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Presentation to visiting delegation by Principal Jagels of Mountain View High School on October 10 2014


  • 1. WELCOME
  • 2. Mt. View 1 of 27 Public high schools in Fairfax County.(1 of 2 Alternative High Schools) Majority of our students elect to come here. We offer everything a students needs for a high school diploma. Programs for Special education, pregnant or parenting, hearings office placed students. Main focus: graduate students and to build relationships.
  • 3. Offerings Standard, Modified or Advanced diplomas: Smaller Student Population: Our enrollment averages 300; students get individual attention in a smaller setting. Four ninety-minutes classes per day: Our maximum class size is 18. Open Enrollment: We enroll students twice a month throughout the year until May. Open Campus: Many students enjoy the freedom of leaving the campus for lunch. Day Classes - 8:00 a.m.2:50 p.m. Evening Classes3:306:30 p.m. (English 12/ U.S. Govt.) Three Graduations Per Year: With graduations in February, June, and August, students can find jobs and enroll in college earlier. Project Opportunity: Support services are available for pregnant and parenting students. Transportation may be provided to Project Opportunity students. Mentor Program: School-wide support program that pairs students with staff members for additional support.
  • 4. Current Demographics Student enrollment 283 students 55% Latino 15% Asian 13% African American 14% White 3% Multi-racial
  • 5. Demographics Continued 77% are older than 18 (218 students) 33% Free/Reduced lunch(96 students) 15% Pregnant/Parenting(36 students) 13% Hearings Office Placed
  • 6. Data
  • 7. Pyramid of Interventions
  • 8. What are our student issues?
  • 9. What do we continue to do well? Do what we can to meet kids where they are. We build tremendous relationships We provide opportunities for success for students who havent experienced success. We are creative in our approach to academic challenges. We build a pathway to future plans and opportunities We accept students for what/who they are