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Presentation given by Charlie Carroll at the April 10, 2014 MacPeople MUG meeting. Do you have an old collection of vinyl recordings you want to preserve? Charlie has developed a method for transferring his old recordings to digital format using his Mac and shares his process with the group.


<ul><li>1.Vinyl to Digital To </li></ul> <p>2. Why? 3. Why? ! ! While there are many digital versions of old records available, there are thousands that are not. ! 4. Why? You may have some in a box in your attic. ! 5. Why? You may have some really rare records 6. Why? And you may just want to make sure you preserve the rare ones. 7. Why? You may also want to make a copy of old records without the scratches, clicks and hiss. ! There is some really good software now, such as Pure Vinyl and Audacity, that allows you to digitally clean up old records to remove scratches and hiss. ! ! 8. Why? You may want an mp3 copy for your iPod You may want a CD to play on your home system or in your car stereo 9. Why? Your ideas? 10. Why Not? Do you really need to? Why not consider: 11. Why Not? You might also consider: or ! or ! or some other streaming music source 12. Why Not? Before you commit to the process of transferring your records to digital, think really carefully about your budget in terms of both time and money. Unlike CDs, which you can simply insert in your computer and copy, records require cleaning, cueing, ipping, and monitoring that goes for both sides. ! 13. Why Not? If you are starting small and only have 100-200 records that you really want to transfer, this process could take you 3-6 months depending on how many albums you can rip per day. ! 14. Why Not? You really do need to clean your records before copying them. This could add more time and cost to the process. You could use a damp soft cloth or a neutral cleaning liquid, but you will still need to monitor your record for possible lint that can create fuzzy recording causing you to have to redo the transfer. 15. Why Not? You may also want to try using wood glue to deep clean the record, but beware that it must be applied very thickly, and this could add up to two days per record and add expense. 16. How? What you will need: Turntable A good needle RCA cable or Turntable that has usb cable or 17. How? A system that has the turntable with a CD recorder built-in or A dedicated CD recorder/duplicator your-record-collection/#!C59sV Cost for equipment could run from $100-$8000 18. How? You will also need software for recording. You have several options: Most devices come with their proprietary software. There are software recording programs on-line, some of them, like are very good. You can also use GarageBand. 19. How? But be sure you know what you are getting 20. What I Did Sony RCD-W50C/W10 21. What I Did Also requires Music Recordable CDs at about $2.00 per CD. 22. What I Recommend Get yourself a kid! 23. Good Luck! </p>