visuals 101: using photos and videos to tell your story

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Darling Media Group shares their tips and tricks to telling your story visually.


  • 1. Visuals 101Using Photos and Videos To Tell Your StoryPresented by Darling Media Group

2. How important arevisuals? 3. Where to Share 4. Shoot This! 5. Equipment Digital Camera Ex. Canon Powershot, NikonCoolPix (Starting at $200) Digital SLR Ex. Nikon D90, Canon T3i (Starting at$800) Spare Batteries Photo editing software (Photoshop/Gimp/iPhoto)Basic Photography 6. Designate staff/volunteer to shoot at your events Mix candid and posed shots Dont be afraid to zoom Crop No red eyeBasic Photography Tips 7. Capture clear audio Use light Double check your interview shots Dont shoot into windows or the sun Dont zoom Dont panVideography Tips 8. Equipment Camera External microphone Tripod Video light Batteries Video editing software (Ex. Adobe Premiere$799/Final Cut Pro X $299) SD CardsVideography 9. SD Cards are not createdequal 10. Smartphones are smart 11. Smartphone Apps 12. video-editing-apps/Android video editing apps Photo editing for Android Photo editing for Blackberry Blackberry photo appsBookmarks 13. Tonya Jamesontjameson@darlingmediagroup.comLashawnda Becoatslashawnda@darlingmediagroup.com888-662-1231