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My visual resume pictorally describes my education, actuarial exams, and work experience.


  • Welcome to my Visual Resume

  • My Name isFrances

  • This is where I live!!!

  • This is Where I Got MyMasters Degree

  • in Mathematics

  • I EnteredGraduateSchoolas aTeenager

  • I graduated Magna Cum Laude from UCR

  • I Have Passed Exam FM (Financial Mathematics)

  • I am Currently Studying forExam C/4: Construction andEvaluation of Actuarial Models

  • This is where I currently work

  • For Johns Hopkins University, I taught summer Mathematics classes to gifted, preadolescents

  • As a graduate student at UCLA, I I worked as a teaching assistant

  • HereAreSomeThingsI LikeTo Do

  • TravelingHikingVolunteeringRunning

  • I Want to be an ActuaryBecause I Take RiskSeriously!!!