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<ul><li><p>Contents </p><p>C. E. Anderson, Jr, S. A. Mullin, A. J. Piekutowski, N. W. Blaylock and K. L. Poormon </p><p>Kezhun Li and W. Goldsmith </p><p>Kezhun Li and W. Goldsmith </p><p>M. T. Martin and J. F. Doyle </p><p>M. T. Martin and J. F. Doyle </p><p>G. N. Nurick and G. C. Shave </p><p>Announcement </p><p>Number 1 </p><p>1 Scale model experiments laminate targets </p><p>with ceramic </p><p>23 </p><p>45 </p><p>65 </p><p>79 </p><p>99 </p><p>117 </p><p>Impact on aluminum plates by tumbling projectiles: experimental study </p><p>An analytical model for tumbling projectile perforation of thin aluminum plates </p><p>Impact force identification from wave pro- pagation responses </p><p>Impact force location in frame structures </p><p>The deformation and tearing of thin square plates subjected to impulsive loads--an experimental study </p><p>A. Turgutlu, S. T. S. AI-Hassani and M. Akyurt </p><p>A. Po Mouritz </p><p>G. G. Corbett, S. R. Reid and W. Johnson </p><p>C. E. Franklin and W. Johnson </p><p>Announcements </p><p>Number 2 </p><p>119 Impact deformation of polymeric projectiles </p><p>129 The effect of underwater explosion shock loading on the flexural properties of GRP laminates </p><p>141 Impact loading of plates and shells by free- flying projectiles: a review </p><p>231 William Hale's "Improvements in Rockets" </p><p>243 </p><p>Co E. Anderson, Jr, J. D. Walker, S. J. Bless and Y. Partom P. Wang and S. E. Jones </p><p>P. Berzi, R. Beccu and B. Lundberg </p><p>Number 3 </p><p>247 On the L/D effect for long-rod penetrators </p><p>265 An elementarytheoryofone-dimensional rod penetration using a new estimate for pressure </p><p>281 Identification of a percussive drill rod joint from its response to stress wave loading </p><p>III </p></li><li><p>IV </p><p>A. Vlot </p><p>I. Horsfall and D. Buckley </p><p>J. G. Hetherington </p><p>C. T. Sun and S. V. Potti </p><p>Contents </p><p>291 Impact loading on fibre metal laminates </p><p>309 The effect of through-thickness cracks on the ballistic performance of ceramic armour systems </p><p>319 Energy and momentum changes during ballistic perforation </p><p>339 A simple model to predict residual velocities of thick composite laminates subjected to high velocity impact </p><p>D, L. Orphal, R. R. Franzen, A. J, Piekutowski and M. J. Forrestal </p><p>R. L. Woodward </p><p>D. Liu and W. J. Stronge </p><p>P. Lundberg, L. Westerling and B. Lundberg </p><p>J. F. Wilson </p><p>He-Ming Wen </p><p>G. A. Gazonas, S. B. Segletes, V. M. Boyle and S. R. Stegall </p><p>Book review </p><p>Announcements </p><p>Number 4 </p><p>355 Penetration of confined aluminum nitride targets by tungsten long rods at 1.5-4.5 km/s </p><p>369 </p><p>383 </p><p>403 </p><p>417 </p><p>425 </p><p>Modelling geometrical and dimensional aspects of ballistic penetration of thick metal targets </p><p>Shear and bending deformation of rigid-plastic circular plates by central pressure pulse </p><p>Influence of scale on the penetration of tungsten rods into steel-backed alumina targets </p><p>Similitude experiments on projectile-induced fracture of monolithic glass </p><p>Deformation and tearing of clamped work- hardening beams subjected to impulsive loading </p><p>435 Oblique impact modeling of fuzes </p><p>459 </p><p>461 </p><p>M. J. Forrestal, D. J. Frew, S. J. Hanchak and N. S. Brar </p><p>G. R. Johnson </p><p>U. Lepik </p><p>Number 5 </p><p>465 Penetration of grout and concrete targets with ogive-nose steel projectiles </p><p>477 Artificial viscosity effects for SPH impact computations </p><p>489 Axisymmetric vibrations of elastic-plastic cylindrical shells by Galerkin's method </p></li><li><p>P. Drazetic, P. Level, B. Canaple and P. Mongenie </p><p>U. N. Gandhi and S. J. Hu </p><p>P. Tu~Icu </p><p>J. Lankford, C. E. Anderson, Jr, S. A. Royal and J. P. Riegel, III </p><p>Announcements </p><p>Calendar </p><p>505 </p><p>517 </p><p>539 </p><p>Contents V </p><p>Impact on planar kinematic chain of rigid bodies: application to movements of anthro- pomorphic dummy in a crash </p><p>Data based models for automobile side impact analysis and design evaluation </p><p>Inertial effects in ductile failure of cylindrical tubes under internal pressure </p><p>565 Penetration erosion phenomenology </p><p>579 </p><p>581 </p><p>A. N. Dancygier and D. Z. Yankelevsky </p><p>J. A. Zukas and B. Gaskill </p><p>A. M. Rajendran and D. J. Grove </p><p>V. P. W. Shim, S. L. Toh and S. W. Gong </p><p>A. Turgutlu, S. T. S. AI-Hassani and M. Akyurt </p><p>Z. Rosenberg and E. Dekel </p><p>J. L. Lataillade, M. Delaet, F. Collombet and C. Wolff </p><p>Calendar </p><p>Number 6 </p><p>583 High strength concrete response to hard pro- jectile impact </p><p>601 Ricochet of deforming projectiles from de- forming plates </p><p>611 Modeling the shock response of silicon carbide, boron carbide and titanium diboride </p><p>633 The elastic impact response of glass/epoxy laminated ogival shells </p><p>657 The influence of projectile nose shape on the morphology of interface in impact spot welds </p><p>671 A computational study of the influence of projectile strength on the performance of long-rod penetrators </p><p>679 Effects of the intralaminar shear loading rate on the damage of multi-ply composites </p><p>701 </p><p>Foreword </p><p>Biography </p><p>Publications </p><p>Number 7/8 </p><p>v </p><p>vii </p><p>ix </p></li><li><p>VI </p><p>Students </p><p>Tributes </p><p>S. R. Reid, T. X. Yu, J. L. Yang and G. G. Corbett </p><p>T. G. Zhang and W. J. Stronge </p><p>W. Abramowicz </p><p>R. Vaziri, X. Quan and M. D. Olson </p><p>Sh. U. Galiev </p><p>G. N. Nurick, M. E. Gelman and N. S. Marshall </p><p>T. X. Yu, Y. L. Hua and S. R. Reid </p><p>J. B. Martin, M. A. E. Kaunda and R. D. Isted </p><p>X. Hou and W. Goldsmith </p><p>A. J. Piekutowski, M. J. Forrestal, K. L. Poormon and T. L. Warren </p><p>T. Nonaka, R. J. Clifton and T. Okazaki </p><p>T. Wierzbicki and G. N. Nurick </p><p>D. Karagiozova and N. Jones </p><p>M. Langseth and O. S. Hopperstad </p><p>Calendar </p><p>Announcements </p><p>XlI I </p><p>XV </p><p>703 </p><p>735 </p><p>753 </p><p>765 </p><p>783 </p><p>803 </p><p>829 </p><p>849 </p><p>859 </p><p>877 </p><p>889 </p><p>899 </p><p>919 </p><p>949 </p><p>I </p><p>III </p><p>Contents </p><p>Dynamic elastic-plastic behaviour of whip- ping pipes: experiments and theoretical model </p><p>Theory for ballistic limit of thin ductile tubes hit by blunt missiles </p><p>Extremal paths in progressive plasticity </p><p>Impact analysis of laminated composite plates and shells by super finite elements </p><p>Experimental observations and discussion of counterintuitive behavior of plates and shallow shells subjected to blast loading </p><p>Tearing of blast loaded plates with clamped boundary conditions </p><p>Incipient deformation mechanisms of a semi- circular cantilever beam subjected to an out- of-plane step-loading </p><p>Internal variable formulations of elastic- plastic dynamic problems </p><p>Projectile perforation of moving plates: experimental investigation </p><p>Perforation of aluminum plates with ogive- nose steel rods at normal and oblique impacts </p><p>Longitudinal elastic waves in columns due to earthquake motion </p><p>Large deformation of thin plates under Iocalised impulsive loading </p><p>Dynamic elastic-plastic buckling phenomena in a rod due to axial impact </p><p>Static and dynamic axial crushing of square thin-walled aluminium extrusions </p></li></ul>