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  • What is Viral marketingViral marketing referring to marketing techniques that uses social networking services, email services,instant messages app like whats app,hike,sms to spread information related to product or services across the globe in a such a fashion that it go viral within fraction of

  • How Viral Marketing Became HotThe emergence of "viral marketing," as an approach to advertisement, has been tied to the popularization in the 1990s.The growth of social networking significantly contributed to the effectiveness of viral marketing.In 2009, time spent visiting social media sites began to exceed time spent emailing.A 2010 study found that 52% of people who view news online forward it on through social networks, email, or posts.Through social media Viral marketing became very easy to plan and execute.In short social media created huge amount of contribution toward success of viral

  • Goal of Viral MarketingIncrease Sales.Customer acquisition.Customer Satisfaction.Customer Loyalty.Increase Traffic of Website.Increase Brand Awareness.Realistic.Set Time

  • Tool used in Viral MarketingE-mail Campaign.Social Networking Websites.Online Broadcast.Message Campaign.Online Quizzes.Video and audio clips.Share option button in campaign.

  • Types of Viral MarketingPass along.Buzz marketingIncentive Viral(Rewards system)Undercover

  • Challenges in Viral MarketingCustomer communication.Good Marketing plan.Turning profit by attracting masses.Time

  • Viral Marketing PlanPlan Your Attack.Create Something ShareableOrganize your foundation.Promoting your campaignGive Your Campaign an Anchor--The goal you pick will act as an anchor that brings order from chaos.Links.Shares (for social media).Visits & Page views (for traffic).The Essential Components of Shareable Content.

  • Advantage of Viral MarketingInexpensive compared to other advertising methods.Immediate visitors.Causes exponential growth reaches a large audience.Automate your marketing methods set it up once and forget about it.High Credibility.Increase targeted traffic to your web site.High efficiency.

  • Disadvantage of Viral MarketingSpam threats If made badly, viral marketing can guide to significant spam issues.Brand dilution - Not all products or services are viral. One needs to verify first if the product or service falls into this criteria.Association with unknown groups During this process, it may reach someone you would rather not be associated with your campaign.

  • How Chris Gimmer Used The Skyscraper Technique to Get 17,584 Visitors (In One Day)- Case Study

    Chris Gimmer posted a content which gone viral is Link Building Case Study: How I Increased My Search Traffic by 110% in 14 Days.3-step steps Technique process which he fallowed:Find content thats performed well in your industry.Identify gaps in that contentand make something that fills in those gaps.Promote your content like a

  • Case Study continueChris realized that his competitors were not doing market research.Thats when he decided to try the viral marketing technique.Heres what happened.To date, Chriss piece of piece of Skyscraper Content has been shared over 240,000 times on social media:Bottom line: One piece of viral content can make a huge long-term difference in your sites

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