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1. To win it takes Dedication Courage Sacrifice 2. Focus 3. And fight To achieve your dream. 4. My Dream? To be a part of something meaningful Simple. 5. To use my God given gifts 6. Difference. And make a 7. I grew up in Bulgaria. 8. During Communist Rule 9. 15 Years after Communism Still very few opportunities. 10. I left my beautiful hometown. For that reason 10 years ago 11. And let my Creativity fly 12. In the Land of Freedom! 13. Hello! My name is Dessi White. 14. I am a Media Communication Specialist. 15. My Brand Mantra? Creative Communication For a Better Future. 16. My Passion? Helping people communicate their needs. 17. My Motivation? 18. Make a difference for those who cannot speak for themselves. 19. A mind is like a parachute. It doesnt work if it is not OPEN. Frank Zappa My personal advantage: 20. : Devotion My Professional Competitive Advantage: to my Communication Mission For a Better Future 21. My Professional Growth 22. Journalism and Slavic Languages Neophyte Rilsky South-West University Bulgaria, 1999-2004 23. Reporter Producer Bulgaria, 2002-2004 24. What I loved about this job? Provoking my audience to 25. Was that enough NO! 26. 27. I wanted to see people in social, emotional and physical 28. On my way to discover new opportunities to change lives... and speak freely 29. I traveled all the way from Bulgaria to America (2004) 30. But what do I do in the New World? 31. Achieve Financial Independence First 32. So I can continue with my mission And do my part in changing the world. For BETTER! 33. I worked HARD! I became a proud business owner. 7th Sky Salon & Spa 34. 7 Years Later I sold my business. I started searching for the best school. 35. Media Communications BS Graduation March 6, 2015 36. Why? 1. Real - world education 3. Technological knowledge 2. Power of creativity 37. My Skills: Audio and Video Production and Editing Strategic Media Planning Event Planning Social Media / Networking Communications Market Research Bilingual (English / Bulgarian) My Skills:My Gain? 38. Unprecedented Connectivity in 2025 Multimedia Presentation: Social Media ad the Forth Estate Neuromarketing: And here is what I did: 39. My Purpose defines my Success... My Purpose definesMy Success 40. PhysicalEmotional Social Financial Spiritual POVERTY Releasing people from: Social 41. Through the power of MEDIA 42. Lets get on board together.


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