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My take on how big open data will play out across the UK health space


  • 1. Visualising Health DataKeith Wishart, Head of Government Relations, Esri UK

2. Predictions 3. When anyone asks me how I canbest describe my experience innearly forty years at sea, I merelysay, uneventful... I have neverbeen in any accident... or any sortworth speaking about... I neversaw a wreck ...nor was I ever inany predicament that threatenedto end in disaster of any sort.E.J SmithCapt. RMS Titanic3 4. BIG DATA 5. BIG DATAFor Health? 6. DATA MEANS SOMETHINGbut understanding what its telling us can be confusing 7. Visualisation andIntegration 8. Deployment 9. Examples: helping consumers take control oftheir health and health care iTriage Healthline Castlight Patients Like Me Asthmapolis Food Oasis 10. This is not the futurethis is now.