Vladimir Vasil’yevich Sychev (On his 90th anniversary)

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  • ISSN 0015-4628, Fluid Dynamics, 2014, Vol. 49, No. 1, pp. 12. Pleiades Publishing, Ltd., 2014.Original Russian Text Editorial Board, 2014, published in Izvestiya Rossiiskoi Akademii Nauk, Mekhanika Zhidkosti i Gaza, 2014, Vol. 49, No. 1,pp. 34.

    DOI: 10.1134/S0015462814010013

    VLADIMIR VASILYEVICH SYCHEV(On his 90th anniversary)

    The prominent scientist, professor, doctor of physics and mathematics, and Corresponding Member ofthe Russian Academy of Sciences, the member of the Editorial Board of this journal V. V. Sychev was ninetyon 20 January 2014.

    In 1948 Sychev graduated from Moscow Aviation Institute, one of the best Soviet higher education insti-tutions. His further activities were indissolubly tied with the Central Aerohydrodynamics Institute (TsAGI),which has actually been central in Russia for the aircraft industry and the aviation as a whole. Holdingsuccessively different offices, in 1960 he became the deputy head of the Institute responsible for many newlines of development of the aviation and space engineering.

    Directing all his energies and knowledge to the development of new flight vehicles he always madetime to teach and to tutor the students, both under- and post-graduate, of Moscow Physical and TechnicalInstitute, where he was for a long time head of the department of aerohydromechanics.

    His scientific-social activities were marked with broadness and diversity: he was chosen the member ofthe USSR National Committee on Theoretical and Applied Mechanics and he was the member of expertcouncils of the Higher Attestation Commission and the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, the memberof the boards of scientific journals, the member of Organizing Committees of many conferences and juriesof different scientific awards.

    But along with this Sychev did not degenerate into a bureaucrat remaining focused on scientific studies.His first studies were connected with the calculations of bomber aerodynamics in which he applied the mostmodern computational means of the time, such as integrators and electronic computing machines. How-ever, his main interest was in the development of analytical methods for solving complicated problems inaerohydromechanics. Of these, one of the first and up to now cited was the study published in Prikladnaya



    Matematika i MekhanikaApplied Mathematics and Mechanics (1960, Vol. 24, No. 2, pp. 205212) de-voted to the calculations of hypersonic gas flow past bodies of revolution at high incidence. The success ofhis theoretical investigations was largely favored by the scientific atmosphere prevailing in TsAGI, whichinvolved numerous discussions in the presence of many prominent scientists, including A.A. Dorodnitsyn,M.N. Kogan, O.V. Lyzhin, G.M. Ryabinkov, A.I. Golubinskii, A.A. Nikolskii, V.V. Mikhailov, V.Ya. Nei-land, G.P. Svishchev, G.S. Byushgens, V.N. Zhigulev, V.V. Struminskii, and many others.

    In TsAGI Sychev was involved in the wide application of the methods of theoretical investigations basedon an asymptotic analysis, which were new in the sixties of the last century. These methods made it possibleto solve a range of fundamentally new problems of viscous gas dynamics. They included an investigationof separated flows with closed streamlines (together with V.Ya. Neiland), flows in the regions of large localgradients (together with V.Ya. Neiland), and disturbance propagation processes in hypersonic boundarylayers (together with V.V. Mikhailov and V.Ya. Neiland).

    Of worldwide acceptance was theory of boundary layer separation from a smooth surface developedby Sychev (Izvestiya Akademii Nauk SSSR, Mekhanika Zhidkosti i GazaFluid Dynamics, 1972, No. 2,pp. 2030). Later the theory was developed by Sychevs pupils A.I. Ruban, Vik.V. Sychev, G.L. Korolev,and others. For this work in 1988 Sychev was awarded the Joukowski prize.

    At present, as the councilor of TsAGI Direction, Sychev devotes much attention to the construction ofthe models of vortex flows.

    For his contribution to the development of the aircraft and space engineering Sychev was awarded twoLenin orders and two Red Banner of Labor orders, as well as many medals and three Joukowski prizes.

    The editorial board and the staff of Fluid Dynamics cordially congratulate Vladimir Vasilyevich Sychevon his birthday and wish him good health, peace of mind, and creative pleasure.

    Happy birthday, dear Vladimir Vasilyevich!

    FLUID DYNAMICS Vol. 49 No. 1 2014