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Virtual Worlds and Gaming. Outline. What is online gaming? Types of online gaming History of online gaming Definition of virtual worlds History of Virtual Worlds Examples Activity Questions Division of Labor References. What is Online Gaming?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Virtual Worlds and Gaming</p> <p>Virtual Worlds and GamingOutlineWhat is online gaming?Types of online gamingHistory of online gamingDefinition of virtual worldsHistory of Virtual WorldsExamplesActivityQuestionsDivision of Labor ReferencesWhat is Online Gaming?</p> <p>Online gaming is the technology that connects players to play games over a computer network. It enables connectivity to multiplayer games and they usually don't require any payment. A wide variety of games for all types of players are available. </p> <p>( of Online Gaming PC Gaming EX: Civilization Series, Doom, Command and Conquer Console GamingEX: XBOX 360, PlayStation 3, XBOX 1, Play Station 4</p> <p>History of Online Gaming1973 Empire John Daleske, Silas Warner Thought to be the first ever networked multiplayer game (running on the PLATO network); it was a simple space-craft war, your ship controlled by typed commands.</p> <p>1974 Spasim Jim Bowery The first multiplayer 3D game, pitting up to 32 players in a space-craft shootout on the PLATO network.</p> <p>1974 Maze War Steve Colley The first multiplayer 3D first person shooter and p2p game ever (possibly the first ever FPS). The Maze had more impact on gaming (most notably the FPS genre) than any other single title in history.</p> <p>1978 Multi-User Dungeon (MUD) Roy Trubshaw The first virtual world, allowing users to interact with objects and each other. Text based running on Telnet or the MUD client. (Silver Oak Online Casino) History of Online Gaming 21984 Multi-Access Dungeon (MAD) Bruno Chabrier, Vincent Lextrait Similar to MUD, only running on the BITNET network. MAD, the first ever global MMORPG become so popular it saturated the network, causing it to be banned on all of BITNET after just 2 years.</p> <p>1985 Islands of Kesmai CompuServe The first commercial multiplayer online role playing game (ASCII text based graphics). The game was free with your CompuServe connection fee of $6/hour for a 300 baud modem, $12/h for a 1200 baud.</p> <p>1988 Netrek Kevin Smith, Scott Silvey The first game to use both TCD and UDP, this Star Trek based space shooter became the first internet team game and the first game to use metaservers to locate an open game (Silver Oak Online Casino)History of Online Gaming 3 1992 The Shadow of Yserbius Sierra Online Both playable as single-player or online. The online game cost $6/hour, but offered an unlimited package for $115/month, making it the first online game to run on a monthly subscription.</p> <p>1993 Doom ID Software Doom quickly became the most storied FPS of all time, partially thanks to its Deathmatch feature. Doom Deathmatches became so popular it caused load problems on many of the networks used to play the game.</p> <p>1995 Command &amp; Conquer Westwood Studios The first successful RTS game to feature four-player online multiplayer. This game literally changed the world of gaming forever becoming the standard which all RTS games would be measured.</p> <p>1998 Planet Poker Planet Poker On January 1st 1998 the first hand of real money online poker was dealt by the Planet Poker servers. (Silver Oak Online Casino)History of Online Gaming 41999 Everquest Brad McQuaid, Steve Clover, and Bill Trost Released and run by Sony, they confirmed this to be the first game to ever have more than 100,000 concurrent users. It also was the first game to have in-game items sold for real-world money.</p> <p>2001 Halo Bungie While Halo didnt invent the FPS, they certainly refined it for the console. While XBLOX live didnt exist yet, this game supported multiplayer (up to 16 players) via system link.</p> <p>2002 XBOX Live Microsoft Microsoft launched XBOX live, their pay-to-play platform, for all XBOX online gaming.</p> <p> (Silver Oak Online Casino)History of Online Gaming 52003 PokerStars PokerStars The poker boom started after a PokerStars satellite qualifier, Chris Moneymaker, won the WSOP Main Event in 2003, bringing the yearly revenue from online poker to an estimated 2.4 billion by 2005</p> <p>2007 Zynga Zynga With launches acquiring over 100,000 users on the first day, its no wonder how Zynga claims over 270 million active users across their multiple Facebook games.</p> <p>2010 StarCraft II Blizzard Entertainment This long awaited sequel to Blizzards best-selling non-subscription game sold over 3 million copies in the first month alone.</p> <p>(Silver Oak Online Casino)Definition of Virtual WorldsHistory of virtual worldsExamplesActivityAvatars are a huge part of virtual worlds so...*Take out a piece of paper and take 2 minutes to sketch out what you would make your avatar look like? They can be a mirror reflection of you or someone completely opposite of who you are. Either way have fun with it and hurry! You only have 2 minutes.QuestionsBased on your knowledge of virtual worlds and gaming, which do you think you would be more likely to use?What are some differences you can see between virtual worlds and gaming?Do you believe that one of these will eventually take over the other in popularity, or has already done so?Division of LaborBrandon- What is Online gaming, Types of online gaming, and History of online gaming.</p> <p>Mayumi- Virtual Worlds Definitions and HistoryAshley- Activity and QuestionsReferences 2013. 5 November 2013.Silver Oak Online Casino. 2013. 4 November 2013.</p>