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  • 1. Vladimir Propp Tzvetan TodorovBy Shivam Sharma 9HAnd Branahvan Rajasooriar 9S

2. Evidence of the five states of narrative throughout the filmBy Shivam Sharma 9H 3. What are the Five States of Narrative? The five states of narrative is a general template for alltraditional stories. This idea was proposed by someone named Todorovand template for a story was: 1. A state of equilibrium (all is as it should be) 2. A disruption of that order by an event 3. A recognition of the disorder has occurred 4. An attempt to repair the damage of the disruption 5. A return or restoration of a new equilibrium 4. 1. A State of Equilibrium This state of equilibrium becomes obvious after the prologue where Nemosmother and all his kin are eaten by a barracuda (this may be the reason whyMarvin is so protective of his only son). After the prologue you see Nemo trying to wake up his father and is veryexcited about his first day of school. They are happily living inside an anemone and seem very happy making jokesare having fun 5. 2. A Disruption of that Order by an Event The disorder is obliviously when Nemo is captured by a scuba diver. You learn later on that he is to be a pet for the scuba divers niece-whois known to kill fish as she looks after them. After Marlin-Nemos father-sees the butt (as referred to in the movie)start to leave he begins his frantic chase after his son. 6. 3. A Recognition of the Disorder hasOccurred The disorder is immediately recognised by Marlin as soon as he seesthe boat leave with his son As for the whole ocean, this disorder is heard of and passed around. This encourages Marvin (and Dory) to look even harder for fish whoheard about this event help point the pair in the right direction. 7. 4. An Attempt to Repair the Damage of theDisruption The attempt is Marlin and Dory going on a wild fish chase to find Nemo Along the way they face many challenges and make new friends. In the end they find Nemo and they all come out as better people. Dory having no short term memory loss. Marlin learning to let his son go and repairing their damaged relationship. Nemo become braver and standing up to his dad 8. 5. A Return or Restoration of a NewEquilibrium A new equilibrium becomes obvious when you see Nemos second day of school He arrives and he is now accepted, no longer bullied due to his lucky fin andMarlin is making friends with the other parents. Also at the end you see Dory- probably taking on the role of Nemosstepmother- teaching the sharks that fish are friends not food. This makes fish accept sharks as friendly beings and at the very end you seethem actually in the school being taught by Dory. This shows a radical changerepresenting a new equilibrium. 9. Evidence of Propps theorys throughout the filmBy Branahvan Rajasooriar 9S 10. Propps Theory Propps theory outlines all the characters in a traditionalstory. I will see how this applies to a modern day movie-Shrek His theory: Hero Villain Side Note: Within Shrek some Heroine characters may fill two Fatherroles and the donor Helperand mentor or not present throughout Donor this film. Mentor 11. The Hero This is without doubt Shrek. He seems ugly on the outside but has a heart of gold on the inside. Our hero, Shrek, has to go and rescue the beautiful princess Fiona toregain the solitude of his swamp. With his quest in mind he sets out to save the princess-a classic fairytale, but with a twist. Shrek is an ogre! 12. The Villain This is evidently Lord Farquardd. This evil lord is the ruler of Duloc and has ruined Shreks solitude by dumpingall the fairy tale creatures in Shreks swamp. When Shrek comes to complain Farquardd chooses him as his champion andstrikes a deal. Shrek must save the beautiful princess Fiona, wishing to marry her and becomeking. Although this is the deal struck Farquardd may have more sinister plans inmind. 13. The Heroine The Heroine within this film is Fiona. She is portrayed as a classic fairytaleprincess-locked in a tower, guarded by adragon and must wait for her PrinceCharming to come and save her. Although this is true Fiona harbours adark secret that surfaces at sundown-sheturns into an ogre! 14. The Father The father is a bit complicated. Within this film it is actually Farquardd. The terms of the deal struck between Shrek and Farquardd are , ifShrek manages to get Fiona Farquardd will clear Shreks swamp of fairytale creatures. This shows how Farquardd is offering a prize for completion of a quest,so therefore his is the father; within Shrek. 15. The Helper The helper is probably the most well known character-iiitttttts Don-key! Within the film donkey provides help to Shrek andaids him upon his quest, acting like a sidekick. 16. By Shivam Sharma 9HAnd Branahvan Rajasooriar 9S