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Vodacom Multiplatform Mobile Developer Workshop Date: October 3rd – 5th, 2012 The Innovation Hub, Pretoria Agenda WIN UP TO IN PRIZES R200 000

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  • Vodacom Multiplatform Mobile Developer WorkshopDate: October 3rd 5th, 2012The Innovation Hub, Pretoria




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    Vodacom Developer Programme:The 1st Multiplatform Mobile Application Developer Workshop in South Africa

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    day 1: October 3rd, 2012Time Item

    07:00 - 08:00 Registration

    08:00 - 08:05 Chairs Welcome. Andrew McHenry, Committee Member, Mobile Monday (MOMO)

    08:05 - 08:30 Opening Keynote. Vodacom Developer Programme as a vehicle to drive mobile app ecosystem in South Africa. Prins Mhlanga, Managing Executive, Vodacom SA

    08:30 - 09:00 Opportunities for mobile applications in government. McLean Sibanda, CEO, The Innovation Hub

    09:00 - 09:30 How to access funding for developers? Muhammed Sayed, Business Development Manager, TIA

    09:30 - 10:00 Tea Break

    10:00 - 11:30 The enterprise development opportunities in the mobile space. Samsung activities into Africa and the opportunities. Existing and upcoming products and technology. Paulo Ferreira, Head of Enterprise Mobility, Samsung

    11:30 - 12:00 Sparking the entrepreneurial spirit in developers. Derrick Kotze, CEO, mLab Southern Africa

    12:00 - 12:30 Supporting government service delivery through mobile devices and applications - South African perspective. Olalekan Oguleye, Senior Mobile Technology Developer, CSIR

    12:30 - 13:30 Lunch

    13:30 - 16:00 Android, HTML5 and mobile web development. Ato Ulzen-Appiah, Developer Outreach Program Manager, Sub-Saharan Africa, Google. Toby Kurien, Android Development Freelancer, SA

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    day 2: October 4th, 2012Time Item

    08:00 - 08:05 Chairs Welcome. Gift Mphefu, Portfolio Manager, Vodacom SA

    08:05 - 09:30 Asha Touch J2ME Development & Tools - Thuthuka Mhlongo, Developer Evangelist/Tech Support Manager. Lumia Audio & Visual Leadership - Mark Strathmore, Ecosystem Alliances Manager & Dominique Silva, Entertainment/Services Manager. Venture Development Assistance for Start-ups - Anthony Stonefield, Head of Ecosystem, Nokia

    09:30 - 10:00 Tea Break

    10:00 - 12:30 Introduction to the Windows phone 7.5. Windows phone advanced topics. Dave Russell, Technical Developer Evangelist, Microsoft

    12:30 - 13:30 Lunch

    13:30 - 16:00 Developing Windows phone games. Introduction to developing for Windows 8. Dave Russell, Technical Developer Evangelist, Jarrod Hermer, Technical Evangelist, Microsoft

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    day 3: October 5th, 2012Time Item

    08:00 - 08:05 Chairs Welcome. Gift Mphefu, Portfolio Manager, Vodacom SA

    08:05 - 09:30 BlackBerry 10 experience and architecture overview. Cascades fundamentals & Blackberry 10 cascades samples. Michael Weitzel, Senior Application Development Consultant, Lelany Sommers, Business Development Manager, BlackBerry

    09:30 - 10:00 Tea Break

    10:00 - 12:30 HSPA+ roadmap, market and ecosystem update. Snapdragon the all-in-one mobile processor. Snapdragon developers program. James Munn, VP Sub Sahara Africa, Hani Yassin / ESG Sr Director, Technology Strategy MEA, Dominique Friedl, Director Business Development, Qualcomm

    12:30 - 13:30 Lunch

    13:30 - 16:00 Vuforia - Introduction to augmented reality & SDK. Technical introduction to AR & SDKStandalone presentation + demo. Gilles Fayad, Director, Products & Services MEA, Qualcomm

    16:00 - 16:30 Closing Ceremony & Prizes & Drinks

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    Cape Town, 2-4 November 2012

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    Cape Town, 2-4 November 2012

    The Vodacom App storeThe easy way to get the hottest apps for your phone this summer. vodacom.mobi/apps

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    The Vodacom Developer Programme Academic Student ChapterThe main objective of the Academic Student Chapter is to equip university students with state-of-art Mobile Application Software development tools and related knowledge in preparation for real world challenges. Vodacom has partnered with a number of institutions, which include the Durban University of Technology, Central University of Technology, University of Venda, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, Tshwane University of Technology, University of North West, Vaal University of Technology and the University of Stellenbosch.

    The work of the developer programme in conjunction with these academic institutions will culminate in a Student Symposium, scheduled to take place on the 30th November 2012 at Vodacom Headquarters in Midrand, Johannesburg. The Symposium will have a balanced mix of industry professionals, academics as well as students. The students will have an opportunity to present their academic projects related to Mobile Applications, and stand a chance of winning great prizes for themselves and their respective institutions. This is Vodacoms way of recognising the contribution made by the academic institutions towards building a sustainable App eco-system in South Africa.

    For more information, visit www.vodacom.co.za/developer

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    Vodacom Developer Programme:Speaker Profiles

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    VodacomPrins Mhlanga

    Prins Mhlanga is the Managing Executive of Digital Media at Vodacom. His area of responsibility is vast and includes digital media, mobile advertising, the mobile Internet, wireless applications, content and related value-added services. Whether you have viewed a banner advert on your mobile handset, received a Please Call Me message, or downloaded a mobile application, you have been touched by Prins division at Vodacom.

    Using the networks messaging platform and other infrastructure, WASPs have added value to millions of lives in developing nations by putting services such as education, health, information, banking and insurance in peoples hands, often for the very first time. And lets not forget entertainment. Prins is ultimately responsible for ensuring that the music, social media, games and pretty much most of the fun stuff on your mobile device keeps on coming. For big business, mobile services can forge new ground such as helping to integrate mobile payment with delivery of products and services, for example. It is abundantly clear that Prins has learnt the ropes in the content world from the inside out after holding a number of functional positions prior to becoming a key player in Vodacoms Executive team.

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    VodacomGift Mphefu

    Gift Mphefu is currently a Portfolio Manager at Vodacom SA. He is responsible for leading the Strategic Partnership & New Business Development Team. He led Product Innovation and Management for Mobile Internet, Social Media, Mobile Advertising, Digital Content, Mobile Applications, Mobile Portals & Wireless Application Service Providers (WASPs).

    Prior to joining Vodacom, he worked at Telkom SA, Ericsson Sub-Saharan Africa and also practiced as an independent telecoms consultant at The Innovation Hub and Atio. He has over 12 years of solid technical and commercial experience within the ICT & Healthcare Technology Industry. Gift is a Council Member of the South African Institute of Electrical Engineers (SAIEE), a Member of International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) SA Chapter, a Member of Clinical Engineering Association of South Africa (CEASA), and a Member of the Advisory Committee for The Innovation Hub Solution Exchange Project.

    He has a BSc Electrical Engineering (UDW), Certificate Course in Wireless Telephony (UP) and Masters in Engineering (UP). Gifts interests in Healthcare Informatics led him to enrol for a Post Graduate Diploma in Healthcare Technology Management at UCT.

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    BlackBerry (RIM)Lelany Sommers

    Lelany Sommers has worked for Research In Motion since June 2000. At the beginning she started in the Customer Service Organisation in Technical and Billing Support, then moved to Sales working closely with RIMs carriers in North America. She moved to London in 2006 to develop the Swiss market and work with a UK carrier to develop their enterprise and partner businesses. After working with Orange Group as an Operations Manager she is now leading Business Development in Africa. Her focus will be on growing and supporting the developer community within Africa.

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    BlackBerry (RIM)Michael Weitzel

    Michael Weitzel is a Technical Partnership Manager - Africa at Research In Motion. Previous position was a Senior Application Development Consultant for Research in Motion in Africa, the company behind the BlackBerry solution. He has also been mentoring Garage48 teams in Nairobi, Kenya at the September Garage48 event. He is a passionate startups helper and always ready to give his input.

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    NokiaMark Strathmore

    Mark is an IT professional with 22 years of experience in the Information Technology industry; most of those spent either designing or selling complex solutions. He joined the industry before (or LBW: Long Before Web), as an Electronic Engineer, and has kept pace with developments ever since; he prides himself in an ability to reconcile the technical with the business, and strip the hype from the tangible.

    Mark is an accomplished presenter targeting executive audiences in the Information Technology sector, and has a number of IT qualifications supported by an MBA (Bond University, Australia) with distinction. Mark writes a monthly column for ClassicFeel magazine which seeks to demystify technology for high LSM audiences.

    Personal interests include technology, wildlife, photography, shooting (not hunting), rugby, reading, and whichever subject captivates his interest on a given day. Annoyances include, (but are not limited to!) inefficiency, pointless meetings, PowerPoint, corruption, graft, and traffic cameras.

    Currently, Mark is responsible for Ecosystem Alliances at Nokia South Africa, prior to which he ran the business unit responsible for Internet Access services at Dimension Data division, Internet Solutions.

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    NokiaThuthuka Mhlongo

    Thuthuka Mhlongo is a Technical Ecosystem Support Manager SEA at Nokia. His role is to support and assist brand partners with Nokia technologies and various Nokia APIs in order to boost the ecosystem and provide value for both Nokia and the developers/publishers such as exposing them to monetization APIs. This involves public presentations in hackathon and training for developer houses, evangelism and a busy travelling schedule around the region to ensure Nokia technologies are made visible to developers for use.

    As a technical support engineer, hes the first technical point of contact for developers and branded partners. He assists industry relations and public Ecosystem partnerships by creating prototypes to showcase Nokia technology to partners on various platforms.

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    NokiaAnthony Stonefield

    In his role as head of Ecosystem, Anthony Stonefield leads the application and services ecosystem strategy and execution for Nokia in South East Africa area located in Johannesburg. In his role, Anthony manages the wide portfolio of successful local services for the company such as Nokia Music and Nokia Maps. Anthony also leads the team that manages developer evangelism around all of Nokias platforms including Windows Phone and Series 40. He is also engaged in multiple projects that bring the advantages of online services to mobile consumers at the base of the pyramid. Prior to joining Nokia, Stonefield worked at world leader in 3G and next-generation mobile technologies Qualcomm. As entrepreneur-in-residence, Anthony ran the Qualcomms IP-communication project called Yagatta. Yagatta enabled the company to build on its QChat push-to-talk infrastructure to bring to market an evolutionary stride in core communication user experience. Prior to Qualcomm, Anthony founded Emotive Communications, managing the development and deployment of consumer applications that enable rich, multilayered, interactive media.

    Born and raised in South Africa, Stonefield earned his bachelors degree in Biology from the University of California at Santa Cruz, is a co-author of seven patents in the media telecom area, and has served as an advisor to industry analysts and as a panelist on digital entertainment and telephony on five continents.

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    MicrosoftJarrod Hermer

    Jarrod is a Technical Evangelist at Microsoft South Africa, helping developers to create amazing applications for Windows 8.

    Previously Jarrod was the CTO of a mobile development startup giving him over 10 years of experience working with .NET, SQL Server, JavaScript and other mobile enabling technologies.

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    MicrosoftDave Russell

    Dave is a Technical Developer Evangelist at Microsoft South Africa, working with local developers to create applications on the Microsoft platform. He has 10 years of experience working in various industries including SCADA, GIS, and Enterprise and has worked with a wide variety of technologies including .Net, Silverlight, SQL Server, SharePoint, XNA, and DirectX. Dave presents at a number of local conferences and events including Teched, DevDays, Devs4Devs and other community events. His love for technology is only equalled by his love of game development and he is an active member of the local game development community.

  • 0305 October 2012 / pg 19

    TIAMuhammed Sayed

    Muhammed Sayed, is the Business Development Manager for Gauteng at the Technology Innovation Agency (TIA). He holds a PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Cambridge (UK) and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS).

    Before joining TIA, Sayed was a Wellcome Trust research associate at the University of Cambridge, a senior lecturer at the University of the Western Cape (UWC) and a Commercialisation Manager at the, then, Innovation Fund. As Business Development Manager, his priorities are to source new investment opportunities for TIA in Gauteng. To achieve this, his role entails engaging with stakeholders such as provincial government, business and institutions of higher learning such that they understand the role of innovation. Sayed, seeks to leverage regional resources to ensure that TIA makes viable investments in Gauteng. Key to his role is also the promotion of a culture of innovation in the region, thus establishing a footprint for TIA in Gauteng and the NorthWest.

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    GoogleToby Kurien

    Toby Kurien is an Electronics Engineer with over 15 years of software development experience in various platforms and languages, such as Java, C, Ruby and JavaScript. In 2001 he co-founded a web development company called Cambrient (currently Native). In 2009 he left to create some web startups and pursue Android development as a freelancer. He currently has over 2 years of development experience on Android.

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    TIHMcLean Sibanda

    McLean Sibanda ((MSc. Eng.) WITS; LLM: Commercial Law (UNISA)), is an admitted attorney of the High Court of South Africa, a registered South African patent attorney. He is CEO of The Innovation Hub, South Africas only Science and Technology Park. With over 7 years of private sector R&D experience with De Beers Industrial Diamonds, and a wide experience in innovation, intellectual property, technology transfer and commercialization of intellectual property, he has served previously as Group Executive for Commercialisation at the Technology Innovation Agency, Senior Patent Attorney and Acting Executive Director of the Innovation Fund; was involved in establishment of technology transfer offices at higher education institutions, development of patent attorneys for the public sector, as well as the drafting and finalising the legislation and associated regulations on Intellectual Property Rights from Publicly Financed Research & Development.

    He has served as an IP Expert to the African Union (AU) on the drafting of the constitutive documents including situational analysis for the establishment of the Pan-African Intellectual Property Organization, following the decision of the AU Heads of States. He tutors the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) courses on Advanced Patent Searching and Biotechnology Law and is a featured speaker on WIPO conferences on the topic of innovation and technology transfer. He has served on a number of boards of start-up companies and currently serves on the boards of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), THRIP, Technifin, Ideanav, and the Innovation Hub.

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    QualcommJames Munn

    James Munn is the vice president of business development in Sub-Sahara Africa for Qualcomm Incorporated based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Mr. Munn manages Qualcomms strategic relationships with the Companys regional customers, including network operators/carriers, mobile handset vendors and software developers.

    Before joining Qualcomm, Mr. Munn was vice president of Samsung South Africas mobile division where he spearheaded sales and marketing operations and played a leading role in growing Samsungs regional market share by more than 20 percent. Previously, he spent 10 years with Ericsson and most recently served as South Africa director of consumer products for Sony Ericsson, overseeing the launch of the companys brand in South Africa and multiplying their relationships with key partners and customers. Prior to this, Mr. Munn worked in the European arena for Matsushita Communications (Panasonic) during the time when Europe started to migrate from analog to digital networks.

    Mr. Munn earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in international marketing from the University of Greenwich in London.

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    QualcommDominique Friedl

    Dominique Friedl is the director of business development in Sub-Sahara Africa for Qualcomm Incorporated based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Mr. Friedl manages Qualcomms strategic relationships with the Companys regional customers, including network operators/carriers, mobile handset vendors and software developers.

    Before joining Qualcomm, Mr. Friedl was country manager Sierra Wireless South Africas where he spearheaded sales and marketing operations and played a leading role in growing Sierra Wireless regional market share by more than 60 percent. Previously, he spent 2 years with Vodacom Business and most recently served as a specialist of M2M products for Sony Ericsson. Mr. Friedl earned a National Diploma in Electrical Engineering from the University of Johannesburg and Management Advanced Programs at Wits Business School.

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    QualcommGilles Fayad

    Gilles Fayad is the director of business development for VAS in Middle East and Africa for Qualcomm Incorporated based in Dubai, UAE.

    Mr. Fayad manages Qualcomms strategic relationships with the Companys regional customers, including network operators/carriers, mobile handset vendors and software developers. Mr. Fayad is mainly focussed on the development of the wireless ecosystem for software and application developers.

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    CSIROlalekan Samuel Ogunleye

    Olalekan Samuel Ogunleye is a Senior Mobile Application Developer and Researcher at the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) Meraka Institute since 2008. He is a member of the Next Generation ICT Architectures and Mobile Systems. Prior to joining the CSIR, Olalekan was a lecturer with the Cape Peninsula University of Technology and UNISA (through Varsity College) and he has successfully supervised more than 35 students.

    Olalekan graduated from the Department of Computer science, UCT for his Masters degree under the supervision of Professor Gary Marsden. His Masters research topic focused on a framework for supporting mobile application developers through using a Java IDE.

    Since joining the CSIR Meraka Institute, his research interest has been on mobile learning, mobile health, mobile commerce, mobile government, e-learning, e-government, data mining, web services, enterprise application development and Business Intelligence. Olalekan has published in various peer-reviewed conferences such as IEEE, ACM, IST-Africa, SAICSIT, and Mgovernment Consortium. He has recently published a book chapter titled Supporting Mobile Applications Developer through Java IDE Using Contextual Inquiry.

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    mLabDerrick Kotze

    Derrick Kotze is the CEO of mLab Southern Africa.

    Previously Developer Outreach Manager for Nokia East and Southern Africa Derrick has worked with many tech entrepreneurs to commercialize their ideas. Apart from big corporate startup divisions he has also been part of smaller startups and spent several years in silicon valley.

  • 0305 October 2012 / pg 27

    SamsungPaulo Ferreira

    Paulo is Head of Enterprise Mobility, Samsung Mobile, South Africa.

    In his role as Head of Enterprise Mobility, Paulo is responsible for Samsung Mobile SAs Business-to-Business Mobility operations working with Network Operators, ISVs and System Integrators (SIs) to position Samsungs product portfolio and vertical/horizontal software solutions. He is also responsible for B2B application development, working with the developer community and app eco-system engagement. Paulo brings with him a strong background in technology and his experience spans a number of leading vendor organizations including Microsoft, where he was the Competitive Strategy and Interoperability Lead. He has also gained experience with other major ICT vendors, namely Novell, where he fulfilled a Systems Engineering Management role, and Ericsson, where he was the Marketing Intelligence Manager.

  • www.vodacom.co.za/developer