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<p>vogue</p> <p>vogueWebsite inspiration</p> <p>The homepage of VOGUE</p> <p>Vogue keep the same house style throughout their magazine and their website. This is to make the brand more recognizable. The layout of their homepage is also very simplistic, also reflecting how the layout of their magazine is also simplistic in order for the magazine to look elegant and not over crowded.</p> <p>The navigation bar of vogue consists of different elements that the magazine includes. Therefore the topics I include in my magazine will need to reflected in the navigation bar on my website. </p> <p>On the homepage of Vogues website they prioritize their stories in order that they are represented in the navigation bar. Firstly they include top stories, this suggests the most popular and current stories are talked about in this section. Then followed by the other contents in the navigation bar.</p> <p>Vogue also include a follow section in the top right hand corner of their webpage. This is used to advertise the social media the website is on, in order to advertise the brand more. I will definitely Include this on my own webpage, especially since my target audience is from 15-19 year old females as this is the most popular age to be on social media, so therefore this element with defiantly appeal to my audience.</p> <p>Vogue also include a VOGUEvideo section, which includes videos, usually of celebrities talking about news, beauty or fashion. This is an interesting aspect as it differs from the magazine, therefore attracting more viewers. </p> <p>At the bottom of their webpage, vogue also advertise the next issue of vogue. This suggests that the webpage and the magazine both advertise each other in order to attract more of an audience.</p> <p>They also include a section about how to get vogue on the go this suggests vogue also have heir own app. This advertises the brand more and will increase its popularity. Like many other magazines, Vogue also has a news letter. This is for the viewers / readers to keep up to date with the magazine, as is a popular convention for a magazine with a website. </p> <p>In conclusion, with the help of researching vogues website, I have concluded on using the following aspectsMake sure the house style of my magazine and website match, therefore it makes them both connect and makes my brand more recongisable.The elements and contents of my magazine will be presented on my navigation bar. I will include a following section, in oder to advertise my social media latforms.I will create an app for my magazine in order to advertise my magazine more and I will also advertise this app on my webpage.I will try to include a video section, this will include documentries of people talking about beauty, fashion and liestyle tips, therefore they are getting more information on my webpage which differs from my magazine.I will also include a sign up section so viewers can sign up to my news letter. The layout of my webpage will match the order of my navbar, this makes the website less confusing and the makes the contents easy to find for the viewer.</p>