Vladimir Idelevich Perel (on the 80th anniversary of his birthday)

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  • ISSN 1063-7826, Semiconductors, 2008, Vol. 42, No. 8, pp. 877878. Pleiades Publishing, Ltd., 2008.Original Russian Text Editorial Board, 2008, published in Fizika i Tekhnika Poluprovodnikov, 2008, Vol. 42, No. 8, p. 897.


    This issue of our journal is dedicated to the80th anniversary of Vladimir Idelevich Perel, who wasfor 15 years the Editor-in-Chief of the journal

    Fizika itekhnika poluprovodnikov

    . His impeccable reputation,high moral standards, and worldly wisdom won him theuniversal admiration and respect of his coworkers,while the qualities of an outstanding scientist, excellentteacher, and well-wishing critic made him a splendidEditor-in-Chief of our scientific journal.

    We may state without exaggeration that Perel is oneof the founders of contemporary semiconductor phys-ics. His name has become widely known: everybody inscience has become acquainted with the PerelKon-stantinov diagram technique and PerelDyakonovspin decay. His pioneering studies in the field of quan-tum kinetics provided stimulus to the development ofsemiconductor electrodynamics, studies of optical ori-entation of spins led to origination of semiconductorspintronics, and studies of the theory of optical absorp-tion in random electric fields resulted in the develop-ment of the theory of unordered semiconductors andthe theory of impurity centers in semiconductors.

    Perel worked for almost 50 years at the Ioffe Phys-icotechnical Institute of the Russian (previously,USSR) Academy of Sciences. He experienced an indis-putable scientific authority not only as a physicist on aninternational level but also as an extremely wise person.It is difficult to find a person engaged in solid-statephysics at the Ioffe Physicotechnical Institute whonever asked Perel for help or consultation with work,or even advice on everyday problems. Thanks to hisencyclopedic knowledge, excellent scientific intuition,large reserve of technical tools, ability to rapidly gaininsight into a new problem and predict ways for itssolution, invariable benevolence and an excellent senseof humor, Perel created an amazingly bright atmo-sphere around himself; this atmosphere was conduciveto inspired work.

    His insightful perception of life made him also anexcellent administrator. There are many people whoremember how simply Perel solved numerous com-plex problems that arose in the Department of Solid-State Electronics when he was its director. High humanvirtues won Perel the deep respect of scientists at the


    Vladimir Idelevich Perel (on the 80th Anniversary of His Birthday)



  • 878


    Vol. 42

    No. 8



    Ioffe Physicotechnical Institute and physicists aroundthe world.

    Perel taught at the St. Petersburg ElectrotechnicalUniversity for about 30 years. He was one of thefounders of the basis department of optoelectronics atthat University, the first basis department at the IoffePhysicotechnical Institute of the Russian Academy ofSciences, and he was an outstanding teacher. As ateacher, he trained a great many talented pupils and fol-lowers, many of whom became well-known physisistsand continue to work with success in Russia andabroad. His pupils were hundreds of scientists whowere lucky to work with him, attended his lectures, ordiscussed with him specific scientific results. Perelscriticism was always exceptionally constructive andbenevolent, leaving the impression that those whoaddressed him found weak spots in their studies them-selves rather than begrudging Perel.

    Perel was an ardent patriot of the Ioffe Physicote-chnical Institute, carefully preserved its traditions, and

    was himself one of the most striking symbols of thisinstitute.

    Perel was a modest man; everybody remembersthat he left the institute in order to be absent at celebra-tions of his birthday.

    Perel was a courageous man. His life was far frombeing serene. After graduating from university, he hadto teach at Petrozavodsk; times were trying. However,his devotion to science overcame all obstacles. Perelendured problems with health in recent years withpatience and courage, without loosing interest in sci-ence and people and writing his last book concernedwith semiconductors.

    Editorial Board of the journal

    Fizika i tekhnika poluprovdnikov

    Translated by A. Spitsyn

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