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This is the monthly newsletter of VOF Nepal


  • VOFs 5th General assemblys glimpse

    Raising voice for the voiceless

    Volume: 54

    Voice of Fetus, Nepal

    Dear Pro-life friend and families The mission of VOF, Nepal is to strengthen & promote the value and dignity of unborn baby in a

    mothers womb. VOF, Nepal also seriously prioritizes women in crisis-pregnancy rather than overlook their problem. It assumes that abortion can never be a genuine solution. Rather, it believes befriending, listening, loving and helping are all critical in the vulner-able state of these individuals in a time of crisis. VOF believes that it is very essential to make public the harsh truth about abortion and its possible complications to the issue related to a mother's physical, mental, spiritual wellbeing, and the implications for the family. VOF is mindful of the necessity of dealing with post-abortive mother and the family often devastated by the trauma related to abortion. Please join us for His service! Thank you. Soman Rai (Elisha)

    Newsletter Date: 31st. Oct, 2014

    Promoting the value of life of mother and baby

    On last 21st September, 2014 VOF Nepals 5th General Assembly was held in the Changed Life Fellowships hall at Bagdole, Lalitpur. More than 75 board member, general member and invitees were gathered together in the assembly. Rev. Chandra Shrestha delivered the Pro-life message from Bible very beautifully and Mr. Soman Rai (Elisha) the Executive Director presented the Annual Progress and finance report and new year plan and budget in the assembly. The assembly conducted by Rajendra Paudyal the Joint-secretary was concluded by the thanksgiv-ing speech and closing prayer by Mrs. Arti Kathayat the chairperson of Voice of Fetus, Nepal.

    Pathway to sexual purity seminars in different dates and locations

    On last 25th September, 2014 VOF had an opportunity to pre-sent the teaching on abortion and sexual purity among the youth in Nehemiah Institute at Mahalax-mithan. Mr. Simon Das had taken the class very effectively. More than 35 youths were benefited directly. We would like to appre-ciate Nehemiah Institute for the vital initiative.

    Similarly, in the time Desain festival (on 1, 2 and 5th October, 2014) VOF played a vital role to trained more than 100 teenagers gathered in the youth camp or-ganized by Teenstreet, Nepal in St. Xaviers school compound in Godavari, Lalitpur. The teenagers were taught about the sexual purity in three different classes. Thank you Teenstreet, Nepal.

    Same way, in the eve of Dewali festival (on last 23 and 24th October, 2014) VOF was invited by the youth of Balaju Koinonia Church and Dhading youth committee for the presentation regarding sexual purity among their youth. So, more than 80 teenagers and young adults were benefited in Balaju Koinonia Church and more than 200 teenagers and young adutlts were trained in KhaniKhola Koinonia Church in Dhad-ing. All the participants were really excited with the teaching and they really interacted without any hesitation, because the teaching was presented with non-judgmental and loving manner. They were chal-lenged and made to be committed for the purity saying Purity is Possible through Christ. Thank you all who made this event possible.

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    Therefore Choose life (TCL) Church leaders training in Siraha-Saptari

    On last 25th September, 2014 VOF, Nepal conducted TCL training among 135 Pastor and leaders from Saptari and Siraha. The training was happened in the meet-ing hall of Orchid Cafe at Lahan, Siraha. Soman Rai(Elisha) initiated the training teaching about the sanctity of human life by Wonderfully and Uniquely created WUC presentation and secondly, he presented teaching on Abortion, its methods and its potential complications by Therefore Choose Life TCL DVD. In third session, the participants were taught about the sexual abstinence education in family, parenting and adoption as an alternative to abortion, as a church response to abortion. The question-answers session was also came about and many pastor and women leaders were clarified with that. Some of the participants shared painful experience of their past life with tears and some of them admitted that they were listening the teaching first time. So, all were prayed for the restoration and recov-ery from the trauma and hurtful emotional upheaval of abortion. And at last, they were given LIFE Bag (trainer bag) containing DVD, leaders guide, brochures produced by Gabriel International (GI) for the use of their ministry in church and community.

    Voice for the Voiceless (VFV) training at Zero mile, Siraha

    On 26th Sept, 2014 with the active coordination of the Believers Church in Zero mile, Siraha VOF conducted Voice for the voiceless training in the hall of Believers Church. According to our registration record 30 Maithili and Tamang women were participated in the training. The training was instructed by Soman Rai (Elisha) and Ruth Lama was an assistant in the training. The facilitator initiated the VFV presentation with interesting manner saying the creation story. The women participants in training took the teaching with great excitement. A local health volunteer lady named Phuldevi Mahora presented the yellow card very effectively in her own language, which was the highlight of the first part of training. She also told that she is going to use the card among the women in her village and area. The presentation regarding fetal development and abortion also remained extremely awesome. The women were excited first and gloomy later. A woman shared that she was able to indentify that she has been gone through the hurtful emotional upheaval of abortion. So, she was prayed for her inner healing as well. Two of the participants shared that their attitude towards unborn baby and abortion is totally changed and now they are hurry to tell other.

    Pro-life Presentation in different Bible Institute and training centers.

    VOF Nepal prefers to work in networking and collaboration with other institutions as well. So, on last 4th September, 2014 Nehemiah Institute prepared a platform for VOF to present Pro-life education among 17 couples from the different churches in Kathmandu. The couples were really serious with the teaching and shared their inner-feelings to us and we prayed for them. Similarly, on 14th Sept. 2014, the Lidya Institute for young ladies in Bhainsepati also gave an opportunity to VOF to provide life-giving teaching to the 20 young women from different parts of Ne-pal. After the teaching, some of the young women admitted their mistake in past and they were prayed for their inner-healing as well. And they were also given the Life bags for the use of their ministry in their village. On 19th September, 2014, VOF again presented teaching among the 13 women leaders from Kathmandu in Nehemiah Institute, which remained really productive. Thank you Nehemiah Int. and Lidya Int for your nota-ble steps.

  • Pro-life conferences in different parts of Nepal.

    Special thanks-giving and prayer points:

    Lets thank God for His direct help and grace in each and

    every work we did in last two months.

    Please pray for all the participants who attended our semi-

    nar and trainings. May God use them very mightily in their

    family, church and community.

    Please pray for our new year plan to be executed and

    implemented on time and the fund to be provided miracu-


    Please pray for a regular support to our organization so

    that we can appoint new staff to create more effectiveness

    in ongoing and up-coming programs.

    Please pray for my Wife Esther Meena Rai as she is preg-

    nant of 8 months and for my baby for her\his safe delivery.


    First of all, VOF believes in

    vision, then in provision. We are

    always committed to fulfill the

    vision from God, but it wont be

    possible unless someone wish to

    support the vision from God

    with their cheerful heart and

    hand. So, please open your heart

    and hand to support this LIFE-

    GIVING work. VOF receives

    any kind of grant you wish to

    send: prayer, financial,

    commodity, volunteers,

    technical, etc. Thank you.

    For further information:

    Voice of Fetus, Nepal GPO 8975

    EPC: 2194, Katmandu, Nepal.

    Email: voiceofetus.np@gmail.com

    Contact: +977-9841651569

    Website: www.vofnepal.org

    Banking Details:

    Account No.: 00602676670017

    Account holder: Voice of Fetus, Nepal.

    Bank name and add: Himalayan Bank Ltd. Patan Branch, Lalitpur, Nepal.

    Swift code: HIMANPKA

    Chose Adoption!

    Just three months ago we met a Christian lady

    who shared about a woman in crisis pregnancy.

    According to the lady, the pregnant woman

    tried many times to abort her baby using medi-

    cines but she failed to do it. So, I promised her

    that we are ready to help her with all confiden-

    tiality. But the lady didnt want to go hospital

    for check-up. Later she gave birth to a baby

    boy, but a tragic news was that doctor found

    out syphilis bacteria in the mother and babys

    blood. The mother and baby went under medi-

    cation for ten days. Now, they are fine and the

    baby is adopted by a couple who used to be a

    participant in our training. They had shared

    their desire to adopt a baby and applied to

    VOF. Now, the couple is living happily with the