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tropical rainforest


<ul><li> 1. WWhhaatt iiss aa rraaiinnffoorreesstt ?? AA RRaaiinnffoorreesstt ccaann bbee ddeessccrriibbeedd aass aa ttaallll,, ddeennsseejjuunnggllee.. TThhee rreeaassoonn iitt iiss ccaalllleedd aa ""rraaiinn"" ffoorreesstt iiss bbeeccaauusseeooff tthhee hhiigghh aammoouunntt ooff rraaiinnffaallll iitt ggeettss ppeerr yyeeaarr.. TThhee cclliimmaattee ooff aa rraaiinn ffoorreesstt iiss vveerryy hhoott aannddhhuummiidd ssoo tthhee aanniimmaallss aanndd ppllaannttss tthhaatt eexxiisstt tthheerreemmuusstt lleeaarrnn ttoo aaddaapptt ttoo tthhiiss cclliimmaattee..</li></ul> <p> 2. WWhhyy aarree tthheeyy iimmppoorrttaanntt?? TThheessee iinnccrreeddiibbllee ppllaacceess ccoovveerr oonnllyy 66 %%ooff tthhee EEaarrtthh''ss ssuurrffaaccee bbuutt yyeett tthheeyyccoonnttaaiinn MMOORREE TTHHAANN 11//22 ooff tthhee wwoorrlldd''ssppllaanntt aanndd aanniimmaall ssppeecciieess!! AAss mmaannyy aass 3300 mmiilllliioonn ssppeecciieess ooff ppllaannttssaanndd aanniimmaallss lliivvee iinn ttrrooppiiccaall rraaiinnffoorreessttss.. AAtt lleeaasstt ttwwoo--tthhiirrddss ooff tthhee wwoorrlldd''ss ppllaannttssppeecciieess,, iinncclluuddiinngg mmaannyy eexxoottiicc aannddbbeeaauuttiiffuull fflloowweerrss ggrrooww iinn tthhee rraaiinnffoorreessttss.. 3. WWhhyy aarree tthheeyy iimmppoorrttaanntt?? RRaaiinnffoorreessttss aarree tthhee ssoouurrccee ooff mmaannyy iitteemmss tthhaattwwee aallll uussee iinn oouurr oowwnn hhoommeess!! WWee eeaatt sseevveerraall ffooooddss ffrroomm tthhee rraaiinnffoorreesstt aannddmmaannyy mmeeddiicciinneess aarree mmaaddee ffrroomm iinnggrreeddiieennttssffoouunndd oonnllyy iinn tthheessee aarreeaass.. cchhooccoollaattee ssuuggaarr cciinnnnaammoonn rruubbbbeerr mmeeddiicciinnee ppiinneeaapppplleess 4. WWhheerree aarree rraaiinnffoorreesstt llooccaatteedd?? 5. 6. RRaaiinnffoorreesstt llaayyeerrssEmergent layer, trees can be 200 feet high. Mosttrees are broad-leaved, hardwood evergreens.Sunlight is plentiful up here. Animals found areeagles, monkeys, bats and butterflies.Canopy layer forms a roof over the tworemaining layers. Most trees have smooth,oval leaves that come to a point. It forms a verydense layer. Food is abundant for animalsincluding snakes, toucans and tree frogsLittle sunshine reaches here so the plants haveto grow larger leaves to reach the sunlight. Theplants in this area seldom grow to 12 feet. Manyanimals live here including jaguars, red-eyedtree frogs and leopards and many insects.It's very dark here and so no plants grow here,Things begin to decay very quickly. A leaf thatmight take one year to decompose in a regularclimate will disappear in 6 weeks. Giantanteaters live in this layer. 7. AA DDeelliiccaattee EEccoossyysstteemm1. Rainfall is absorbed by the treesand pulled up to the canopy where itevaporates into the air.2. Trees and plants receive most oftheir nutrients from decaying matter(fallen leaves and organic debris).3. Plants and trees hold down thetopsoil and keep it from washingaway in heavy rains.4. When the land is cleared and cropsare planted, the soil doesn't stayfertile for long without the nutrientsfrom the decaying matter.5. Once the foliage is removed, heavyrains wash away the topsoil. 8. UndiscoveredMedicinesPlants that mightprovide newmedicines andproducts becomeextinct beforethey can bestudied.</p>