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  • Using VirOBiz is like having your own personal team guiding you every step of your way. Your admin area is filled with tooltips, FAQs and a variety of resources that that give you valuable information and strategies for creating your most effective online presence.

  • After logging in to your easy to use administration area, you can manage all of your content, making your information instantly available to your visitors for free or in some sections, with an opt-in to your list or pay to view requirement.

  • Coordinate VirOBiz with your brand when you add your logo and make customized color selections. Or request a quote for VirOBiz to be custom designed to look more like your website or blog and allow your visitors to move seamlessly between the two.

  • Add content to your opt-in category and require visitors to join your list to access all of your opt-in information. Manage your opt-in list easily through your admin area and export leads as a csv file that can be used to follow up via email marketing.

  • Through your VirOBiz Tool, it is easy to sell your podcasts and video. From your admin area, upload a video or audio file, select the pay category and add your price. You even have the option to upload a free teaser file to entice your visitors to pay and get the full version.

  • Get powerful media attention when you make your newsworthy audio, video and written stories instantly available to the press and general website visitors. Through your pressroom, you will build credibility as you establish yourself as an expert in your field.

  • Make it easy for visitors to subscribe to your RSS feeds, get instant updates to your valuable content and pass your information along to their social networks and email lists. This can translate into many more conversions into leads and customers.

  • Make it easy for visitors to share your content through their favorite social networking sites and through email to a friend options provided through this powerful viral marketing tool. Simply select the tool when adding any content item in the admin area and it displays for your visitors.

  • Take advantage of powerful search engine marketing through your VirOBiz Tool. Complete fields for meta title, meta keywords and meta description and optimize a description for each item of content you add. Add your Google analytics code to monitor your traffic and results through SEO.


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