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    WHO WE ARE?eConceptions blends expertise in compelling design, intelligent information architecture, Skilled technical engineering and strategic analysis to form a different kind of Smart Digital Solution Company

    Mobile / Web / WAP Application, Telecom software applications, Print or outdoor media , 3D modeling or animation, eConceptions helps your company take full advantage of current and emerging digital media

    OUR SERVICESeConceptions provides services in

    3G/Mobile ApplicationsVAS SMS/IVRWAP based solutionsContent Delivery PlatformsPackage ManagementCloud servicesSocial NetworkingCall Center & Back office sevicesWeb Based Solutions

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    OUR EXPERTISE Telecom Expertise

    Service IntegrationContent Delivery IntegrationsSMS Based IntegrationsContent AggregationBusiness Application DevelopmentURL Based Charging

    VAS Products & Services

    VoilereDailerBiz Store DirectoryRBT Song Search RBT Platform IntegrationStudent PortalCareer PortalCall Block Service

    Mobile Applications

    AndroidiPhoneWindows MobileBlackBerryJ2ME

    Content Services

    Specialized SMS ContentMusicImagesApplications

    WAP Portals

    RBT Music PortalMusic PortalsContent PortalsStudent PortalPackage Management Portal

    WEB Portals

    Web Design & DevelopmentWebsite Analysis Hosted ServicesE-Commerce GatewaysMulti MediaInteractive ServicesMarketing & ResearchSocial Network Solution

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    WHAT IS VOILER?VOILER is an IVR based voice-messaging, social networking service, like twitter, but better, Its all Voice!. It provides mobile phone users the freedom to listen to voice feeds of their loved ones, favorite celebrities, politicians or anyone on their phones without using the browser or any other application. Not only this, they can be heard as well; users can now record their voice messages and send them to their friends and family.

    The true strength of VOILER is in the long run. VOILER will be the most effective tool to engage the vast mobile userbase, who seem to be left out - primarily limited by the nature of popular social media tools, which require basic reading and writing abilities coupled with basic IT knowledge. Therefore, the actual audience of VOILER are not the people who are using Facebook and Twitter, but the millions of mobile phone users who are not.

    VOILER a Winner!

    Does not require the internet/web Users can simply dial in from any handset Its a Voice as well as SMS based service

    Users can either sign up as VOILERs to leave messages for their followers or can become followers to listen to their favorite VOILERs Voils (as in Voice Tweets).

    VOILERs can

    Recording a new message for followers. Listening to messages of other users. Follow someone by giving his/her unique User-ID. Un-Follow someone by giving his/her unique User-ID. Request an Invite SMS. This SMS will contain users own unique User-ID and he/she can share this SMS with his friends, family and Acquaintances in order to invite them to the service. Change your settings. This includes re-recording your name in your own voice as well as changing the language. Listen to terms and conditions of the service including the charges.

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    WHAT WILL VOILER DO FOR YOU?VOILER is especially designed to benefit Celebrities and their fans. Whether you are a Sports Star, an Actor, Singer or a TV Host, being national and regional Icons, your fans and follow-ers yearn to see you, find out about your activities, listen to you and much more.Since VOILER is non-internet based and is being run on all Telecom Operators across the country, VOILER:

    Gives you the opportunity to reach out millions of fans from the comfort of your home, work, motel etc in seconds regardless of your geographical location.Every time you record a message for your fans, all fans are broadcasted an update, enticing them to sign in and listen to what you said.Lets you respond to fans voice message, which is heard by millions of your other fans, giving them a personalized experienceGives you a steady revenue generation pipeline that increases with the number of fans listening to you.

    Millions of your Fans listen/ reply to your

    voice messages andare chargedper minute

    Record Voice Messages


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    AIK DIN STAR KAY SAATHVOILER also gives you two other excellent programs that will generate substantial revenue from your fan base:

    On a time of your choice, fans will be broadcasted a notifications to participate in a quiz based on your personality, achievements, activities etc, where the winner or winners will get to spend an entire day with you.

    You will simply record questions in your own voice. Fans will select from a number of answers from their handsets.

    Fans will be asked 90-100 Questions in a month and will be charged at premium rates for each answer given.

    Follower is Informed via SMS about the Aik Din STAR kay Saath campaign, Follower dials into Quiz ID

    IVR prompts Welcome to Aik Din Atif Aslam Kay Saath Quiz. Our first Question of the day is What is Atif Aslams Fav Color? Press 1 for Black, Press 2 for Red.

    Follower Presses 1 and is Charged Rs.5, IVR Starts 2nd Question of the day.

    Follower answers 2nd Question and charged Rs.5 again

    Follower answers 2nd Question and charged Rs.5 again

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    HOT LINEThis is yet another great service within VOILER, that will enable ZONG to generate maximum revenue from Celebrity fan following

    At a time slot of the Celebritys choice, a HOTLINE will be opened for their fans to be able to talk to the Celebrity, wishing them Happy Birthday, appreciating their recent achievements etc.

    Ffans will be in a queue, waiting but listening on mute while the first fan speaks to the Celebrity for an auto 30 second window, after which the call drops and the next in queue starts speaking.

    Fans will be charged at a very heavy premium rate per minute for the 30 seconds talk as well as listening in while being on mute.

    Fans will also be given an exclusive time slot to speak to their favorite Celebrity, which will be charged again at very high Premium rates: For example: from Rs.100 to Rs.1000 per minute.

    Subcribers will be charged according to diffrent pricing slabs as per celebrity popurality.

    Active Caller for30-60 Seconds then

    call drops, next caller on Un-mute

    Multiple Fans listening but on mute waiting for their turn

    Active Caller for30-60 Seconds then

    call drops, next caller

    1 on 1 Call

    Bridge Call

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    VOILER SEGMENTVOILER offers famous celebrities belonging to the various segments listed below. Subscribers enjoy listening to Voils by both accessing the Celebrities through these exciting segments and by dialing the Celebrity Short codes directly.

    Voiler now offers the world of activities to Voilers / Followers within the following categories

    Subscribers can either choose to be Voilers or Followers participating in activities from amongst the above categories. Voilers will also have the option of creating a range of activities or following the existing ones.



    NewsHoroscopeHealth & FitnessPollsQuizzesCelebrity InterviewsSurveys More..


    Cricket Voice BlogGolf ForumSports UpdatesMore..


    LecturesQs & AsMore..


    Business AdviceBiz newsCareersMarket TrendsMore..




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    VOILERS exciting services:

    Celebrities on Board Social Media/Websites Newspapers Aik Din VOILER Kay Saath Teacher Speaker Hot Line

    Celebrities on Board

    VOILER brings top national celebrities from the entertainment, infotainment and sports industry toenable exciting customer participation in VOILER.

    Social Media/Websites

    All major social media outlets and a variety of commercial and retail websites will be brought in byVOILER to enhance its service line.


    VOILER also brings newspapers around the country, enabling VOILERs and followers to share the latest and the richest content on a daily basis.

    Celebrities on BoardSocial Media/WebsitesNewspapersAik Din VOILER