algorithms in automated exter- nal detibrillators 217 </p></li><li><p>Volume contents vol. 32 (19%) 273 </p><p>M. Fischer, K.-A. Htmmmm w--Y) N.N. hat, E.P. Hmvkim, J.P. R T.D. Volume expansion during cardiopulmonary re- Pate (USA) sus&amp;ation reduces cerebral no-reflow 227 Renal function following cardiac arrest and </p><p>L. Wlk, N.G. Rircher, P. S&amp;r (Norway, USA) resuscitation in the canine 251 A comparison of prolonged manual and mechanical external chest compression after Author index 263 cardiac arrest in dogs 241 subject hnlex 267 </p><p>Volume contents 271 </p></li></ul>